How to Ask a Question Like A Wise Woman

Welcome to the Samhain Series, dear diviner.   I’m excited to introduce you to guest blogger and co-diviner, Karen Krebser of the Muses Darling.  Together, Karen and I have conjured up some supernatural soul treats designed to connect you to this special season. Following is the first of many free casting sheets being offered between now and All Souls’ Day.

Halloween, Samhain, All Souls’ Day and Dia de Los Muertos are annual celebrations that honor the dead. During this time of year the veil between the living and departed is thin making it an opportune time for divining and communicating with the other side.  However before divining, we wanted to prepare you for ancestral communication by first aligning you with the questions you will be bringing into this series.

Socrates tells us that understanding the question is half the answer, so Karen and I are kicking off the Samhain Series with a casting sheet that promotes thoughtful inquiry. We strongly believe that divination is strengthened when we take the time to refine our questions.

The aim of this series is to assist diviners in navigating the veil between worlds and in order to skillfully enter either side we must do so with reverence and well thought out questions. To help us on our journey we’ve adopted an ancient model of oracular authority, the all-knowing wise woman. Here’s how it works:


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wise woman


Imagine this to be a warm Autumn evening. You can feel the change of season in your soul and instinctively know this to be a strong time to divine. But what type of questions do you wish to pose to this hallowed time of year?  You contemplate this idea while standing in front of a crackling bonfire.  You notice that standing on the other side of the flames is a wise woman. Her eyes tell you that she is experienced and informed. She has been here before and recognizes those who are about to lift the veils of time. Before taking this journey the wise woman gently reminds you to take great care in approaching the divine. Take your time, she says, be thoughtful, direct and clear. Remember, the clearer the question, the clearer the answer.

Take some time to form a question or series of questions you wish to explore during this time of year. Leo Babauta said that at the end of the day, the questions we ask ourselves determine the type of people that we will become.  Before casting, consider the type of person you wish to become by the end of this series. How might your questions bring you closer to that reality?  What is the outcome you wish to manifest and how will reaching that possibility change you?

Once you’ve solidified your question write it on a piece of paper and place it in the center of the casting sheet. Think of this gesture as a way of giving your question to the wise woman to hold in her capable hands while you enter and work your way through each position in the divination.  Position one asks, What is your highest vision?  From there move clockwise for the remaining seven questions.

This particular sheet works best when randomly selecting and assigning one or more charms to each question rather than casting the lot over your sheet.  It is meant to align you with answers through well thought out questions. We suggest you explore the eight positions on this sheet one question at a time.

Once you have all of your charms in position look to see if a theme is building. Is there something that wants your attention? If so, this may very well be a strong message from the other side.  Hold onto that possibility for now and carry it into Monday’s casting sheet, which focuses on communicating with ancestral wisdom.

Again, the aim of this starter sheet is to help you align with building answerable questions– questions that will inform future casting sheets and maintain deep insight. Please take some time to sit with today’s discoveries and return Monday for part two in the Samhain Series. Until then, may your future follow your highest wishes.