Casting by the Light of the Moon

This casting sheet is for the moon lovers out there.  Oh how I love the way you move in harmony with the Earth’s natural satellite.  Your ability to veer away from the electric screen and gaze into the heavens is the inspiration behind this sheet.  Helping me is fellow moon lover, Bobbie Jo Drake, Group Creator and Lead Administrator of the fabulous Lenormand Cards Study Group on Facebook, which is a go-to group for anything Lenormand.

Bobbie Jo was kind enough to give an enthusiastic yes when I invited her to brainstorm with me on this sheet. We wanted to give diviners something they could use with not only their Magpie Oracle, Lenormand Loadestones, or decks, but with any divination system. We also wanted to provide a template that could be used anytime, as opposed to the beginning of the month or the start of a lunar cycle. With that said, this sheet is especially geared for those wishing to see a goal through by the phases of the moon.

The revolution of the moon around the earth takes about 29.5 days and during that time the moon gives us eight distinct phases to work with. Below is a casting sheet that features the moon’s phases with each placed on an early 1800’s game board that sports a thoughtful crescent moon. Outlining the moon are eight opportunities to join your goals with the moon’s cycles.  While most prefer to start divining with the new moon, this sheet invites you to be spontaneous and jump in at anytime. I for one will begin divining on the full moon (June 13).  The idea is to motivate more people to work with the brilliant night sky as a mirror to the soul. Here’s how it works:

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 Moon Casting Sheet

Bobbie Jo has come up with some excellent starter questions to get you going. She begins with the New Moon, a time for conceptualizing a new plan, and again, you can begin anytime the spirit moves you.

Take your divination system of choice and cast your lot, or randomly select and place your pieces onto the featured moon phases of this casting sheet. You may wish to limit your pieces to eight, with a single piece matching a moon phase, or use more than one piece for each position. Do what you feel called to do.  As I often say, your way is going to be the best way.

Many thanks to Bobbie Jo for bringing her magic to this casting sheet!  Happy divining everyone. May your future follow your wishes.

Eight Lunar Questionsphases

1. New Moon – What do I desire in the upcoming month?

2. Waxing/Crescent – How can I develop the resources to sustain this desire?

3. First Quarter – What can I do to initiate my vision for this lunar cycle?

4. Waxing/Gibbous – In what ways can I refine and perfect my goal?

5. Full Moon – What will be the result of my efforts?

6. Waning/Gibbous – How can I share my vision with others?

7. Last Quarter – How can I release any blocked energies at this time?

8. Waning Crescent – How can I clear out old, unwanted patterns in preparation for the new cycle?