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Welcome to the Ofrenda Oracle, inspired by the celebration honoring the Beloved Dead during Dia de los Muertos – Day of the Dead and birthed by 3 artists, Carrie Paris (Relative Tarot, the Beloved Dead, and the Sirens’ Song), Nancy Hendrickson (Ancestral Tarot, and the Ancestral Grimoire), and graphic artist Angelica Castro.

The Ofrenda Project has been a labor of love, nearly two years in the making. The initial inspiration came from San Diego’s close association with Mexico and the yearly celebration of the Dead that runs October through the first days of November.  From those vivid images and joyful celebrations came the idea for this kit of colorful cards.

The Ofrenda Oracle includes two, 60-card decks (bridge and mini size), designed to be read as an oracle. Both decks are nested with a full color, 90-page guidebook in a sturdy box with secure magnetic opener. In addition, cards 1-36 mirror those found in a Lenormand deck, and can be used separate from the remainder of the deck. The additional cards beyond 1-36 depict the vibrant symbolism seen during the Day of the Dead celebration.



The Lenormand Cards with Extra Man, Woman, Cat and the Ofrenda – Offering Card



Additional cards beyond 1-36 depict the vibrant symbolism seen during the Day of the Dead celebration.


Your Ofrenda Oracle comes with two quality decks (bridge & mini size) nested with a 90-page, full color guidebook in a sturdy box with secure magnetic opener.

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The Generations Oracle is here!

Kits Ship on September 13, 2021


The Generations Oracle is a set of unique divination tools specifically designed to help you connect and open dialogue with your ancestors so you can get to the bottom of vexing issues. This tool is flexible, user friendly and can be as simple or as complex as you need it to be. You can use the kit’s individual elements as standalone tools, and in whatever order you prefer, if that’s what feels right at the moment. Each kit comes with helpful video links that guide you in successfully divining with your items. In addition to the videos you will have access to a private Generations Oracle Facebook group where Lisa, Carrie and several guests in the field of ancestral communication will offer live sessions on how you can extend the experience with your oracle. What’s inside? Read on!


Reading Cloth Featuring

  • The Family Tree, with interpretive symbols within the roots, trunk and branches
  • The Ancestral Cloud and Roots, above, below and beyond the tree
  • Two Pendulum Targets, one which says Yes and No, and another that says Past Life, Present Life and Ancestral Pattern
  • Five Time Stamps across the top of the cloth.


Family Tree Featuring

  • The left side of the cloth represents your paternal lineage, and the right side represents your maternal lineage.
  • The branches of the tree include icons that represent your parents, your grandparents, and your great-grandparents.
  • The trunk of the tree includes numbers 10-100. This will be used when querying about ages and/or other numbers. You can use the Generation Oracle Pendulum or toss one or all 3 Communication Charms when asking for information that includes numbers.
  • The roots have two components: Divine Masculine/Feminine and Grandparents’ Folkways.


Time Stamps

  • Distant Past
  • Recent Past
  • Current State
  • Immediate Future
  • Distant Future


Casting Pieces

  • A Telephone charm
  • A Clock charm
  • A Pendulum Tree/Charm
  • Informational Coins
  • Advice Coins


Informational Coins Feature

  • The 38 Informational Coins are based on the 36 Lenormand Oracle symbols, to which we’ve added meanings to support our theme of ancestral work. For example, Clouds for atmosphere, House for origin and Child for successor. Added to the Lenormand symbols are 2 additional Masculine and Feminine coins for gender fluid options.
  • Also included are 14 additional coin-symbols that often appear in ancestral communication; For example Baggage for trappings, Gate for passage and Camera for memories.


 Advice Coins Feature

The 11 Advice Coins are generally (but not necessarily) used toward the end of your conversation with your ancestral helper. Once you’ve sussed out the story you’re working with (whether absolutely based in historical fact or symbolic storylines) you can draw an Advice Coin to figure out workable solutions.

Inventory Cards & Generations Oracle PDF

Inside every kit are 2 Inventory Cards to help you keep track of your items. Lisa has also put together an excellent printable book with step-by-step instructions for divining with your Generations Oracle.



Learn to use the oracle with its creators:

LISA BONNICE is an award-winning author and program host with The Shift Network, where she has hosted three Ancestral Healing Summits, exploring how our ancestors can help us transform our lineage (and life), past present and future. She is also the host of Shift’s Beyond the Veil Summit, exploring near death experiences, mediumship and the afterlife.Her book Shape Shifting: Reclaiming Your Perfect Body (paperback and Kindle) includes a foreword by Neale Donald Walsch. Her True Crime novel, Fear of Our Father, was twice featured on the Investigation Discovery Network. Her newest novel, a metaphysical comedy called The Poppet Master, includes a foreword by Marc Allen (the man who discovered Eckhart Tolle).Her current project is a novel based on true events. While doing genealogy research, Lisa discovered a witch trial and generational curse. This upcoming novel, tentatively titled The Maxwell Curse, demonstrates how ancestral legacies can ripple across time for centuries, leaving havoc in their wake. Lisa feels that it’s her life’s work to heal that curse by working with her ancestors, and sharing with others how they too can break the ties that bind them to their own families’ past histories




I began creating Antler Moon a few days before the the July 2018 full moon and finished it the day before the lunar eclipse. A full moon in July is also referred to as a blood, buck and antler moon, hence the reason for the central character. I feel she depicts the strange shift many of us experience just before a lunar eclipse and how, if we pay attention, these changes can sprout into curious manifestations.


Antler Moon

Limited edition, metal print (16×16). Ready to hang, comes with stainless steel mount for easy hanging.











by  Andrew McGregor  &  Carrie Paris




About The Charming Dead Oracles Kit


For the past 2 years, Andrew McGregor and Carrie Paris have taught Mediumship and Casting in China, Europe, Canada, the US and to an ever growing online community. The Charming Dead Oracles is their answer for an advanced extension of their course. While this new kit maintains structured techniques that elicit spirit communication, ancestral healing and personal evolution, it also reveals a set of 10 universal archetypes that have frequented the readings in each country Andrew and Carrie have worked in. This set includes a number of old tools that support the Archetypal Dead, yet gives a new twist for communicating and opening portals between the seen and unseen. Each kit includes the following tools:

  • A 54 card pocket deck: Each card in the Charming Dead deck houses 2 unique symbols that trigger a poetic dialogue often communicated through the Archetypal Dead

  • A Mercury dime pendulum for reading the direction and movement of the archetypal environment from the Otherside

  • A 67 piece, metal charm casting kit with a six-sided die that reads the who, what, why, where, when and how of the Archetypal Dead’s messages

  • An Archetypal Dead casting cloth for pinpointing, understanding and navigating the love of thousands

  • A hand made, Charming Dead Blessing Oil charged and blessed to protect, attract and open channels of communication

  • All items are packed in a customized cigar box, topped with the Charming Dead Oracles logo and sealed with a magically charged thread



The Sirens’ Song Lenormand

is having a Scarf & Deck Sale!

You are invited to heed the call of the Sirens’ Song Lenormand and navigate intuition with fantastical creatures as your guides. Each deck glows with silver gilded edging, is printed on 350g card stock and comes nested in a sturdy black tin. Extra cards and list of keywords are included. Add a new layer of meaning to your readings with the Sirens’ Song reading scarf, a beautiful 34 inch square scarf featuring the Sirens’ Song Lenormand houses. Read with it or wear it and be divine!