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A Free Online Meetup: Ancestry and How it Conditions Us


I’m hosting a free online class with my friend Christophe Richart Carrozza who spent many years in Paris assisting Alejandro Jodorowsky‘s work in tarot and Psychomagic. Christophe is now taking what he knows to new heights and will be presenting a fantastic spread on working with our ancestry. This is a rare opportunity to participate in one of Christophe’s classes presented in English. Click on the below link for more details and bring a deck.

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

7:30 PM PDT – 9:00PM PDT (Check your timezone here)

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The Meeting ID is: 293 752 804

You can also join by phone. Find your local number here, or Dial by your location

        +1 669 900 6833 US (San Jose)
        +1 646 876 9923 US (New York)
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Giveaways are Good for the Soul

Hey Diviners! The new moon in upon us and with it come free offerings.

On March 24th, I’ll be presenting a free Mediumship & Tarot workshop at The Mystic Dream in Walnut Creek, California. This class is part of the shop’s Wisdom Festival and follows a full day of workshops covering a variety of magical topics. Please come by, say hello and divine with us.

In April I’ll be in New York for the annual Readers Studio conference where Andrew McGregor and I will be launching our latest divining kit, The Charming Dead Oracle that’s simply… otherworldly.

On May 26-27 I’ll be joining many diviners for a weekend of workshops and readings in the sweet village of Elora, Canada for the Elora Tarot & Divination Festival organized by Shelley Carter as part of the Elora Tarot Lovers Project which features 45 works based on the Tarot Lovers card. The tag line for this project is a timely one; Celebrate love and connection as an antidote to hatred and division.

In other news, fellow indie deck creator, Doug Thornsjo is in the final hours of his Kickstarter campaign for his eerily emblematic deck with a Steam Age soul, Tinker’s Damn Tarot. At the time of this post, Tinker’s was just $600 shy of reaching its goal. Hence my reason for adding it to this newsletter. I’m a big fan of Doug’s work and indie decks, and would love to see this become a successful campaign so I’m giving away links to the recordings of my 5-week Creative Casting course to anyone who supports Doug’s campaign. Other teachers in this course include Rana George, Andrew McGregor and Michele Jackson. Check out the class description here and get in touch with me here once you support the campaign. At the completion of a successful campaign, I will send you the links and pdfs for each class.

One final freemium. I entered a piece of art titled, I’ll Show You Mine (pictured here), in the Tarot Lovers Project and will add your name to “the hat” if you help fund Tinker’s Damn Tarot. By funding this project your name will be entered to win this 16×16 piece which is mounted metal and speaks of sharing a vulnerable heart in trying times. Can you tell I really want this deck? I do and suspect many others do as well. Thank you for considering!

Here’s to you enjoying a fabulous new moon in the sensitive sign of Pisces. May all of your highest dreams and wishes come true.

Relative Tarot Queen of Cups framedIn the Gaelic tradition, October 31st is observed as Samhain which marks both the end of the harvest season and beginning of a New Year. Throughout Latin America, November 1st is observed as Día de Muertos or Day of the Dead where the ancestors are remembered and celebrated at their graves, while on November 2nd the Catholic tradition commemorates the departed on All Souls’ or Saints’ Day with prayer and ritual. Each reflect on the life of the departed with reverence.

In this online gathering we will use our decks to build Altars of Prayer that serve as both divination and connection with our ancestors’ deeper message.

RSVP here. Class size is limited. Attend with your favorite deck.  A link to get into the online classroom will be posted to you 24 hours before we begin.

Join this free webinar and learn to build your own collection oracle with everyday objects!



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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

5:30PM – 7:30PM, PCT

(check here for pacific time zone)


Imagine having access to a customized oracle made specifically with your needs in Matchbox Oraclemind, one that takes little time to master and is crystal clear in meaning. For the past 3 years I’ve been introducing the rich and exotic history of collection oracles and the art of creating them for personal and professional use.

In this online gathering you will learn just how easy it is to create powerful, tailor-made oracles out of objects you already own. In addition you will be given methods for divining with your objects, as well as tips on creating thematic collection oracles that give focus to specific topics like love, wealth and health.

This is a free, live webinar where you can participate from your home, which makes it especially convenient for building your collection oracle with items that are within reach.

A link with instructions on how to enter the online classroom will be emailed to you 24 hours before we meet so please look for it as I won’t be available to answer technical questions during the webinar. 

Until then, I look forward to divining with you!

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I’ve often wondered what it would be like to turn the reading table on the tarot, to have the cards read me rather than it be the other way around.  Would the outcome be different if I sat at the Magician’s table or considered my situation from the Hermit’s mountaintop? I feel it would and in view of this I wanted to create an interactive spread that puts the tarot in the reader’s chair.

In this post you will find a new Magpie Oracle casting sheet followed by 22 audio recordings from the Major Arcana’s point of view. Each recording provides a message from whatever card you divine. For example, if a charm (cards work too) lands on the casting sheet’s Wheel of Fortune card, click on the Wheel of Fortune image found just below the casting sheet. Doing so will take you to an audio recording that offers insights from the Wheel’s perspective as well as the remaining Major Arcana.  If casting isn’t your thing, you can also use these recordings as writing prompts, single card meditations and more. The idea is to approach each card from a new, rather than familiar, vista. Each recording delivers about two minutes of advice and in many cases the cards pose a question thematic of their environment. These questions can be answered by casting additional charms or pulling cards. Here’s how it works…

  • Click and print your casting sheet.
  • Cast your charms over the sheet.
  • Click on the Major Arcana images below this casting sheet to listen to your divination.


1 Tarot Talismans Major Arcana Spread

If this is your first time to my site, welcome!  I recommend you visit here before proceeding. In doing so you will be directed to some useful tips on casting with any of the Magpie Oracle or Lenormand products.

While it isn’t always necessary, I like to start this divination with a question. I recommend you build a question that requires an actionable result on your part. For example:

  • What action can I take that will help me better understand __________?
  • What’s the best action for me to take concerning ____________?
  • What can I expect if I ______________?
  • What can I expect if I don’t (as sometimes not doing is an action in itself) _____________?


After casting, you might want to write each charm’s title directly onto the casting sheet. This way you can keep referring to your spread after you’ve put your charms away. Once all of your charms are noted and in place, look for any card-to-charm pairings.  An example of this would be when the Fool charm lands in the position of the Fool card on your sheet. For many this match can indicate a charged position. If you discover identical pairings take a moment to decide how you want to apply the double meaning to your current situation. What is it pointing at or suggesting you pay close attention to?

In the event when card and charm are not a match, experiment with creating a dialogue between the two. The same can be applied to more than one charm landing in one position as well as reading several charms in rows, diagonals, corners, etc.  Take some extra time to see how well the charms are getting along in their new environment.  For example, what kind of advice do you think the Emperor would offer to a visiting Devil or vice versa?

To extend the experience click on any of the following images to receive some added insight from the Major Arcana.  Each card will take you to an audio link on Soundcloud.  Take some time to tune into your interactive oracle and when you feel you’ve considered everything, ask yourself:

  • What is the actionable result that’s being presented to me and how will I fulfill it?
  • How will I become a vehicle for my divination and how can I express it in the world?


This divination wants you to be creative and follow your intuition’s lead.  In doing so you are building self-trust while strengthening your oracular muscle. As always, stay divine and may the future follow your highest wishes.

Still looking for a little more meaning to apply to your charms? Click here for a free Magpie Oracle Charm Guidebook.

Click each card to hear your interactive oracle

0. Fool 1. Magician2. HP 3. Empress

4. Emperor 5. Heirophant6. Lovers7. Chariot 8. Strength9. Hermit 10. Fortune11. Justice 12. Hanged One13. Death 14. Temperance15. Devil 16. Tower17. star 18. Moon19. Sun 20. Judgment21. World


Get started on reading your charms with my free Tarot Talismans Charm Guidebook.  Inside you will find an easy to follow quick guide for every charm, plus a contemporary Celtic Cross spread and How-To tips.  The aim is to set in motion a charmed outcome. To get this guidebook simply sign up for my email list to the right. No spam or tricks here—  just the joy of sharing more ways to divine.

freebieCover2Welcome Diviner!


I have joined forces with one of my favorite diviners, Karen Krebser of the Muses Darling to bring you a special Halloween treat.  The Samhain Series is a free booklet that celebrates this hallowed season with a number of supernatural casting sheets.

Each sheet is designed to connect you with the voice of generational wisdom and to bring you closer to the ancestral veil that is positioned between the living and departed.  Now is the time to honor messages from the other side and bring into focus inheritances from the family tree and your place in it.

To solidify this series, Karen and I will be hosting a special live webinar where we will review your casting sheets along with you. In addition, we will introduce a new casting sheet that acquaints you with your Divining Docent—the muse who navigates the soul toward her true north. To ensure participants receive quality time we are limiting this gathering to 10 attendees. We would love to see you there.

Merry Samhain,

Carrie & Karen

I’m one of those people who feel nostalgic during the Autumn months. My heart yearns for the Italian side of my family who came to the US from Calabria’s beautiful Mediterranean shores. Like many immigrants, my relatives did what they could to blend into their new culture, and try as they might they never completely masked the one thing that gave them away as Italian–  their overly animated hand gestures.

Apart from cooking, poetry and the language of amore, Italians have turned hand gestures into an art form. You want to tell someone to bugger off? There’s a clear gesture for that, as well as letting someone know you’re frightened, hungry, pissed off and so much more. My favorite is the elegant hand glide that expresses appreciation for something that is made to perfection. Following is a video that offers some excellent examples of what my non-Italian friends call Italian sign language.






Today’s casting sheet borrows from the unspoken, yet clearly communicated language found in hand gestures. It features hands demonstrating 18 activities that relay a variety of messages. Interspersed between the hands you will find words and punctuation marks that bring you to the truth of the matter. Situated in the four corners are four card suits matched with their corresponding theme, and in the center is a single eye that acts as the focal point for your divination.  Here’s how it works:



(Click, Print & Divine)

msgpie Oracle game blck and white 2

Start with a question. The board is set up to answer yes/no questions and also makes clear what’s fact or fiction in your situation.  Once you have your question in mind, take your Magpie Oracle charms and cast them over your sheet, paying close attention to where they land. The charm(s) that land in the eye represent what’s at the core focus of your question. For example if your question is, Will I get a new job, and the Anchor charm from the Magpie Oracle lands in the position of the eye, it could indicate you are in fact bringing into focus (the Eye) a secure position (Anchor). If you’re using the Magpie Oracle II and let’s say, the Noose lands in your focal point then this could suggest something is ready to end before proceeding, or that you’re too hung up on the topic and need to put it to rest once and for all.

Keywords for the Magpie Oracle can be found here and the Magpie Oracle II’s Emblem Elucidator here.  Tips on casting are available in this free handbook.

You may reach a point in your casting when a charm doesn’t land in the position of the Eye.  In order to avoid this I like to preselect a charm before casting so I can have a focus right from the start.  You may also simply like to trust where the charms land.  No charm landing in the position of the Eye could also indicate that the core focus is building.  Use your intuition and go with your immediate hit.

Next, let your focus move out from the focal point of your casting sheet, taking note of where your charms land:


  • Fact~Fiction~True~False  =  Charms landing in the fact, fiction, true, false positions indicate what is and isn’t factual about your question or theme.


  • !~?~!~?  =  If a charm lands on a question mark it indicates the answer is not yet clear or ready to be revealed.  It might also be suggesting you ask again.  With these I like to pull a tarot or Lenormand card for added clarity.  The exclamation mark suggests you pay extra attention to what that charm symbolizes for you.


  • Yes~No = You are also given Yes/No options with each stating a clear-cut answer in regards to your question.


  • Heart~Club~Diamond~Spade =  Charms landing in one or all of the four corners demonstrate which area in your life is being activated by your question or situation. Consider it a non issue if a your charms don’t land in a corner. If you find a larger number of charms concentrated in one corner and not another then this is an area that is quite charged.


  • Hand Gestures  =  The meaning of the hand gestures depend solely on your intuition. Your definitions will be far more accurate than anything anyone else can give. For example, the Thumbs Up symbol to the right of  your casting sheet can mean, yes, or it’s a go for some, while others might see it as a sign for hitching a ride. Like I always say, your definition will always be best so trust in your first hit. It’s usually right!


As always, grazie mille and may your future follow your highest wishes.


Free PDF Booklet: The Magpie Oracle Time Interpretation Handbook

Cast a Bright Future with the Free

Magpie Oracle
Time Interpretation Handbook

Try my free pdf handbook that gives you three easy to use casting calendars for interpreting the future.  Each calendar is specifically designed for divining time with the Magpie Oracle casting collection, though any divination system will do.  The  aim is to set you on a journey into the future armed with handy casting sheets that help forecast the way.

To get this free handbook simply sign up for my email list to the right. No spam or tricks here—  just the joy of sharing more ways to divine.

Look for the download link in your inbox once you are confirmed.

 As always, thank you for stopping by and may your future follow your highest wishes!

Today’s casting sheet borrows from a 1700’s pseudoscience known as Phrenology, a way of understanding a person’s psychology and personality traits by measuring the size, shape and structure of the head.

The professional Phrenologist employed an instrument known as a craniometer to measure areas in the brain that were over or underdeveloped as well as balanced or out of sorts.  Similar to hand analysis, Phrenologists also relied on a variety of pictorial graphs for charting and determining the well-being of their patient.




The following casting sheet is from one of the more basic phrenology charts illustrating seven areas in the brain that a phrenologist examined.

Here’s how it works:

Take your Magpie Oracle, Lenormand Loadstones, or favorite deck and pull a card or cast your divination system over the chart.  You may also try dedicating a specific number of charms or cards to each section.  Always go with where your first impulse takes you in order to see where the divination is leading. In doing so you will soon discover that your way is the best way.

If casting the Magpie Oracle, take note of where your charms land.  Are the charms evenly distributed throughout the chart, or have many collected in one area and not another?  In either case, take some time to sit with what’s in front of you to ponder on what your chart is revealing about your current situation.  Is a theme building or message developing? Keep that perspective on the front burner when asking the following questions.

For this particular divination I created a list of questions I felt would expand my mind while exploring the seven areas on the phrenology chart, though I encourage you to add some of your own.

  • SKEPTICISM: What does being a skeptic prevent me from understanding?
  • COMPASSION: How can I practice compassion without going into compassion fatigue?
  • CONFIDENCE: Where is the highest place confidence can exist that’s beyond the ego?
  • RESPECT: Who, what or where can I extend my respect?
  • CURIOSITY: Where is my curiosity leading?
  • PATIENCE: What area in my life could use the most patience?
  • REASONING: Where is reasoning best directed?


Once you’ve finished your divination write your discoveries directly onto the casting sheet and place it in a location where you can continue to work with it.

As always, have fun and may your future follow your highest wishes.

Download the Emblem Elucidator to start building your Magpie Oracle II’s Keepsake Box vocabulary.

Keywords for the Magpie Oracle Lenormand set can be found here.

Need a deck? You can download and print two free Lenormand options here and here.

(Click, Print & Divine)

Phren Casting Sheet