Calendar Casting

My friend and Lenormand superstar, Malkiel Rouven Dietrich of Berlin brought this spread to my attention through his useful teaching videos on Youtube. At the beginning of each month, Malkiel selects Lenormand cards and pairs them to each day of the month. This not only provides a quick daily forecast, but also develops a predictive relationship with the cards, or in my case, charms. Each month I’ll post a calendar casting sheet that works along the same lines as Malkiel’s Lenormand forecast calendar. However rather than pulling cards, I invite you to cast 31 of your Magpie Oracle charms over the provided sheet. Make sure you have a charm paired with each day of the month. For easy reference, note your charm’s name and any keywords that come to mind on the calendar. The remaining five charms can be viewed as the month’s overall theme, which I like to make note of at the top of my calendar. Revisit your calendar often to track the progress of your predictions.