for divination and ancient ceremonial rites that invoke the spirit of divining communities. Carrie was in the first class to receive a Masters in the Cultural Study of Cosmology and Divination from the University of Kent, UK, is creator of the Magpie Oracle, and co-creator of the Lenormand Revolution deck, and soon to be released iOS app and study guide. She has two new Lenormand decks coming out in 2014; the Nippon Lenromand and the Dark Salon Lenormand. Carrie considers herself a Global Citizen and enjoys dividing her life and teaching annually in California, Santa Fe, and Europe with her husband, artist Rob Hampson and the World’s most psychic terrier, Rose-shine. Carrie now offers classes and divination services to a global clientèle in the US, Asia, and Europe.

Carrie's Blog

Lasting Oracles

“Any Oracle that endures must be of service to at least three consecutive generations.”  – Margaret Mead    For the past 7 years, I’ve been creating divinatory tools that help open channels to ancestral communication. Some of you may recall the Charming Dead Oracle or Magpie Oracle Seer Charm kits that were part of a […]

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October Magick

Autumn is here (can you feel it?) and with it ripe opportunities to honor and converse with those on the Otherside. From October 25-30, the Shift Network’s Beyond the Veil Summit, hosted by Lisa Bonnice, delivers 5 days of free discussions that explore the nature of near-death experiences, mediumship and the science of the afterlife. […]

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A Reading for Peace and Remembrance

Only the dead have seen the end of war. – Plato On the last Monday in May, the U.S. observes Memorial Day, a day for honoring those who died while serving in the military. One of the symbols associated with this day is the red remembrance poppy, inspired by the 1915 World War I poem, […]

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Now Available: The Milagro Oracle Kit & Course!

    What if you approached charm casting as a way to petition favor from supernatural beings and in addition to the charms, you used tarot and standard playing cards as a divine voice that can direct you to a life of miraculous outcomes? It’s a powerful question; yet, one that has inspired diviners from […]

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The True North Oracle is Here!

  Thank you for your orders, Everyone. Please return next year for the 2020 True North Oracle online event and kit!       The True North Oracle: A New Moon, New Year, True You Plan A magical kit and one day online workshop for ushering in your best year and more!   Sunday, January […]

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The Divination and Magic DIY Oracle Course Is Here!

The Divination and Magic DIY Oracle Course! With Andrew McGregor  &  Carrie Paris   Oct 13th & Nov. 10th, 2018 3PM to 4:30 PM Eastern   This is a live online course with recordings available 24 hours after each class     Create A One of A Kind Oracle kit! Nobody knows your personal spirituality […]

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Antler Moon Print Now Available

ANTLER  MOON I began creating Antler Moon a few days before the the July 2018 full moon and finished it the day before the lunar eclipse. A full moon in July is also referred to as a blood, buck and antler moon, hence the reason for the central character. I feel she depicts the strange […]

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New Moon in Aries Casting Sheet

I’ve been feeling creatively stuck lately and wanted to use the coming new moon in Aries (April 15 & 16) to initiate a plan that would help me get my groove back. So I turned to Facebook and asked people to share some new moon words or quotes that could be added to a casting […]

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The Charming Dead Oracles Kit is HERE

THE  CHARMING  DEAD  ORACLES  KIT   by  Andrew McGregor  &  Carrie Paris       About The Charming Dead Oracles Kit   For the past 2 years, Andrew McGregor and Carrie Paris have taught Mediumship and Casting in China, Europe, Canada, the US and to an ever growing online community. The Charming Dead Oracles is […]

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New Moon = Free Perks

Giveaways are Good for the Soul Hey Diviners! The new moon in upon us and with it come free offerings. On March 24th, I’ll be presenting a free Mediumship & Tarot workshop at The Mystic Dream in Walnut Creek, California. This class is part of the shop’s Wisdom Festival and follows a full day of […]

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