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Here’s a visual reference list for you to use with your Magpie Oracle.  Each shiny charm matches the 36 cards found in traditional Lenormand decks.  Enjoy & Happy Divining!


1 Rider: News, a delivery or visit. A young, sometimes athletic man or lover. Speed, agility and mobility. Transportation. A literal horse/livestock.

2 Clover: Luck (a little luck), a nice surprise, a new opportunity. Pleasure, enjoyment, happiness and good fortune. Literally some clover or ground cover.

3 Ship: Travel, foreigners and foreign places. Transitions and nostalgia. Bodies of Water. Import-export, trade. A naval or nautical component, shipyards. Occasionally shows an inheritance. A literal ship.

4 House: Your home in all senses of the word. A base, or family/community/hub. Real estate. A mature man, often a father or father figure. A literal house.

5 Tree: Medication, treatment, sickness and health. A lengthy amount of time. Boredom, monotony.  Growth. Lineage, genealogy and “roots”.  A literal tree/forest/nature.

6 Clouds: Problems, haziness and feeling foggy or clouded. Stormy/cloudy weather, both literal and figurative. An unpleasant man, sometimes older and very much in his head. Often, but not always, an ex-husband or ex-boyfriend.

7 Snake: A woman, female rival, or simply a very bright and intellectual older lady. Curved shapes, pipes, and tubes. A roundabout way or change in direction. A literal snake.

8 Coffin: Ending, transformation through finality or completion. A shock, sickness, loss.  Feeling “boxed in”. A literal coffin or box.

9 Bouquet: An invitation, a welcoming gift/visit/surprise. A pleasant and kind woman. Could literally be flowers.

MO row 1 with titles

10 Scythe: Suddenness, jeopardy, threat. Possible physical pain as in surgery and cutting. Harvest and gathering.  Severing and removing.  A young male/Peter Pan complex. A literal sharp object that can cut. Use caution.

11 Birch Rod/Whip: Heated conversations, discussions or debate. A sharp and tough advisor. Repetitive motion, activity or rhythm. Repeat addictive behavior patterns. Passion/obsession, self-sabotage/abuse. A literal whip.

12 Birds: Verbal communication, voice messages and phone calls. Chatter, anxious talking/speaking, sometimes gossip or energized dialogue. Things in pairs, siblings, or an older couple. Literal birds.

13 Child: New beginnings, young or new things. Something small as in a small amount, a small favor, small in size, etc. A literal child, grandchild. Rarely, but sometimes, someone with child-like tendencies.

14 Fox: A false mask, deceit. Someone being wronged. A scam artist or manipulator. A shrewd and clever acquaintance. Often, but not always, cunning motives that occur at the querent’s place of work. A literal fox.

15 Bear: A high moving official, executive, boss or management. Someone of authority in both position and age, like a father or guardian. Power, force, strength. High finance and investments. A literal bear.

16 Stars: Lucidity, psychic development/metaphysics/astrology. Wishes and wishful thinking. Higher intention and prayer. Evening and the stars in the night sky. Things in large numbers.

17 Stork: Changes (usually nice), promotion. To elevate. Moving and relocation—sometimes travel.  A nice woman—sometimes a woman with children or a maternal figure. An “expected” family addition (not always a child). A literal stork or bird.

18 Dog: A good and reliable friend. Someone you can count on. Trust and loyalty. A faithful man. Sometimes a literal dog or pet.


MO Row 2 with text

19 Tower: An official or authority figure. Government and big business. Borders, boundaries and restrictions. Self-rule, isolation, loneliness, quiet work. A literal tower or tall building.

20 Garden: Public places, sites and locations where people gather: fairs, festivals, sports events, meetings, parties, entertainment, rallies, protests, outdoor weddings. A literal park or garden.

21 Mountain: Barriers, obstacles, delays. An uphill or circuitous climb. Getting over and above things. Literally, the mountains.

22 Crossroads/Paths: Alternatives, choices, decisions. Things in pairs. A turning point, being at a crossroads. A literal road, or road trip. At times a quick and decisive woman who crosses you, or your path.

23 Mice: Loss, theft, something thats wearing away or down. Worries, illness, infection, disease. Literal mice or other rodents.

24 Heart: Love and affection. A warm regard. Sweetheart/friendship, playful flirtation. Feelings of the heart, emotions.  Affairs, the hearts desire.  An emotionally mature young man. The literal heart.

25 Ring: Contract, pact, partnership. An engagement or long term commitment. An ongoing loop, series or sequence. A literal ring. Sometimes a piece of jewelry.

26 Book: Secrets, classified information. Academics, higher education, private study. Unrevealed knowledge. Publishing and writing. A literal book.

27 Letter: Written messages/correspondence, information, emails, faxes, memos, notes, missives, receipts, tickets, anything printed out, or on paper.

MO Row 3

28 Gentleman: A male consultant/querent, or an important man (in female consultant’s/querent’s life)

29 Lady: A female consultant/querent, or an important woman (in male consultant’s/querent’s life).

30 Lilies: Sex and sexuality. Family and family planning. Tranquility and peace. A strict and mature man or patriarch/protector.

31 Sun: Success! Morning/daylight. Happiness. Heat, fire, warmth, electricity. Brilliance, power, energy, vibrancy. The literal sun.

32 Moon: Fame and public recognition. Success in creative outlets. Romance. Soul tending. Natural cycles. Literal moonlight and evenings.

33 Key: Sureness, complete control, expertise, skill and talent. Feeling open and self-knowing. A literal key.

34 Fish: Money, finances, cash flow, prosperity and abundance. Deep investments. A sensitive and compassionate businessman. Liquids, sometimes alcohol. Literal aquatic life.

35 Anchor: Dropping your anchor. Committing to work, stability, and responsibility. Creating a safe-harbor. Retreating to a place of depth. Can also mean feeling adrift, the literal seaside and docking.

36 Cross: Suffering, grief, burdens, fate, destiny, challenges, tests, belief, religion. A literal cross, or cross to bear.

MO Row 4 with text

Rather than start the year on January 1st, I prefer kicking things off with the first full moon of the New Year. I usually begin with clearing a large space in my home, usually on my office floor, and a jar of very colorful pens that help me highlight and fill in my planners (yes, I have three) with goals and priorities that are supported by a lunar calendar. While I don’t always swing it, I try my best to see that my projects and schedule work in tandem with the eight phases of the moon and when I’m really on top of things I avoid making plans when the moon is void of course.

Tonight’s full moon is in the sensitive sign of Cancer making it not only ideal for divining, but also for activating and planning heartfelt work that supports the idea that including our emotional needs in our plans makes for happy outcomes. In order to maintain this focus I’ve created a Look Ahead casting sheet that features the twelve full moons of 2017. The aim is to have each full moon serve as snapshot reminders of what lies ahead. It’s also during the full moon that my projects become illuminated and reveal their greatest potential.

I invite you to give this casting sheet a try. It’s really very easy and just about any casting tool or deck of cards can be included. For this particular sheet I’m using the Magpie Oracle Keepsake Box. Here’s how it works:

I’ve always been fascinated with the many names people have given to the moon. For this casting sheet I’ve applied names assigned by Native American tribes, though you can customize your sheet by adding your own.

Once you’ve printed your casting sheet, write on the central moon image what it is you hope to achieve in 2017. Next, settle in and revisit what you wrote. Imagine how you would feel if and when you achieved your goals. From that perspective randomly select one to three charms for each full moon on your sheet.

Following are sample questions you can apply to your divination, though I encourage you to create questions that put you in direct alignment with your personal plans.

Once you finish the divination take a photo of it and keep the image on one of your devices as a screen saver. This way you can keep track of your progress.

Sample Questions


  • January 12, Wolf Moon in Cancer: What action will create security in my home, family and community?
  • February 11, Snow Moon in Leo: How can I best lead the way towards achieving my goals?
  • March 12, Worm Moon in Virgo: What is the order needed for manifesting my desired results?
  • April 11, Pink Moon in Libra: What is the harmonious outcome that wants my attention?
  • May 10, Flower Moon in Scorpio: What is ready to be renewed?
  • June 9, Strawberry Moon in Sagittarius: How can I best move ahead with my adventure?
  • July 9, Buck Moon in Capricorn: What aspect of my long term goal wants my attention?
  • August 7, Sturgeon Moon in Aquarius: How can I stay open-minded to new possibilities when they are presented?
  • September 6, Harvest Moon in Pisces: What is the most imaginative approach I can take?
  • October 5, Hunters Moon in Aries: What’s my niche/brand/signature?
  • November 4, Beaver Moon in Taurus: What am I ready to give the works to?
  • December 3, Cold Moon in Gemini: How can I best adapt to changes coming my way?

Creative Casting for Accurate Results

 A Live Webinar Series


Classes Held on Five Thursday’s

September 1, 8, 15, 22, & 29, 2016

8:30 PM – 10:00 PM EST



Can’t make the live classes?

No problem!

Recordings will be available 24 hours after each class.




The ancient art of casting is gaining popularity in contemporary divination circles. Partly because of its ease to use though mainly due to its accuracy. Just about any found object can become a powerful casting item, but how does one go about building a personal kit and start casting and reading with accurate results? Is there a right or wrong way, and what items make the best casting tools? These questions and more will be covered in this five week class on creative casting.  Join four diviners in the field of casting who have given this ancient tool and new twist. Each class will cover 1 hour of technique followed by 20 to 30 minutes of Q&A and hands on casting. You will also receive a 15 page pdf filled with casting sheets and how-to guidelines for casting with accuracy. Those who sign on by August 11th will receive a 20 piece starter casting kit.


SEPT. 1, 2016

Creating on the Spot Casting Kits

to Fit Any Situation

with Carrie Paris


Untitled 3

SEPT. 8, 2016

Recognizing the Signs:

Casting with Nature and the Everyday

with Andrew McGreagor


SEPT. 15, 2016

Bone Casting:

An Introduction

with Michele Jackson



SEPT. 22, 2016

Casting for Fortune Telling

with Rana George


SEPT. 29, 2016

Bonus Casting Class

with Carrie Paris



SEPT. 1, 2016

Creating on the Spot Casting Kits to Fit Any Situation


Casting with everyday objects not only personalizes the divination experience, it also gives the sitter a unique and customized understanding of their position. In this workshop we will learn the art of building quick yet lasting customized casting kits that speak directly to any situation and are thematic of your querent’s immediate needs. Love, abundance, breakups and more will be covered in this hands on-how to class.

Carrie Paris is the creator of the popular Magpie Oracle Casting Kits, the Relative Tarot, Legendary Lenormand and the soon to be released Sirene’s Song Lenormand. Carrie presents her work virtually and globally to an ever growing community of curious diviners.



SEPT. 8, 2016 1914183_10150132219936421_2018810_n

Recognizing the Signs:

Casting with Nature and the Everyday

Being present with the everyday is the first step in recognizing the signs that are delivered to us daily. When we consciously  set out to be receptive to what nature and life are communicating then we are also setting the stage for understanding what the signs are communicating. Ever have a feather land at your feet, found a penny or discovered letters in the drifting clouds? Viewing these elements and more reveal the possibility that perhaps Life is casting messages to us everyday. The beauty is when we reply with our own casting kits that are supported and influenced by our awakened experience.

Andrew McGregor is an artist, tarot reader, podcaster and magician. He runs an old fashion brick and mortar store in Toronto, and online, called The Hermit’s Lamp. Before stepping into working his spiritual business full-time 13 years ago he worked in advertising for many big name companies.




SEPT. 15, 2016

Introduction to Casting

the Bones

This workshop will provide advice for beginners who want to learn the art of  bone casting. Information on current sources of bone reading sets, animal bones and other curios will be featured and tied in with the basic spiritual beliefs and concepts associated with this form of divination. Simple casting techniques and interpretation advice will be given, and several interpretation examples will be displayed for discussion.

Michele Jackson is an artist, a diviner, and an author living and working in Southern California. After many years as a tarot reader and deck collector, she was introduced to casting the bones and has been casting ever since. Her website, www.BonesShellsAnd is well known in the bone casting community, and her book Bones, Shells, and Curios: A Contemporary Method of Casting the Bones provides an introduction to bone divination as well as “how to” advice on getting started.


                                             SEPT. 22, 2016


Casting for Fortune Telling


From charms to Lenormand and everything in between, in this workshop we will venture into the realm of fortune telling that connects the dots with a multitude of casting options. Each option will assist in opening the space needed for instant insights that are connected to object associations. Here we will witness how the constellation of information emerges and reveals what is hidden between the folds of casting and fortune telling.

Rana George is the author of the Best Seller and the highly acclaimed, The Essential Lenormand: Your Guide to Precise & Practical Fortunetelling. A respected presence in the modern divination community, Rana leads regular workshops and study groups. For close to 30 years, Rana has been a psychic, counselor, mentor, teacher, medium, and is always a lifelong student. Rana leads classes, workshop and presentations at the San Francisco Bay Area Tarot Symposium, NewYork Readers Studio, and Dallas TarotCon. She has consulted on the design of several Lenormand decks, and published several articles on cartomancy. Rana just finished working on her new deck, The Rana George Lenormand soon to be released by U.S.Games Rana can be found on: Instagram Facebook and SnapChat
Instagram @ranageorge1
SnapChat ranageorge1


SEPT. 29, 2016

Bonus Casting Class

with Carrie Paris


In this bonus class we will put what we have learned to the test by using casting techniques over a number of casting sheets designed specifically for this series. This is your opportunity to ask questions and do longer sample readings.



“What the new year brings to you will depend a great deal on what you bring to the new year.”  ―Vern McLellan


This month’s casting calendar has a simple aim– to connect you with your vision. It begins by asking you to invite your highest vision into 2015 so that you can make lasting changes.

Click, Print & Divine

JAN 2015 Casting Calendar Magpir Oracle


Begin by creating a space for divining. Build an area or altar where your highest vision will feel at home and want to land. Invite it in by lighting candles, playing your favorite music, or making sweet offerings. Engage your heart with your spirit and when ready, cast your charms over your casting calendar while asking for your highest vision for 2015 to reveal itself.  This vision bypasses goals of weight loss, a better paying job or abstinence from guilty pleasures, and goes directly to higher guidance.

Instead of seeing a thinner you, your vision might reveal a stronger you, or an aspect of yourself that knows how to feel comfortable in your own skin.  Rather than seeing yourself in a job that pays more, your vision will likely transcend that possibility and reveal a career that’s in alignment with your calling.  In other words, expect the unexpected as higher guidance doesn’t deal in the mundane. Instead, it positions us with our higher purpose.

Take note of where your charms land.  Whatever lands in the center of your sheet represents the vision that wants your attention.  Look for the symbolic message from your charms and ask how you can apply that message to your life. Charge the month of January with what you’ve discovered from your reading. Charms that land on the day’s of the week support and build your vision. Look for a theme or the bigger picture and carry that vision with you.

Extend the divination by asking how you can act as a vehicle for these symbols to express themselves. How will your charms help you sustain your vision and in turn (and this part is key), what support will you be bringing to the vision? How will you sustain it, what will your efforts produce and how will your higher actions change or improve your life? Big questions for a big year! Are you ready to make a change? Then do so with your highest vision as your guide.

To stay connected to my readings I like to take a photo of my casting. I then add that photo to my altar and the screen saver on all my devices. The goal is to have your reading near and at hand in order to keep the vision alive.  Be creative with how you maintain the message from your reading and join me here next month for more casting opportunities that support your highest vision.

Until then dear diviner, may 2015 see you making a meaningful difference in the world. Happy New Year!

If this is your first time to visit my site, welcome! Please detour here if you wish to learn more about casting sheets and the art of casting with the Lenormand Revolution or Magpie Oracle collection. The majority of my posts present casting opportunities, however they are not limited to my products. With a little creativity, just about any divination system will work. Go with the tool that speaks to your heart.

If casting isn’t your thing, randomly select and assign a charm to each day of the week.  Whichever route you choose, pay attention to where your charms land and record your findings directly onto the template, a notebook or with a photo. If more than one charm shares a date on your calendar, view it as an opportunity to try your hand at symbol or card combining.  If your charms bypass a day altogether, I recommend you take that as a day to keep your schedule clear. In other words, simply be.

Magpie Oracle keywords can be found here, and keywords for Lenormand Loadestones here.  Need a deck?  I made two printable decks for you here and here.

I’m one of those people who feel nostalgic during the Autumn months. My heart yearns for the Italian side of my family who came to the US from Calabria’s beautiful Mediterranean shores. Like many immigrants, my relatives did what they could to blend into their new culture, and try as they might they never completely masked the one thing that gave them away as Italian–  their overly animated hand gestures.

Apart from cooking, poetry and the language of amore, Italians have turned hand gestures into an art form. You want to tell someone to bugger off? There’s a clear gesture for that, as well as letting someone know you’re frightened, hungry, pissed off and so much more. My favorite is the elegant hand glide that expresses appreciation for something that is made to perfection. Following is a video that offers some excellent examples of what my non-Italian friends call Italian sign language.






Today’s casting sheet borrows from the unspoken, yet clearly communicated language found in hand gestures. It features hands demonstrating 18 activities that relay a variety of messages. Interspersed between the hands you will find words and punctuation marks that bring you to the truth of the matter. Situated in the four corners are four card suits matched with their corresponding theme, and in the center is a single eye that acts as the focal point for your divination.  Here’s how it works:



(Click, Print & Divine)

msgpie Oracle game blck and white 2

Start with a question. The board is set up to answer yes/no questions and also makes clear what’s fact or fiction in your situation.  Once you have your question in mind, take your Magpie Oracle charms and cast them over your sheet, paying close attention to where they land. The charm(s) that land in the eye represent what’s at the core focus of your question. For example if your question is, Will I get a new job, and the Anchor charm from the Magpie Oracle lands in the position of the eye, it could indicate you are in fact bringing into focus (the Eye) a secure position (Anchor). If you’re using the Magpie Oracle II and let’s say, the Noose lands in your focal point then this could suggest something is ready to end before proceeding, or that you’re too hung up on the topic and need to put it to rest once and for all.

Keywords for the Magpie Oracle can be found here and the Magpie Oracle II’s Emblem Elucidator here.  Tips on casting are available in this free handbook.

You may reach a point in your casting when a charm doesn’t land in the position of the Eye.  In order to avoid this I like to preselect a charm before casting so I can have a focus right from the start.  You may also simply like to trust where the charms land.  No charm landing in the position of the Eye could also indicate that the core focus is building.  Use your intuition and go with your immediate hit.

Next, let your focus move out from the focal point of your casting sheet, taking note of where your charms land:


  • Fact~Fiction~True~False  =  Charms landing in the fact, fiction, true, false positions indicate what is and isn’t factual about your question or theme.


  • !~?~!~?  =  If a charm lands on a question mark it indicates the answer is not yet clear or ready to be revealed.  It might also be suggesting you ask again.  With these I like to pull a tarot or Lenormand card for added clarity.  The exclamation mark suggests you pay extra attention to what that charm symbolizes for you.


  • Yes~No = You are also given Yes/No options with each stating a clear-cut answer in regards to your question.


  • Heart~Club~Diamond~Spade =  Charms landing in one or all of the four corners demonstrate which area in your life is being activated by your question or situation. Consider it a non issue if a your charms don’t land in a corner. If you find a larger number of charms concentrated in one corner and not another then this is an area that is quite charged.


  • Hand Gestures  =  The meaning of the hand gestures depend solely on your intuition. Your definitions will be far more accurate than anything anyone else can give. For example, the Thumbs Up symbol to the right of  your casting sheet can mean, yes, or it’s a go for some, while others might see it as a sign for hitching a ride. Like I always say, your definition will always be best so trust in your first hit. It’s usually right!


As always, grazie mille and may your future follow your highest wishes.



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You are invited to heed the call of the Sirens’ Song Lenormand and navigate intuition with fantastical creatures as your guides.


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1. SSL Rider 9 of Hearts 29. SSL Woman Ace of Spades 32. SSL Moon 8 of Hearts

 27. SSL Letter 7 of Spades

25. SSL Ring Ace of Clubs 35. SSL Anchor 9 of Spades 24. SSL Heart Jack of Hearts

34. SSL Fish 9. SSL Bouquet Queen og Spades28. SSL Man Extra Ace of Spades 16. SSL Stars 6 of Hearts 18. SSL Dog 10 of Hearts 12. SSL Birds copy

24. SSL Heart Jack of Hearts 34. SSL Fish 1. SSL Rider 9 of Hearts 29. SSL Woman Ace of Spades 28. SSL Man Ace of Hearts(Shipping begins on September 1st)Save























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The Magpie Oracle:

Lenormand Casting Kit


This handy casting kit is filled with shiny metal charms each matching a card from traditional Lenormand decks. The Magpie Oracle can be used for Lenormand readings, simple divination casting, or both. Inside you will find 36 metal charms in a drawstring pouch nested in a sturdy round tin. Visit my blog often to download free Magpie Oracle casting sheets, charm definitions and a whole lot more.



MO row 1 with titles MO Row 2 with text MO Row 3 MO Row 4 with text










Today’s casting sheet borrows from a 1700’s pseudoscience known as Phrenology, a way of understanding a person’s psychology and personality traits by measuring the size, shape and structure of the head.

The professional Phrenologist employed an instrument known as a craniometer to measure areas in the brain that were over or underdeveloped as well as balanced or out of sorts.  Similar to hand analysis, Phrenologists also relied on a variety of pictorial graphs for charting and determining the well-being of their patient.




The following casting sheet is from one of the more basic phrenology charts illustrating seven areas in the brain that a phrenologist examined.

Here’s how it works:

Take your Magpie Oracle, Lenormand Loadstones, or favorite deck and pull a card or cast your divination system over the chart.  You may also try dedicating a specific number of charms or cards to each section.  Always go with where your first impulse takes you in order to see where the divination is leading. In doing so you will soon discover that your way is the best way.

If casting the Magpie Oracle, take note of where your charms land.  Are the charms evenly distributed throughout the chart, or have many collected in one area and not another?  In either case, take some time to sit with what’s in front of you to ponder on what your chart is revealing about your current situation.  Is a theme building or message developing? Keep that perspective on the front burner when asking the following questions.

For this particular divination I created a list of questions I felt would expand my mind while exploring the seven areas on the phrenology chart, though I encourage you to add some of your own.

  • SKEPTICISM: What does being a skeptic prevent me from understanding?
  • COMPASSION: How can I practice compassion without going into compassion fatigue?
  • CONFIDENCE: Where is the highest place confidence can exist that’s beyond the ego?
  • RESPECT: Who, what or where can I extend my respect?
  • CURIOSITY: Where is my curiosity leading?
  • PATIENCE: What area in my life could use the most patience?
  • REASONING: Where is reasoning best directed?


Once you’ve finished your divination write your discoveries directly onto the casting sheet and place it in a location where you can continue to work with it.

As always, have fun and may your future follow your highest wishes.

Download the Emblem Elucidator to start building your Magpie Oracle II’s Keepsake Box vocabulary.

Keywords for the Magpie Oracle Lenormand set can be found here.

Need a deck? You can download and print two free Lenormand options here and here.

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Phren Casting Sheet





For the past few months, a number of you have asked me to make a calendar template that can be used for any month of the year.  Thank you for this brilliant idea.  I absolutely love and appreciate this option and hope the following template serves your divining needs not only for the month, but for years to come. If you’re new to my site, here’s how the casting calendar works:

At the beginning of every month I make available  a new casting calendar and every three weeks or so you can find a variety of other casting sheets for divining life.

For the casting calendar, or in this case, template, simply print and add the month, dates and year directly onto the template.  Once your template is ready, cast your Magpie Oracle or favorite deck, though any divination system will do, over your calendar.

If casting isn’t your thing, randomly select and assign a charm to each day of the week.  Whichever route you choose, pay attention to where your charms land and record your findings directly onto the template. If more than one charm shares a date on your calendar, view it as an opportunity to try your hand at card combining.  If your charms bypass a day altogether, I recommend you take that as a day to keep your schedule clear. In other words, simply be.

Return to your calendar often to reflect and check on the accuracy of your reading. Take special note of  important dates or what might be happening in the heavens like the phases of the moon, an equinox or solstice.

As always, happy casting and may your future follow your wishes.

Magpie Oracle keywords can be found here, and keywords for Lenormand Loadestones here.  Need a deck?  I made two printable decks for you here and here.


(Click, Print, Add Month & Dates, and Divine)

Casting Calendar Template


Happy summer, everyone!  If you’re new here, welcome to the June casting calendar.  At the beginning of every month I make available  a new casting calendar and every three weeks you can find a variety of other casting sheets for divining life. Here’s how the casting calendar works…

Click on the calendar and print.  Take your Magpie Oracle, though any divination system will do, and cast your charms over the calendar.  If casting isn’t your thing, you can randomly select and assign a charm to each day of the week.  Whichever route you choose, pay attention to where your charms land and mark your findings directly onto this sheet. If more than one charm shares a date on your calendar, view it as an opportunity to try your hand at card combining.  If your charms bypass a day altogether, I recommend you take that as a day of rest, or removing debris from your schedule.

Return to your calendar often to reflect and check on the accuracy of your reading. Take special note of  important celestial dates happening this month like the Summer Solstice on June 21st, seen as a time for peak experiences, and the Full Moon (June 13th), which is an opportune time to ask what you would like to see manifest by the light of this moon.  The New Moon (June 27th), is  for creating new beginnings. What are you beginning or setting out to do? How will you start and what will change for you?

As always, happy casting and may your future follow your wishes.

Magpie Oracle keywords can be found here, and keywords for Lenormand Loadestones here.


(Click, Print & Divine)

Magpie Oracle June 2014 Casting Calendar