Atu V – The Hierophant

How many times have you experienced the Hierophant in your life?  For many, the association is less than desirable and rarely have I witnessed someone say, “Oh good! I pulled the Hierophant!” In this series of interviews called, The Trumps, I set out to break the bad card spell by exposing each trump’s personal side. I wanted to actually interview the cards, give them voice and see them move while telling their story. The best option for this was to locate a team who would share my vision of moving tarot outside the box and into what I coin, Tarot with a Twist. First up, the powerful web-designing duo of all things creative, Gabe Marihugh and Roz Foster of  Both Gabe and Roz jumped on the opportunity to put this project together and between the three of us and a few animation programs –both Mac and PC, we brought to life Trump 5, the Hierophant.

The next step was finding a match to do the voice over work of Trump 5. Tarot enthusiast and all around good sport, Mike Hernandez of volunteered for the job and I think you’ll agree this was a match made in Hierophant Heaven. To capture the voice of the Hierophant, Mike and I each sat at our computers in Seattle and Santa Fe and through the magic of video conferencing recorded the Atu 5 interview. As synchronicities go, I think it fascinating that Mike’s birth card is also the Hierophant. True to his birth card Mike stepped right into his role of helping the tarot world see another, dare I say, less traditional side of the Hierophant.