A New Look at the Six Card Spread: Revisited

June 11, 2011
Live Online Webinar Meetup
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In this gathering we will revisit a six card tarot spread that I presented in Santa Fe in November of 2010. This class was one of our most popular in that it delivered profound answers to burning questions. And although powerful, this spread is easy to use and goes directly to the point of what wants to be revealed. In addition, it gives focus to the symbols that speak to the soul of the reading. Come to this Meetup with a specific question in mind. Keep it simple and avoid questions with the words should, either/or, and yes or no. Instead, form a question that invites clarity. For example, rather than asking:

Should I take this new job or stay with the job I have? Try, What can I expect if I accept the job being offered me? Or, How will this new position enhance my life?
The more you solidify your question, the more solid the answer will be. Be prepared to manifest what is at the heart of the matter.

It is important that you show on time. Once this spread begins we will not be able to catch you up should you arrive late.

If you have one, please use a traditional tarot deck consisting of 78 cards, pen and paper, and a willingness to explore uncharted territories. As always, I look forward to divining with you in the Virtual Tarot Classroom!