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Oct 24 – Oct 30 all-day

Radiant Jane Retreats Presents

A Tuscany Tarot Retreat



Check out this audio to hear about what we have in store for you


OCTOBER 24-30, 2021


Some of the oldest surviving tarot cards are from 15th century Italy. Most notably is the Visconti-Sforza, a beautiful deck said to be painted with precious metals for the purpose of illuminating higher awareness in whoever views it.

During our retreat, Carrie will take you through step-by-step techniques for uncovering, retaining and accurately reading the hidden symbolism embedded in ancient and modern tarot decks.

Once each card is understood with Carrie’s guidance, you will then discover four hidden paths that exist within the first 22 cards known as the Major Arcana. This is followed by understanding the deeper symbolism housed in the Minor Arcana and finally you will learn the meaning of self-mastery through divining with the 16 Royal Court Cards.

To maintain and marry a deep connection with your tarot retreat experience, each topic will be assigned a unique casting talisman given to you as part of the retreat’s keepsake kit. In the same manner that precious metals were applied to the Visconti-Sforza deck, each item from your kit will represent, support and illuminate higher awareness. Your kit will also include a replica of Italy’s oldest tarot cards and a customized silk scarf that serves as both reading and casting cloth for your new talismans. All items and more will come nested in a travel friendly tin.


The Schedule – October 24-30, 2021


The Four Hidden Paths – We begin our exploration at ground zero, with card zero to pinpoint and navigate our position in Four Hidden Paths housed in the Tarot’s Major Arcana known as the Paths of Equilibrium & Balance, Cause & Effect, Change & Transformation and Transcendence & Self Actualization.

The Four Unique Realms – We will proceed onto the Minor Arcana, and the Four Unique Realms. We will work with the Swords and the Realm of Esoteric Intelligence, the Cups and the Realm of Fulfilling the Higher Heart, the Coins and the Realm of Meaningful Manifestation, and finally the Wands and the Realm of Following our Spiritual Missions. We will activate the Four Realms through intentional spreads that open and align the mind, heart, body and spirit connection.

The Royals – With guidance from the tarot’s spiritual Court Cards we will adopt techniques for crowning the noble heart. Here we will connect with the majesty of existing within self-mastery and unite our discoveries with our personal mission.

Introduction to Ancient Italian Talismans – Italy is not only known as the tarot’s birthplace, but also for its deep history of folk magic. We will unite this magic with the cards and Italy’s sacred votives, talismans, floral rituals and more. With each session in our study, you will be assigned a new casting charm beginning with the Italian talisman known as the Chimaruta which reflects the symbols in the Minor Arcana, initiation of inner-sight and the transformative power of Italy’s flora and fauna. Once understood, you will learn a technique known as floral readings and the practice that initiates the Strega’s Eye.

Anatomy of your Reading Cloth – We will devote time to your reading cloth and how to use it for readings and ritual. We will also work to combine your casting talismans your reading cloth.

Meditation and Loving Kindness– The retreat will also include guided meditation, dharma talks, and time to seek peace and quiet, as Jane Reeves enhances the lessons by Carrie Paris, using A Heart of Gold as a guide and companion book to delve more deeply into the art of Loving Kindness.

The Details


  • Daily Tarot Intensive lessons
  • Guided Meditations
  • 6 nights lodging*
  • Daily Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
  • Vegetarian Options
  • Group transport to the retreat on Oct 24, 2pm from the Rome airport (Fiumicino)
  • Group transport back to the Rome airport on the morning of Oct 30
  • Excursion to Montepulciano
  • Wine tasting
  • Tour of Fattoria grounds and ancient chapel
  • Pici pasta making class
  • Wellness spa access
  • Beautiful classroom studio
  • Bicycles to use
  • Concierge office staff
  • On-site laundry
  • ***Airfare not included***

*Guest rooms are a private bedroom within a 2 or 3 bedroom shared apartment and bathroom. We’ll pair you with a like minded roommate, or bring a friend! (Ask about the possibility of private lodging, cost $3,850.)

View the estate and rooms here.

Fattoria Del Colle is an Agriturismo, translated to “farm holiday.” It’s traditional Tuscan country style. The rooms are clean and rustic. We’re in nature. There is incredible food provided, but if you like certain snacks or treats, remember to bring your own. There are no vending machines at this glorious oasis!

Kingston Tarot & Lenormand Conference in Canada!
Nov 12 – Nov 14 all-day

Kingston Tarot Lenormand Conference

More Details Here

One of my greatest joys in life is presenting at divination conferences and another is attending. I’ve had the privilege of presenting at the Kingston Tarot Lenormand Conference for the past two years and look forward to sitting in attendance this year because the presenters are some of my favorite people who are madly skilled at magic and divination, which happens to be this year’s conference theme.


Please join us in what I often refer to as the most relaxing and delicious conference of the year. Seriously! The organizer, Marilyn Shanon thinks of everything. The hotel is located on the water with massive windows to enjoy the view. Large, comfortable and affordable rooms all within strolling distance to great restaurants and shopping, beautiful gathering spots in the lobby with warm fire places to divine by and more. Oh and Marilyn has the event catered by a chef who creates the most delicious meals that are healthy, with gluten free options (this coming from a food snob). You-will-never-hunger nor will you crash due to poor food options. In addition the vendors always bring items I never realized I needed and now treasure. Beautiful wares at Canadian prices. A win-win! Hope to see you there!