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The Magpie Oracle:

Lenormand Casting Kit





This handy casting kit is filled with shiny metal charms each matching a card from traditional Lenormand decks. The Magpie Oracle can be used for Lenormand readings, simple divination casting, or both. Inside you will find 36 metal charms in a drawstring pouch nested in a sturdy tin. Visit my blog often to download free Magpie Oracle casting sheets, charm definitions and a whole lot more.


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I’m just returning from the annual Readers Studio tarot conference where over 200 card carrying diviners gathered to talk tarot and deeply engage in their passion for the cards. Speakers this year were a powerful trio; Mary K. GreerSheilaa Hite, and Caitlín Matthews. Each brought a wealth of knowledge to the subject. So much so that I am still assimilating.

On the final day of the conference Readers Studio hosts, Ruth Ann and Wald Amberstone announced the three main presenters for 2015 and I am honored to be amongst those named. With me will be two women I respect and adore, Theresa Reed and Ellen Lorenzi-Prince.  Please do consider joining us as we have a spectacular amount of magic and valuable tools in store for you and your practice. This year the event sold out, so consider reserving your space now by going to this link. I hope to see many of you there!

This month’s casting calendar borrows inspiration from the conference. I’ve added major arcana tarot cards to each day of the week. Cast or randomly select and place your Magpie Oracle charms over the casting calendar. Record where they land and begin a conversation between your charms and the card they land on or near.  For example, if the Bird charm lands on the Magician it might indicate May 1st to be a good day for communicating (Bird) magic (Magician) via the airwaves. Try it for yourself and revisit your notes daily to test the accuracy of your reading.

Magpie Oracle keywords can be found here.  Major arcana definitions here.  May your future follow your wishes.

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Magpie Oracle May Casting Calendar


For the past three years I’ve been fascinated with the art of early game boards and their ultimate goal of teaching young players moral lessons via symbol and what I like to call divine play.  Something quite different from today’s average Playstation experience. This fascination has made its way into this month’s casting calendar which borrows from the 1814 game, the Swan of Elegance: A New Game Designed for the Instruction and Amusement of Youth.

What I love about this particular board are the etchings seen in the upper corners. To the left is Apollo and on the right Minerva.  Both represent a powerful combination of cunning wisdom and the foresight needed to win the game.  This symbol of wits is repeated in the two coins placed at the bottom of the board. Below Apollo is Pegasus with the word Genius, and to his right we find the Owl of Minerva with the word Wisdom.

My hope in presenting this wisdom charged calendar (and on All Fool’s Day no less) is that diviners will take the lead from Apollo, Minerva, and their feathered friends and adopt wisdom and genius as their guides. After all, we could all use a little wisdom while navigating the month of the Fool. Here’s how it works:

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Magpie Oracle April 2014 Casting Calendar

Cast your Magpie Oracle or Lenormand Revolution deck over the calendar and take note of where they land.  You may also choose to randomly select, or consciously assign a charm or card for each day of the month.  Just make sure to log your findings either in your journal or directly on this calendar.  Keep your calendar out where you can view it daily to track your results.

Magpie Oracle keywords can be found here.  A free printable Lenormand deck here and here.

May genius and wisdom ever guide you.

“May the road rise up to meet you
May the wind be always at your back
May the sun shine warm upon your face
And the rain fall soft upon your fields
And until we meet again
May God hold you in the palm of his hand”

Irish Blessing

Irish Luck Charm

March is the month that brings us the Day of the Festival of Saint Patrick and as the saying goes, everyone is Irish on March 17th.  So let’s set the mood for this month’s casting calendar by putting on some Irish music and casting our Magpie Oracle charms over the following sheet that invokes the luck of the Irish in body, mind, hart and spirit.  Here’s how it works:

Cast or assign a charm or Lenormand card to each day of the week.  Everyday on this calendar promotes the idea that adding a little more luck and good fortune to your life-focus builds a stronger bond with Fate and community. Take note of where your charms land and combine their meaning with the provided starter sentences.

Magpie Oracle keywords can be found here.

Card combining activity sheets here.

A free, printable Lenormand deck can be found here, and here.

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Magpie Oracle March 2014 Casting Calendar

I’ve been wanting to share a casting calendar that promotes love and compassion for some time now and feel the month of February is the best match for such endeavors. Take your Magpie Oracle charms (a Lenormand deck also works) and cast the lot over the month of February.  You will notice that each day of the week offers what I’m calling love bombs–  quotes that inspire the heart to open and explode with loving kindness.  Following each quote is an action sentence that takes its cue from the charm that lands in or near it.  You may have more than one charm land on a day of the week or none at all.  Play with charm combining when met with more than one charm. With none, I see it as a day to offer extra love on the altar of the Mystery. Have fun and try to approach this casting sheet with an open and receptive heart.

Magpie Oracle keywords can be found here.

A free Lenormand deck here.

Enjoy and much metta.


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Are you looking for a way to keep a record of your grand tableau? Want to leave your reading out for further viewing but put your charms and cards away? Here’s a printable sheet that allows for that.  Simply print and add charm titles and keywords from your reading directly onto the following grand tableau template.  Keeping a record of your divination is a great way to track the accuracy of your reading while building a strong relationship with your system.

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Magpie Oracle House Template

Working with the houses?  Print the following house template and assign or cast your charms over each house.  Like the first sheet, log your information directly onto the page to record and review the progress of your reading.

An easy way to warm up to the house system is to think of your charms as house-guests who, through conversation are influenced by the house they visit.  Let’s take the example of the visiting charm which is known as the Ring; this charm is involved with engagements, agreements, contracts, and often viewed as something round, or things that go in circles. When this charm lands in the house of the Ship, it may point to a future overseas engagement, or perhaps a round-trip. The Ship charm is associated with travel, overseas business and transitions.

Here are a few more options for enhancing your reading skills:  Practice charm and card combining with my Lenormand activity sheets.  Magpie Oracle Keywords can be found here.  Need a deck?  Here’s a free Lenormand deck that you can print and use immediately.

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Houses Magpie Oracle


Are you familiar with the song the Twelve Days of Christmas? After hearing it on the radio I started wondering what the meaning was behind the lyrics. As it turns out there are several theories with most pointing to an underground Catholic catechism song for Catholics to learn the tenets of their faith. I can see that, but the romantic in me prefers the research coming out of the University of Massachusetts where professor Edward Phinney insists on it being a wedding song.

“If you think of all the things being presented, you realize they’re all gifts from a lover to a woman. Some of them are rather impossible to give, like eight maids a milking and nine ladies dancing. All those ladies and dancing and pipers and drums imply this is a wedding.”

Phinney also explains that a number of the birds in the song represent fertility symbols while the other gifts can be seen as offerings to a woman by her true love.

This being the season of giving I thought the Twelve Days of Christmas would make for a fun casting sheet—one that sparks the heart of the true love while uncovering twelve hidden messages embedded in a holiday song.

Here’s how it works:

There are twelve positions that follow the lyrics in the Twelve Days of Christmas and assigned to each position is a question that connects us with our heart while exploring the symbolic meaning in each verse. I recommend that you ask one question at a time and then randomly select and assign three Magpie Oracle charms for each position. Lenormand cards and tarot work too. You can also cast your charms over the sheet and note wherever they land as being your message starting with…


Magpie Oracle 12 days casting sheet


A Partridge in a Pear Tree:  Partridges are known for being protective and territorial. The male is very fertile, as their large number of offspring would indicate. This line in the song points to the promise of safekeeping in the fruitful and fertile home (pear tree).

  • How can you best protect what you love?


Two Turtle Doves:  Doves mate for life and have long been symbols of love, peace and devotion.

  • What is the peace you are devoting your heart to?


Three French Hens:  Home is implied here with the new bride (or hen) being brought into the flock.

  • Home is where the heart is. How are you filling your home with love?


Four Calling Birds:  Originally colling birds, with colling meaning black and standing for black birds, this points to the very intelligent and talkative Colly bird that is always communicating.

  • How can you best communicate your love?


Five Golden Rings:  Rings represent a promise or agreement.

  • What is your heart agreeing to?


Six Geese a Laying:  Geese are attentive to the flock and have been known to remain with an injured goose until it is well rather than leave it behind to migrate.

  • What is your heart standing watch over and giving attention to?


Seven Swans a Swimming:  The swan is a symbol of grace, beauty and elegance and known for long lasting bonds and memory.

  • What do your most beautiful memories say about you?


Eight Maids a Milking:  “In the 18th century, when a maiden was asked to “go a-milking” it had one of two meanings.  Either it was a proposal of marriage; or, it was a rather risqué invitation for intimacy.”

  • How can you best prepare your heart for love?


Nine Ladies Dancing:  The Catholic belief points to this verse as being the fruits of the Spirit while others feel it symbolizes both fertility dance and the nine months of pregnancy that follow said fertility dance.

  • What is your heart gestating?


Ten Lords a Leaping:  Another dance that hints at fertility, the leaping lords—also known as rulers of the dance, danced for the purpose of a successful crop as well as war. “The Roman god of vegetation and war was Mars.  The Roman priests of their Salii ritual would leap as high as they could in the air in hopes of inducing the corn to grow. It was believed that the height of their leap would be the height of the corn.”

  • How is your heart ruling your steps?


Eleven Pipers Piping:  The bagpipe carries the voice of clans. Be it a battle cry, song of mourning, or celebration, the bagpipe communicates the voice of kinfolk.

  • What generational signal of love is your heart broadcasting?


Twelve Drummers Drumming:  In the streets of old England, town watchmen known as waits, played drums that announced the coming of news, events and the time.

  • What love message are you communicating to your community?


Magpie Oracle keywords can be found here.

Can you name Santa’s nine reindeer? Not to worry, following is a casting sheet that gives you an opportunity to meet Santa’s magical nine while discovering the hidden meaning behind each name.

Apparently Santa’s nine reindeer actually began with eight and were first named in the 1823 poem, A Visit from St. Nicholas, also known as, The Night Before Christmas.  It wasn’t until 1939 that a ninth reindeer was added—Rudolph the Red Nosed, through a Montgomery Ward Christmas campaign headed by Robert Lewis May, the creator of Rudolph’s story.

Raindeer Game Casting Sheet

This casting sheet makes use of the hidden meaning and talent that resides in each reindeer name, starting with:

  • DASHER: Before Rudolph, Dasher was the lead reindeer situated on the right of Santa’s sleigh. He represents dashing speed.
  • DANCER: Positioned to the left of Dasher, Dancer reminds us to move with grace while in the Dance of Life.
  • PRANCER: This reindeer symbolizes spirited movement and along with Dancer, helps keep the rest of the reindeer in step.
  • VIXEN: A name also associated with a female fox, Vixen is known as the beauty of the lot and points to what we are attracting.
  • COMET: Is best known for his ability to navigate the stars and points to what’s orbiting our inner and outer world.
  • CUPID: Spreads love with a singular aim and invites us to do the same.
  • DONNER and BLITZEN: “Dunder and blixem!” — literally, “Thunder and lightning!” — was a popular expletive among the Dutch-American inhabitants of late eighteenth- and early nineteenth-century New York.”  And like thunder and lightening these positions remind us to be vocal (thunder) and shine our light (lightening) on the world.
  • RUDOLPH: Is best known as the outcast reindeer that eventually saves Christmas by leading Santa’s sleigh with his very shiny nose. How are you leading the way?


Now that you’ve met the team, it’s time to divine.

Print the above casting sheet and cast your entire lot of  Magpie Oracle charms over the sheet or randomly select charms and assign them to each of the nine positions. Follow your instinct when choosing charms as your way is going to be the best way.

You may notice more than one charm (or none) land on or near a reindeer. One charm can give singular meaning, and sometimes that’s all we need, while more than one can be combined for a singular message. When none hit the mark I see it as a sign to move on and place my focus elsewhere. Try not to over-edit your divination. Instead, keep it simple and go with your initial hunch.

Click here for Magpie Oracle keywords and here to learn how you can combine symbols for a singular message.

This casting sheet can also be used with tarot or Lenormand cards and makes for a fun holiday game. As always, enjoy and very happy holidays!

December can be a busy time of the year and for me it’s the best time to close old business, go within and start laying ground for the New Year– not just January, but the entire year.

This month I’ll be posting a number of casting sheets that invite introspection and preparation for 2014.  Each sheet is designed to help bring you closer to what you wish to garner in 2014. You can get a jump start on your New Year by returning here each week to download new sheets.  For now I invite you to cast your shiny charms over the provided December casting sheet.  Here’s how it works:

Print your casting calendar, cast your charms over the sheet and note where your they land.  You might have more than one charm land on a date which points to extra activity and suggests that it may be a good time to pay close attention to that particular day.  There are also times when a charm will completely miss a day altogether.  I see this as a sign that little will be happening on that day.  It may also suggest that I partner with the mystery in designing my destiny.  Use your intuition and take the time to check back with your casting sheet to see how your predictions have played out.

Keep in mind December’s powerful dates: the new and full moons as well as the Winter Solstice which are listed on the calendar.

Holiday blessings to you and your bright future! I look forward to divining with you next week.

Click image to expand. Keywords for your charms can be found here.

Magpie Oracle December 2013 Casting Sheet

Last week I gave you an activity sheet to get started with card combining.  This week I’ve added an additional layer to the mix by providing two activity sheets that switch the position of the featured symbols:

Sheet 1: Letter + Ring=? / Sheet 2: Ring + Letter=?

Below you will find the two featured symbols which can also be found in the Magpie Oracle and Lenormand Revolution.

One of the best ways to become a proficient reader is to get in the practice of card combining. This includes switching card positions for a different set of meanings. In doing so you change the topic at hand.

For additional keywords go here, though I encourage you to start with your own.

Print out the activity sheets and start adding your words to the pages. In no time you will be speaking Lenormand.

Lenormand activity sheet Letter & Ring

Lenormand activity sheet Ring & Letter