7 Steps with Fate’s Spin

How often do you summon courage and take chances despite the odds?  This month I found myself in just that position and rather than playing it safe I decided “not to move the way fear wanted me to” and packed my bags to align with new opportunities in Berlin and the UK.  Joining me in my leap of faith were hundreds of Lenormand Revolution decks and Magpie Oracles.

I was invited by one of Germany’s psychic celebrities, Malkiël Rouven Dietrich and Berlin’s Astro TV to feature my wears on their esoteric home shopping network.  Astro TV is Germany’s hub for a wide range of esoteric products and live readings.  Upon agreeing to their proposal, I was immediately schooled in a foreign way of doing business that involved making an appearance on German national television, working with contract attorneys and learning the ins and outs of international law.  Luckily the risk payed off and my products are now well featured in Germany.

Following Berlin I headed to London to attend and present at the UK Tarot Conference.  This wonderful event,  headed by Kim Arnold, was celebrating 10 years of successful tarot learning so Kim gave her conference a tarot card 10/Wheel of Fortune theme by treating participants to a ride on the London Eye— Europe’s tallest Ferris wheel and an excellent living example of the Wheel of Fortune.   I wanted to keep with Kim’s theme and incorporated the London Eye with the Wheel of Fortune and my recent experience with risk taking into one of my talks.  Hence the following spread, Fate’s Spin.

Fate’s Spin

While taking risks may sometimes feel as if you’re entering unknown territory, it can also be approached proactively.  In other words, not every leap of faith has to be treated as a a great unknown, especially when we invest our time in getting to know it.  If you are being presented with an opportunity, or asked to try something new, I suggest you meet it halfway with the following spread which helps connect, centralize, and solidify your desired outcome.  Doing so will better prepare you should Fate’s wheel turn in an unexpected direction.

Click on the image and print. Your Magpie Oracle, Lenormand Revolution,

or favorite tarot deck work with this spread.

Fortune's Spin UK Tarot Conference 2013

7 Steps with Fate’s Spin

1. Where can I locate fortune in my life?

The position of this question is at the hub of the London Eye/Wheel of Fortune. I feel it is always important to create a central space for fortune to enter your life so you can easily identify it when it presents itself.

2. How can I recognize opportunity when it presents itself?

Often I meet with clients who place a debris of distraction in front of their dream.  This self-sabotaging agenda keeps opportunity at bay and leaves little room for anything useful to enter.  What is the opportunity that you’ve been setting yourself up for?  What kind of spin are you putting on it?  Is it one that’s inviting and gives opportunity a positive place to land?  Clear your space of any buildup that might prevent opportunity from coming in.

3. How can I create a more fortunate spin in my life?

While fortune sometimes enters by pure luck, it can also use some help in reaching you.  What are you doing on purpose to create a more fortunate spin on your life? Remember, what you put into your dream is what you’ll likely get out of it.

4. What can I do to prepare for the changes that come when I activate Fortune’s spin?

We begin to activate change when we willingly invite fortune in.  These changes are best met when we prepare for the possibilities fortune brings, and while these change may come as a surprise, this question and card give us a focal point to anchor in when and if surprises happen.

5. How can I be receptive to what chance has to offer?

The opportunity to take risks rarely happens everyday.  When it does, and as the above questions suggest, it is important that we actively participate in aligning with what’s being offered.  A way to better align with opportunity is to become open and receptive to chance.   Too many times people close the door when asked to take a chance.  This reading is asking you to look at things as if you were saying yes and in order to do so you must be receptive to the chances you are taking.

6. What role or purpose am I creating when I acknowledge rather than overlook the changes in my life?

Acknowledging the steps you take to build your dream helps to solidity it and give it body.  This includes noticing and taking into account the changes that have occurred since taking your initial leap of fate.

7. How can I be a living example of my fortunate divination?

While this may appear to be the final card in the spread it is actually just the beginning.  Every card you pulled up to this point is meant to inspire steps that will help you to embody your reading.  Keep this spread out and in a place where you can work with it daily.  Readings are meant to be put away after you’ve manifested or realized each card from your spread.

Fortune’s blessings!