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There must be a mini Bermuda Triangle in my office. Things just go missing without rhyme or reason and this is why I count my cards before returning them to their tuck boxes.  I’ve also armed myself with inventory sheets for my casting kits and thought you would like one for yourself.

The following inventory sheet was made specifically for the Magpie Oracle II’s Keepsake Box, which houses 69 casting pieces.  Before putting your divination away, match your pieces to the images on your sheet.  This will prevent you from loosing key elements and leave more time for divining.

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Ordo ab Chao/Order out of Chaos

Omnium Gatherum/Gathering of All

E Pluribus Unum/From the Many, the One

Named after the philosopher, Plato, though dating thousands of years before his time, the five Platonic solids illuminate the five elements and their clashing yet complementary chemistry. When viewed allegorically, Plato’s solids suggest a unifying mission that ultimately unites us with the One. The following casting sheet is designed to bring us a little closer to that all-inclusive understanding by moving us beyond our busy, everyday outlook so we may single out and unite with what has meaning.

According to Plato, the four elements individually illuminate a singular aspect of itself to the other, while the fifth element, seen as the cosmos, unifies and embodies the four. This elemental alliance allows the fifth element to express itself as the greater whole, or as some say, the divine plan.  Seen this way, the solids reveal a dance that moves in unison with the cosmos. This dance can be viewed as a guiding principle that lends itself to the understanding of our greater mission and through divination we can co-create the dance of the many to illuminate our spirit’s connection with the One.

platonic solids

Defining the Platonic Solids: You will notice the word hedron, meaning surface, included in each Platonic solid and leading each hedron is a word that defines a number. For example, the word tetra means four in tetrahedron and describes four faces. Plato ascribed the tetrahedron to the element Fire. Earth follows as the cube or hexahedron with six faces. Air is paired with the octahedron and has eight faces, Spirit, or the fifth element is with the dodecahedron and hosts twelve faces, while Water, the icosahedron has twenty.

The goal of this casting sheet is to let the five Platonic solids lead the way to what matters by contemplating on each element and their corresponding statement. Each statement invites reflection and bypasses the typical everyday focus. This is not about our love life, career or income. Instead it’s about promoting answers from a deeper perspective. Here’s how it works.

Before starting, give yourself some time to ponder on the five Platonic solids and their pairing statements.  Try to devote this divination to a higher mission rather than everyday affairs and when ready, cast your Magpie Oracle or Keepsake Box charms over the sheet.  Rather than casting, you may also want to take the orderly route by hand selecting and placing your charms directly onto the casting sheet. For example, for this divination I was drawn to assigning seven charms to each position. With that said, go with what works for you as your way will always be best.

There’s a bit of space to the right of each element where you can record your casting directly onto the page.   I recommend you leave your sheet out and in a place where you can see and work with it. The goal is to open the symbol to ignite the spirit so give it a good location.

What really makes a casting sheet work is when we charge it with daily focus.  The divination is rarely over once all of your charms are put away.  Putting items away is really just the beginning. I don’t consider readings complete until the divination has been realized in life and this is why I place import on keeping casting sheets out.

This sheet also lends itself to any divination system like Lenormand Loadestones (which make is easy to place on your fridge), divination decks, and of course the Magpie Oracle. As always, happy divining and may your future follow your highest wishes.

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M O 5 Platonic solids chart




For the past few months, a number of you have asked me to make a calendar template that can be used for any month of the year.  Thank you for this brilliant idea.  I absolutely love and appreciate this option and hope the following template serves your divining needs not only for the month, but for years to come. If you’re new to my site, here’s how the casting calendar works:

At the beginning of every month I make available  a new casting calendar and every three weeks or so you can find a variety of other casting sheets for divining life.

For the casting calendar, or in this case, template, simply print and add the month, dates and year directly onto the template.  Once your template is ready, cast your Magpie Oracle or favorite deck, though any divination system will do, over your calendar.

If casting isn’t your thing, randomly select and assign a charm to each day of the week.  Whichever route you choose, pay attention to where your charms land and record your findings directly onto the template. If more than one charm shares a date on your calendar, view it as an opportunity to try your hand at card combining.  If your charms bypass a day altogether, I recommend you take that as a day to keep your schedule clear. In other words, simply be.

Return to your calendar often to reflect and check on the accuracy of your reading. Take special note of  important dates or what might be happening in the heavens like the phases of the moon, an equinox or solstice.

As always, happy casting and may your future follow your wishes.

Magpie Oracle keywords can be found here, and keywords for Lenormand Loadestones here.  Need a deck?  I made two printable decks for you here and here.


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Casting Calendar Template


This casting sheet is for the moon lovers out there.  Oh how I love the way you move in harmony with the Earth’s natural satellite.  Your ability to veer away from the electric screen and gaze into the heavens is the inspiration behind this sheet.  Helping me is fellow moon lover, Bobbie Jo Drake, Group Creator and Lead Administrator of the fabulous Lenormand Cards Study Group on Facebook, which is a go-to group for anything Lenormand.

Bobbie Jo was kind enough to give an enthusiastic yes when I invited her to brainstorm with me on this sheet. We wanted to give diviners something they could use with not only their Magpie Oracle, Lenormand Loadestones, or decks, but with any divination system. We also wanted to provide a template that could be used anytime, as opposed to the beginning of the month or the start of a lunar cycle. With that said, this sheet is especially geared for those wishing to see a goal through by the phases of the moon.

The revolution of the moon around the earth takes about 29.5 days and during that time the moon gives us eight distinct phases to work with. Below is a casting sheet that features the moon’s phases with each placed on an early 1800’s game board that sports a thoughtful crescent moon. Outlining the moon are eight opportunities to join your goals with the moon’s cycles.  While most prefer to start divining with the new moon, this sheet invites you to be spontaneous and jump in at anytime. I for one will begin divining on the full moon (June 13).  The idea is to motivate more people to work with the brilliant night sky as a mirror to the soul. Here’s how it works:

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 Moon Casting Sheet

Bobbie Jo has come up with some excellent starter questions to get you going. She begins with the New Moon, a time for conceptualizing a new plan, and again, you can begin anytime the spirit moves you.

Take your divination system of choice and cast your lot, or randomly select and place your pieces onto the featured moon phases of this casting sheet. You may wish to limit your pieces to eight, with a single piece matching a moon phase, or use more than one piece for each position. Do what you feel called to do.  As I often say, your way is going to be the best way.

Many thanks to Bobbie Jo for bringing her magic to this casting sheet!  Happy divining everyone. May your future follow your wishes.

Eight Lunar Questionsphases

1. New Moon – What do I desire in the upcoming month?

2. Waxing/Crescent – How can I develop the resources to sustain this desire?

3. First Quarter – What can I do to initiate my vision for this lunar cycle?

4. Waxing/Gibbous – In what ways can I refine and perfect my goal?

5. Full Moon – What will be the result of my efforts?

6. Waning/Gibbous – How can I share my vision with others?

7. Last Quarter – How can I release any blocked energies at this time?

8. Waning Crescent – How can I clear out old, unwanted patterns in preparation for the new cycle?

Happy summer, everyone!  If you’re new here, welcome to the June casting calendar.  At the beginning of every month I make available  a new casting calendar and every three weeks you can find a variety of other casting sheets for divining life. Here’s how the casting calendar works…

Click on the calendar and print.  Take your Magpie Oracle, though any divination system will do, and cast your charms over the calendar.  If casting isn’t your thing, you can randomly select and assign a charm to each day of the week.  Whichever route you choose, pay attention to where your charms land and mark your findings directly onto this sheet. If more than one charm shares a date on your calendar, view it as an opportunity to try your hand at card combining.  If your charms bypass a day altogether, I recommend you take that as a day of rest, or removing debris from your schedule.

Return to your calendar often to reflect and check on the accuracy of your reading. Take special note of  important celestial dates happening this month like the Summer Solstice on June 21st, seen as a time for peak experiences, and the Full Moon (June 13th), which is an opportune time to ask what you would like to see manifest by the light of this moon.  The New Moon (June 27th), is  for creating new beginnings. What are you beginning or setting out to do? How will you start and what will change for you?

As always, happy casting and may your future follow your wishes.

Magpie Oracle keywords can be found here, and keywords for Lenormand Loadestones here.


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Magpie Oracle June 2014 Casting Calendar

“May the road rise up to meet you
May the wind be always at your back
May the sun shine warm upon your face
And the rain fall soft upon your fields
And until we meet again
May God hold you in the palm of his hand”

Irish Blessing

Irish Luck Charm

March is the month that brings us the Day of the Festival of Saint Patrick and as the saying goes, everyone is Irish on March 17th.  So let’s set the mood for this month’s casting calendar by putting on some Irish music and casting our Magpie Oracle charms over the following sheet that invokes the luck of the Irish in body, mind, hart and spirit.  Here’s how it works:

Cast or assign a charm or Lenormand card to each day of the week.  Everyday on this calendar promotes the idea that adding a little more luck and good fortune to your life-focus builds a stronger bond with Fate and community. Take note of where your charms land and combine their meaning with the provided starter sentences.

Magpie Oracle keywords can be found here.

Card combining activity sheets here.

A free, printable Lenormand deck can be found here, and here.

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Magpie Oracle March 2014 Casting Calendar

In an effort to find a casting element for the New year, I came across the teachings of spiritual Master, Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov, who suggests we pay close attention to what happens during the first 12 days of January.  According to Aivanhov, each day can be paired with each month of the year and so reveal an annual forecast.  That is,  January 1st represents the first month of the year, while January 2nd represents the month of February, and the 3rd nods to March, etc. I fell in love with this idea as it lends itself beautifully to a casting sheet.

This New Year’s eve,  which also happens to be the new moon, I plan to set my intention for 2014 by assigning three Magpie Oracle charms to the first 12 days of January (Lenormand and tarot cards work too).  I hope you’ll join me in divining a promising New Year.

Here’s how it works:

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2014 Casting Sheet (12 Month)

Included is a printable casting sheet featuring the next 12 months.  Cast all of your charms directly over the sheet and take note of where they land. More than one charm landing in a month points to extra energy, while none suggest taking some quiet time.

You can also randomly select and assign three charms for each month and place them in a row of three; left, center and right.  The central charm will act as the month’s main focus, while the remaining two describe how you can act on your focus. By the time you reach December you will have utilized 36 charms.  This is a grand reading so give yourself plenty of time to divine before, during and especially after your reading.

Keeping an annual divination alive can be a challenge and this is why I recommend printing two casting sheets on sturdy card stock.  This will allow you to keep the main sheet out, preferably in a place where you will see it for the year.  My hunch is that over time a theme for the New Year will reveal itself.  That theme would be easy to miss if placed in a drawer.

Use the second sheet to cut out each individual month and assign them a place in your home. I’m going to be hanging mine on a beaded line over my altar.  Having something like this always prompts participation, plus the 12 pieces will make for a nice set of ornaments or beautiful year end review.

I purchased a set of metallic writing pens to add to the festive New Year theme and recommend you use something that’s easy to print on black paper.  No doubt what the glitter lovers will be using.  Add your findings to your sheets and decorate away.  The more cretive drive you put into your divination the better the outcome.

For those who would like to cast the entire month– a January casting calendar follows.  Keywords for the Magpie Oracle can be found here.  Don’t have a deck?  I made one that you can download for free here.

Wishing you a fabulous New Year and sending a thousand thanks for your ongoing support with the Magpie Oracle and Lenormand Revolution. Because of you, we had an amazing year.  May your future follow your wishes!

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Jan Casting Calendar


Coms of the Season

Many thanks go out to you for making this a great year for the Magpie Oracle and Lenormand Revolution!

I wanted to make you a gift of appreciation for the overwhelming support you gave my creations this year-  one, that in turn, supports your divination practice.

I’ve found that one of the best ways to become proficient in Lenormand is through the use of flashcards or keeping a visual  journal, and investing a lot of time in readings.  Included in this post is a tool that will help you learn Lenormand via printable flashcards.

Each card features a Lenormand symbol and comes with a set of keywords to get you started with card recognition. I recommend you print these out on card stock and cut them to deck size. You can also give your cards an adhesive back.  This will make it easy to add them as labels of learning to your Lenormand journal.

May this gift make learning an enjoyable experience. Please return here in 2014 for the launch of some exciting new products, casting sheets and a special announcement.

Buon Natale!

(Click on each sheet and print)

Lenormand Flashcards 1-15

Lenormand Flashcards 16-30

Lenormand Flashcards 31-36





This evening’s new moon is in Sagittarius and with it comes a renewed energy for connecting with our intentions. This is also the last new moon of 2013 making it the perfect time to reflect on the year. Did you accomplish what you set out to do this year?  I’ll admit that over time a number of my intentions morphed into unexpected surprises—thankfully with happy endings, while others simply phased out. What I recall most are the intentions I put into action through spreads.  These were charged with magic, so in turn they stuck.

Below is a layout that can be used as either card spread or casting sheet. In it you will find eight positions that aim to bring structure to the anatomy of your intentions. To the right of the spread are sentences that help release the things that get in the way of our objective, while to the left we are given opportunities to connect with our true and hopefully unobstructed path.  Crowning the spread is what we will become conscious of should we keep our eye on the prize, while below gives us a foundation to work from.

If you are using your Magpie Oracle I suggest you cast the lot over your casting sheet or randomly select a charm for each position.  Both tarot and Lenormand cards can also be used in this layout as layered elements that enhance the meaning of your charms.  Choose a system that works best for you. Doing so will add greatly to the anatomy of your intentions.

Anatomy of Intention Casting Sheet




“Let the future follow your wishes.”
–Words spoken by fortune-tellers before giving coffee ground readings

In 2012 I attended an informative talk by author  Mary K. Greer  covering the historical origins of the  petit Lenormand  deck. The talk, held at the always fun  Bay Area Tarot Symposium  gave an overview of the petit Lenormand deck with its 36 divination cards dating back to the mid-19thcentury. What caught my attention was the discovery of where some of the deck’s symbols may have originated.

Part of Mary’s research connected and paired symbols found in Tessomancy, or fortune-telling by coffee grounds, to several of the symbols found in the petit Lenormand deck. A detailed account of Mary’s recent discoveries can be found on her  blog,  or by downloading her excellent online webinar through Global Spiritual Studies.  In addition, Mary, along with Marcus Katz and Tali Goodwin of  Tarot Professionals have published a wonderful book from Mary’s research called the  English Lenormand.

This casting sheet is inspired by Mary’s findings and offers a pictorial-graph of 36 coffee cups each brewing a Lenormand card symbol. The cups borrow their positions from a layout known to many in the Lenormand community as reading the Houses, where 36 cards are placed in numerical order and used for an additional layer of meaning in a spread called the Grand Tableau, or big picture.

Below is a non-traditional take on reading the house system. It suggests we read each house or position as individual homes— though in this case I have converted the houses into coffee cups.

When a charm lands on a cup it begins a conversation between the two symbols and distills them into a unified meaning.  If more than one charm lands on a cup it will simply encourage more dialogue, and when your charm and cup match, it amplifies the meaning of the two and invites extra focus.  For example if the Garden charm, which points to social gatherings, lands in the house of the Garden it could indicate a rather large gathering, or the possibility of more than one social engagement.

The idea is to view each position as 36 individual homes that your charms will visit. Each house will present a style and character that is somewhat unique. Take some time to observe the habitat, its inhabitants and the impression they leave on your charms.

Here’s how it works:

Take a moment to develop your question. The clearer the question, the clearer the answer.

Cast your charms over the casting sheet and watch where they land.  Each charm will land on a cup, or in some cases very near it.  Wherever a charm lands will hold specific meaning.  For example, there are several variations of reading the meaning of your charm’s location on, near or around a cup.  This casting sheet adopts an Arabic Tessomany method:

When the majority of the grounds gather at the bottom of the cup, it will indicate that certain events are based in the future. Grounds that gather in the middle of the cup or along the sides, reveal events coming up one month from the day of your reading, while grounds closer to the rim point to the present. Grounds that settle close to the handle are used to expect occurrences in your home life.

An easy way to warm up to the house system is to think of your charms as house-guests who, through conversation are influenced by the house they land on.  Let’s take the example of the visiting charm which is known as the Ring; this charm is involved with engagements, agreements, contracts, and often viewed as something round, or things that go in circles. When this charm lands in the house of the Ship, it may point to a future overseas engagement, or perhaps a trip around the world. The Ship charm is associated with travel, overseas business and transitions.

Invite each charm to stay as you would a house-guest. Encourage your guest to share their story giving a listening ear to what they have to say. In doing so you are linking the dialogue between two symbols— possibly more. In time you will notice that some guests are very welcoming company, particularly for their sage-like advice, while others may appear to be the dreaded guest that never seems to leave. Either way, look deeply into every visit for insights and clues, or how they might be relevant to your situation.

So, now why don’t you try it? Brew a pot of rich Arabic coffee and get yourself in the mood for some charm casting. Use some of the Magpie Oracle keywords to get your conversation going and let the future follow your wishes.

Magpie Oracle Tea Houses