A Summer Solstice Casting Map

‘Be like the flower, turn your face to the sun.’ -Kahlil Gibran

Today is the longest day of the year and the first day of summer in the northern hemisphere. Let’s take advantage of this extra light with a casting map that turns our attention towards what energizes us.

This map works with any divining tool-  Charms, found objects, runes, crystals, tarot and oracle decks, etc. All are welcome and encouraged. Here’s how it works.

Print the following casting map or mark the positions on a piece of paper. You can download a printable version here. Imagine what it is you wish to energize through this divination. Write your wish on a piece of paper and place it in the center of your casting map.

If you’re using cards, assign a single card to each position on the map.

For casting, lightly cast a handful of items over the map. Where they land will hold meaning. For example, if an item lands directly on one of the map’s symbols, go with it by divining it. However if an item misses a symbol, move on. I treat these misses as a non issue.

Want to take advantage of all the symbols on the map? Randomly assign an item to each. This will take more time, but then again, it’s the longest day of the year. You’ve got time!

Merry Solstice!



  • Central Sun: This is your Summer Solstice Message
  • Crown: This is what’s ruling you
  • Snake: Shed this. It doesn’t fit anymore.
  • Sword: Lay down this weapon to end the battle
  • Ouroboros: This will sustain you
  • Jar with Magick Dust: Add of dash of this for magick
  • All Seeing Eye: This is what you’re ready to see
  • Planchette: This is ready to be communicated
  • Caduceus: This is ready to be healed
  • Open Hand: Create boundaries with this
  • Arrow: Aim for this
  • Scales: Create stability and balance with this
  • Crystal: This wants to be crystal clear
  • Shooting Star: Wish on this
  • Crescent Moon: Your intuition want’s you to know this
  • Key: This is ready to be unlocked
  • Hourglass: This wants more of your time


Whether you’re new to casting maps or a seasoned pro, all of us will experience getting lost or stuck on a symbol. When this happens, I reach for the following 3-step formula to unlock accurate insights.

Step 1— Describe the Literal Meaning

To break the ice, describe the card or item literally. Avoid going into symbol-speak. That will come later. For example, if the item is a key charm or the Key card found in Lenormand decks, simply describe it as a key; This is a key. Next, describe the color, texture, temperature, or smell. All literal context eventually opens the doors to Step 2.

Step 2— Give the Item Symbolic Meaning

Now that you’ve literally described your item, add some words that give it symbolic value. For example, and staying with the key as our symbol, describe what a key stands for. How is a used and what is its purpose? Does it remind you of anything or anyone? At this point, familiar tie-ins between the symbol and you or your sitter’s situation start to become clear. However let’s take it a step deeper.

Step 3— Look in the Mirror

This final step invites us to look at what is being reflected in our story through the divination. How can the symbol offer a mirror of clarity or insight to our situation and how can we apply that information to our life? The aim of divination isn’t always to predict the future, but to locate a line of action that will improve our future. At this step, encourage your sitter to imagine how their situation might improve when applying this line of action. This type of dialogue empowers you or your sitter to leave the reading with a self-motivated plan.