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June 11, 2011
Live Online Webinar Meetup
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In this gathering we will revisit a six card tarot spread that I presented in Santa Fe in November of 2010. This class was one of our most popular in that it delivered profound answers to burning questions. And although powerful, this spread is easy to use and goes directly to the point of what wants to be revealed. In addition, it gives focus to the symbols that speak to the soul of the reading. Come to this Meetup with a specific question in mind. Keep it simple and avoid questions with the words should, either/or, and yes or no. Instead, form a question that invites clarity. For example, rather than asking:

Should I take this new job or stay with the job I have? Try, What can I expect if I accept the job being offered me? Or, How will this new position enhance my life?
The more you solidify your question, the more solid the answer will be. Be prepared to manifest what is at the heart of the matter.

It is important that you show on time. Once this spread begins we will not be able to catch you up should you arrive late.

If you have one, please use a traditional tarot deck consisting of 78 cards, pen and paper, and a willingness to explore uncharted territories. As always, I look forward to divining with you in the Virtual Tarot Classroom!

April 29, 2011
Readers Studio 2011, New York

I will be presenting at Readers Studio this year.  Please join me in Cocoamancy and taste your reading! Discover the flavor of tarot through the realm of chocolate. In this gathering we will marry our cards with our palettes and pair them with hand crafted chocolates designed to illuminate tarot insight. Experience the richness of the Court Cards by wedding them with a European cocoa consumed by Italian Royals. Partake in a naughty dark chocolate that brings favor from both the Devil and Lovers. Rouse the inner warrior with a courage-charged elixir that prepares one to conquer fear. And beckon an immortal message from the Death card while sipping the spirit-essence of the cocoa plant. Combine all of these and more at Readers Studio 2011!

Tarot in the Hand

You deal the cards with your hands, but have you ever wondered if there might be other ways for hand and cards to relate? In this webinar, Carrie Paris takes you into the world of tarot and palmistry and shows us some very practical ways to combine the two.

Saturday 7 May: 4pm – 4.50pm USA Pacific time

Cost: AUD $14.99. The recording will be available for AUD $10.99.

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June 17-19, 2011
Auckland, New Zealand

Co-hosts Fern Mercier and Lyn Howarth-Olds again collaborate to bring tarot lovers a weekend of tarot indulgence. Five years have passed since their first joint project, the hugely successful tarot event arcana in 2006. And, whilst the Southern Symposium will be on a slightly different scale, elements of the original event still remain. The weekend will take shape as a ‘live’ three card reading –where we have been, where we are now and where we are heading, (past, present, future).

July 8-10, 2011

This is the one of my favorite events where I get to play the gypsy and give readings at my booth at Oregon Country Fair.  This three day gathering is held annually on 280 wooded acres west of Eugene, Oregon and features handmade crafts, music, foods, community based culture and of course, tarot readings.  If you want a reading at the fair contact me early as my appointment book fills by opening day, Friday the 8th. Merry Meet!

Aug 27-28
Golden Gateway Holiday inn, San Francisco, CA

Come to San Francisco and explore all things tarot at the 20th anniversary at BATS.  BATS is produced by Thalassa and Daughters of Divination. Each year BATS brings the tarot community together for an amazing line up of learning, sharing and frolic!

Sept 17-18, 2011
Keswick, the Lake District, UK

I’ll be giving a very special “surprise” presentation at this year’s Tarosophy Conference. Hosted by Marcus Kats, creator of Tarot Professionals and Tarot Town. Held in the UK’s beautiful Lake District, the Tarosophy annual tarot conference features full materials, handouts and media, as well as opportunities to browse the latest Tarot decks, and merchandise! You will also get to see rare Tarot decks and materials from private collections rarely made available to the public!

Sept. 23-25
Ste Suzanne, France

2011 has me on a type of tarot pilgrimage. After presenting at the Tarosophy Conference in the UK, I am traveling to Ste Suzanne, France to attend the Association for Tarot Studies Tarot Conference where tarot historians and enthusiasts from all over the world will share and present their love for the cards.