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The Divination and Magic DIY Oracle Course!

With Andrew McGregor  &  Carrie Paris


Oct 13th & Nov. 10th, 2018

3PM to 4:30 PM Eastern


This is a live online course with recordings available 24 hours after each class



Create A One of A Kind Oracle kit!

Nobody knows your personal spirituality better than you. Nobody understands what symbols and images will speak to you clearly. This workshop will help usher your inner wisdom into an exterior tool! By the end of the class you will have designed and created your own personal oracle consisting of 20 casting tiles and a 56 card deck all nested in a black tin. Not an artist? Not to worry! This class is especially geared toward the creatively-phobic, yet oracular-curious. We’ll walk you through each step to insure that by the end of the course you will have one stunning, accurate oracle.


Two Classes to Create

One Epic Oracle

In our first meeting we’ll take you through a process of easy to follow steps on how to create your tool. We’ll explore accessing your inner guidance and spirit guides to find the most useful symbols to add to your oracle. We’ll explore how to use a list of provided questions and prompts to help shape your oracle and find great ways to make sure it is clear, accurate and complete. We’ll cover techniques and approaches on how to handle the actual making of your oracle so it will endure all the Loveland question you can send its way.


But I’m Not An Artist!

Don’t worry, no artistic skill is required. Anyone can do this (REALLY!) and we make it easy! We’ll provide plenty of easy to follow resources to help you assemble images from a wide selection of really cool art. We’ll also show you how to incorporate your own found images that can be applied to your deck and tiles. All supplied images cover a wide range of topics and are super easy to transfer onto your items. We’ll also give you a lesson on creating and divining with Sigils which will add to the overall strength and magic of your casting tiles.

Between classes we’ll take a one month working break to give you time to build your complete oracle kit. However we want to stay connected during that time! To do this we’ll open a private Facebook page to support your oracle’s completion by making it a space that offers extra resources, tips, and a platform for asking questions and sharing your progress. Plus, we’ll be adding some surprises that we know you’re going to LOVE. We’ve got your back and want you to succeed in making your oracle!

In our second meeting we’ll put our finished oracles to the test and dig into how we can divine and create lasting magic with them. We’ll give you clear and accessible instructions on the variety of ways you can work with your new tools that include divining for lost objects, mediumship, casting for results over casting for answers, spell-weaving through imagery and more. We’ll also explore how to ask solid questions, how to find clear answers, and how to get to the root of things when you feel stuck. In other words, we’re going to cover a lot of ground so that when you finish this course you will be prepared to perform meaningful spells and give solid readings with your customized, one of a kind oracle.




The Course Comes with a Starter Kit Consisting of Items That Build & Shape Your Personal Oracle


  • 20 blank wooden tiles
  • 56 sturdy blank cards
  • A satin casting cloth already filled with useful symbols
  • A metal tin to hold your oracle
  • Permanent markers with which to enhance your oracle
  • A printable list of prompts to aid you in the creation of your oracle
  • Printable PDF images and instructions on how to apply them to your tiles
  • Bonus – online access to Andrew’s Sigil Course to help you expand your thinking about the creation of divinatory symbols





Cost $250 USD plus shipping

Generous payment plans available below


Please join us. We love to create an oracle with you!



US deadline to allow shipping is September 28th

$250 plus $10 shipping US




$250 plus $10 shipping US (4 payments of $65)


US 3 payments of $87


US 2 payments of $130




International deadline to allow shipping is September 21st

$250 plus $22 shipping International




$250 plus $22 shipping International (4 payments of $68)


International 3 payments of $91


International 2 payments of $136

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An Introductory Course in Spirit and Ancestral Communication through Charm Casting and More. Attendees receive casting kit and cloth. Course starts May 31st 2017.  Details and enrollment here.


This is a live webinar series that meets on five Wednesday evenings from 5:30pm PST (8:30pm EST) to 7:00pm PST. Recordings will be made available 24 hours after each class.




3 cups

AUGUST  2  &  3,  2014

My cup runneth over! I am very excited to be able to co-teach with one of my favorite diviners, Dr. Yoav Ben-Dov.  Yoav will be visiting from Israel to share his expertise and unique insights on Tarot, Therapy Card Reading, and so much more.  There will be two opportunities for you to learn Yoav’s divining techniques that many in the tarot community are talking about. Check out the following fliers for a rare chance to meet Yoav and divine in a new light.  Feel free to share this information with your community. We would love to see you!


Workshop  1 

AUGUST  2,  2014

Join Yoav for his unique presentation on Therapy Card Reading (TCR)


TCR is not limited to a particular deck. It can be used with Tarot cards, oracle cards, or even personal picture sets. It is amazingly efficient in bringing out subconscious contents, expressing hidden desires and strengths, tapping unknown potentials and suggesting creative solutions to specific problems.


TCR can be used in a personal encounter or in a group. It is especially relevant in a professional or organizational setting, where Tarot cards may be “too mystical”. Thus, its target audience is much wider than the Tarot.


For more details on how TCR works visit here.

TRC workshop with Yoav Ben Dov

For August  2,  2014  Workshop  $33


[nicepaypallite name=”Yoav’s Aug 2, 2014 workshop” amount=”33.00″]



Workshop  2

August  3,  2014


Join Yoav & Carrie for for a day of divining outside of the box


This is your opportunity to join in a unique collaboration between two leading tarot figures, Dr. Yoav Ben-Dov (Israel) and Carrie Paris (Europe/USA) as we explore the full potential of authentic tarot illustrations beautifully featured in Yoav’s CBD Tarot de Marseille, a faithful reproduction of the traditional deck and pinnacle of 4 centuries of collective work by Europe’s finest tarot masters.  In addition will be the launch of Carrie’s Magpie Oracle II: The Keepsake Box, a new collection oracle for charm casting and divining outside of the box.


In this workshop we will learn to unleash the potential of the cards by moving away from fixed interpretations and directly experience the magic housed in tarot illustrations.


Discover how collection oracles lead us out of assigned esoteric systems and open the door to spontaneity, the home of authentic divining .


Learn the powerful technique of “card reflections”, a way to encounter the cards as personal guides that take you forward in life.


All levels encouraged.  A limited supply of the CBD Tarot de Marseille and Magpie Oracle II will be available.

A. Yoav & Carrie's Aug 3, 2014 Workshop in San Francisco

For  August  3rd  Workshop  $55


[nicepaypallite name=”Yoav & Carrie’s Aug 3, 2014 workshop” amount=”55.00″]



For  both  Workshops  (August  2nd  &  3rd)  $78


[nicepaypallite name=”Yoav & Carrie’s Aug 3, 2014 workshop” amount=”78.00″]


Yoav & Carrie

Yoav Ben-Dov studied physics and philosophy of science in Tel Aviv University, authored the first tarot book in Hebrew, and did his doctorate in Paris-13 University on the philosophy of quantum mechanics. Following two decades of teaching physics and philosophy in several schools and universities, Yoav restored and published CBD Tarot de Marseille, and recently published the book, Tarot- The Open Reading.

Carrie Paris was in the first class to receive a Masters in the Cultural Study of Cosmology and Divination from the University of Kent, UK. She is co-creator of the award winning Lenormand Revolution deck and iOS app and Lenormand Loadestones. Her fascination with collection oracles inspired the creation of the Magpie Oracle, a way of casting shiny objects for a bright future. Carrie’s Magpie Oracle II: The Keepsake Box, inspires diviners of all levels to enter accurate readings through the door of divine play.


Are you looking for a way to spring out of this bitterly cold winter?  A great solution is to pack your bags and head to New York where you can connect with hundreds of diviners at the annual Readers Studio.

“Readers Studio is a magical place, a rich and multi-layered community that comes together each year for three intense and enchanted days of sharing, passionate teaching and learning, socializing and all things Tarot.”

I’ll be unveiling two new products at this fun filled event so please come by, say hello, and divine by the fire!

April 25 – 27, 2014
LaGuardia Marriott Hotel, New York


Following Readers Studio I will be offering a very special Magpie Oracle workshop and readings at the one and only Boston Tearoom on May 3rd in Ferndale, Michigan.  I love teaching this workshop as the divining is user friendly and the take-away immediate and am thrilled to have this opportunity to offer it at this landmark location.  All levels are encouraged and invited.

“The Boston Tea Room has been providing award-winning psychic services for over 30 years. Carole Navarre, and her daughters Heatherleigh and Vanessa, are committed to carrying on the family legacy of excellent customer service and a welcoming and meaningful experience for every single visitor to our two shops. Each shop offers a unique atmosphere, character, and staff, but both provide the same award-winning blend of products and services that has made Boston Tea Room the place to serve all your metaphysical needs for decades.”

I’d love to see you there!



Saturday, July 16, 2011
10:00 AM
More info and sign up at »

Soul Cording visually presents the journey of the soul as a threading element that unites, ties, merges, and mends. All the while it weaves itself into a rich fabric that creates a powerful life-tapestry. Ultimately it connects us to our soul’s unique expression.

In this gathering we will navigate toward a place of soul recognition and explore what it means to be in deeper relationship with our soul’s message.

Soul Cording applies the wisdom of the tarot directly onto a collage-print (see above example). This print is designed to create strong connections to universal truths and works as a customized map that charts a path of harmony and understanding.

A traditional tarot deck consisting of 78 cards. We will be using the above image as our Soul Cord map. While not absolutely necessary for this Meetup, I do recommend that you download and print out the image as a guiding tool. Please visit our Files page, scroll down and click on the link titledSOUL CORD IMAGE:…

PLEASE NOTE: This is a free and live online webinar/Meetup and is limited to 20 participants. You will be sent a link that will take you directly into the Virtual Tarot Classroom two days prior to the event. This class will fill quickly. Please make sure that you can attend before committingand that you have the required equipment.

Webinar Equipment Requirements

In order to participate you must have a broadband connection and a headset with microphone. Please do not attend this webinar if you do not have the required equipment as it will create feedback. It is not necessary for you to have a webcam for this event. Dialogue with myself and other participants can be made through a text chat function. You will also have the opportunity to raise a hand icon (available in the classroom/depending on class size) which will prompt me to turn on your microphone so that all can hear your comment or question.


Please remember to check your time zone – this Meetup is scheduled for:

9:00 AM- PST to 11:00 AM PST

10:00 AM- MST to 12:00 PM MST

11:00 AM- CST  to  1:00 PM CST

12:00 PM-  EST  to  2:00 PM EST

I will be in the Virtual Tarot Classroom 15 minutes prior to starting. Please do your best to arrive a little early as there is much to cover. All levels invited and encouraged. I look forward to divining with you soon!

June 11, 2011
Live Online Webinar Meetup
More info and sign up at »

In this gathering we will revisit a six card tarot spread that I presented in Santa Fe in November of 2010. This class was one of our most popular in that it delivered profound answers to burning questions. And although powerful, this spread is easy to use and goes directly to the point of what wants to be revealed. In addition, it gives focus to the symbols that speak to the soul of the reading. Come to this Meetup with a specific question in mind. Keep it simple and avoid questions with the words should, either/or, and yes or no. Instead, form a question that invites clarity. For example, rather than asking:

Should I take this new job or stay with the job I have? Try, What can I expect if I accept the job being offered me? Or, How will this new position enhance my life?
The more you solidify your question, the more solid the answer will be. Be prepared to manifest what is at the heart of the matter.

It is important that you show on time. Once this spread begins we will not be able to catch you up should you arrive late.

If you have one, please use a traditional tarot deck consisting of 78 cards, pen and paper, and a willingness to explore uncharted territories. As always, I look forward to divining with you in the Virtual Tarot Classroom!

Tarot in the Hand

You deal the cards with your hands, but have you ever wondered if there might be other ways for hand and cards to relate? In this webinar, Carrie Paris takes you into the world of tarot and palmistry and shows us some very practical ways to combine the two.

Saturday 7 May: 4pm – 4.50pm USA Pacific time

Cost: AUD $14.99. The recording will be available for AUD $10.99.

Find out more and sign up here »