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Welcome to part II of the Samhain Series. Last week guest blogger, Karen Krebser and I kicked off the series with a casting sheet that encouraged thoughtful inquiry by adopting the intelligence of the wise woman as our guide. Our aim was to help you organize and pinpoint your questions before presenting them to your ancestors on Samhain (October 31st). We also shared that during Samhain the veil between the living and departed is at its thinnest, making it an opportune time to honor and communicate with those who have passed. The following casting sheet approaches the veil and starts a dialogue between you and an ancestor via the family tree.

The main goal of this casting sheet is to set the stage for divining with three future casting sheets that give focus to our ancestors, the Self and family genealogy. Each will detail how you can strengthen communication between self, spirit and ancestral wisdom and will be released on Samhain. Karen and I will also be hosting a live webinar on November 9th to provide space for reviewing your discoveries from this series. This webinar will be limited to 10 attendees with sign-up available on Samhain. Here’s how it works:

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family tree 3

Before casting, Karen and I encourage you to set up an altar that honors your ancestors.  Take some time to sit at your altar and contemplate the generations who have gone before you. Going back as far as you can, think of their names, where they came from, their stories and legacies. Who from the ancestral line do you feel most connected with and why?  How have they influenced your life? Ask your ancestor to join you in your divination and invite them to communicate any messages they might have for you through this casting sheet.

Using your Magpie Oracle I or II, cast all of your charms over the Family Tree. Take note of the charms that land inside the seven frames. These represent seven ancestral messages from the other side. Charms situated between the frames offer key words that connect and build dialogue. You can view each as a branch that reinforce the seven messages. Look for repeat messages, patterns or a theme.  What is the core message that is being presented to you and why?

When you feel you have reached an insight or understanding, place your casting sheet on the altar and thank the ancestor who spoke to you by decorating it with your ancestor’s favorites like food, colors, flowers, music and photos.  Return often to continue and strengthen the dialogue.

Again, this casting sheet is to prepare you for a more detailed divination in this series for communicating with the other side.  Opening a dialogue now will enrich your divination on Samhain. Please return here on October 31st for the Samhain Series booklet and to sign up for our November 9th webinar.  Until then, Karen and I look forward to divining with you soon.

Welcome to the Samhain Series, dear diviner.   I’m excited to introduce you to guest blogger and co-diviner, Karen Krebser of the Muses Darling.  Together, Karen and I have conjured up some supernatural soul treats designed to connect you to this special season. Following is the first of many free casting sheets being offered between now and All Souls’ Day.

Halloween, Samhain, All Souls’ Day and Dia de Los Muertos are annual celebrations that honor the dead. During this time of year the veil between the living and departed is thin making it an opportune time for divining and communicating with the other side.  However before divining, we wanted to prepare you for ancestral communication by first aligning you with the questions you will be bringing into this series.

Socrates tells us that understanding the question is half the answer, so Karen and I are kicking off the Samhain Series with a casting sheet that promotes thoughtful inquiry. We strongly believe that divination is strengthened when we take the time to refine our questions.

The aim of this series is to assist diviners in navigating the veil between worlds and in order to skillfully enter either side we must do so with reverence and well thought out questions. To help us on our journey we’ve adopted an ancient model of oracular authority, the all-knowing wise woman. Here’s how it works:


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wise woman


Imagine this to be a warm Autumn evening. You can feel the change of season in your soul and instinctively know this to be a strong time to divine. But what type of questions do you wish to pose to this hallowed time of year?  You contemplate this idea while standing in front of a crackling bonfire.  You notice that standing on the other side of the flames is a wise woman. Her eyes tell you that she is experienced and informed. She has been here before and recognizes those who are about to lift the veils of time. Before taking this journey the wise woman gently reminds you to take great care in approaching the divine. Take your time, she says, be thoughtful, direct and clear. Remember, the clearer the question, the clearer the answer.

Take some time to form a question or series of questions you wish to explore during this time of year. Leo Babauta said that at the end of the day, the questions we ask ourselves determine the type of people that we will become.  Before casting, consider the type of person you wish to become by the end of this series. How might your questions bring you closer to that reality?  What is the outcome you wish to manifest and how will reaching that possibility change you?

Once you’ve solidified your question write it on a piece of paper and place it in the center of the casting sheet. Think of this gesture as a way of giving your question to the wise woman to hold in her capable hands while you enter and work your way through each position in the divination.  Position one asks, What is your highest vision?  From there move clockwise for the remaining seven questions.

This particular sheet works best when randomly selecting and assigning one or more charms to each question rather than casting the lot over your sheet.  It is meant to align you with answers through well thought out questions. We suggest you explore the eight positions on this sheet one question at a time.

Once you have all of your charms in position look to see if a theme is building. Is there something that wants your attention? If so, this may very well be a strong message from the other side.  Hold onto that possibility for now and carry it into Monday’s casting sheet, which focuses on communicating with ancestral wisdom.

Again, the aim of this starter sheet is to help you align with building answerable questions– questions that will inform future casting sheets and maintain deep insight. Please take some time to sit with today’s discoveries and return Monday for part two in the Samhain Series. Until then, may your future follow your highest wishes.

I’m one of those people who feel nostalgic during the Autumn months. My heart yearns for the Italian side of my family who came to the US from Calabria’s beautiful Mediterranean shores. Like many immigrants, my relatives did what they could to blend into their new culture, and try as they might they never completely masked the one thing that gave them away as Italian–  their overly animated hand gestures.

Apart from cooking, poetry and the language of amore, Italians have turned hand gestures into an art form. You want to tell someone to bugger off? There’s a clear gesture for that, as well as letting someone know you’re frightened, hungry, pissed off and so much more. My favorite is the elegant hand glide that expresses appreciation for something that is made to perfection. Following is a video that offers some excellent examples of what my non-Italian friends call Italian sign language.






Today’s casting sheet borrows from the unspoken, yet clearly communicated language found in hand gestures. It features hands demonstrating 18 activities that relay a variety of messages. Interspersed between the hands you will find words and punctuation marks that bring you to the truth of the matter. Situated in the four corners are four card suits matched with their corresponding theme, and in the center is a single eye that acts as the focal point for your divination.  Here’s how it works:



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msgpie Oracle game blck and white 2

Start with a question. The board is set up to answer yes/no questions and also makes clear what’s fact or fiction in your situation.  Once you have your question in mind, take your Magpie Oracle charms and cast them over your sheet, paying close attention to where they land. The charm(s) that land in the eye represent what’s at the core focus of your question. For example if your question is, Will I get a new job, and the Anchor charm from the Magpie Oracle lands in the position of the eye, it could indicate you are in fact bringing into focus (the Eye) a secure position (Anchor). If you’re using the Magpie Oracle II and let’s say, the Noose lands in your focal point then this could suggest something is ready to end before proceeding, or that you’re too hung up on the topic and need to put it to rest once and for all.

Keywords for the Magpie Oracle can be found here and the Magpie Oracle II’s Emblem Elucidator here.  Tips on casting are available in this free handbook.

You may reach a point in your casting when a charm doesn’t land in the position of the Eye.  In order to avoid this I like to preselect a charm before casting so I can have a focus right from the start.  You may also simply like to trust where the charms land.  No charm landing in the position of the Eye could also indicate that the core focus is building.  Use your intuition and go with your immediate hit.

Next, let your focus move out from the focal point of your casting sheet, taking note of where your charms land:


  • Fact~Fiction~True~False  =  Charms landing in the fact, fiction, true, false positions indicate what is and isn’t factual about your question or theme.


  • !~?~!~?  =  If a charm lands on a question mark it indicates the answer is not yet clear or ready to be revealed.  It might also be suggesting you ask again.  With these I like to pull a tarot or Lenormand card for added clarity.  The exclamation mark suggests you pay extra attention to what that charm symbolizes for you.


  • Yes~No = You are also given Yes/No options with each stating a clear-cut answer in regards to your question.


  • Heart~Club~Diamond~Spade =  Charms landing in one or all of the four corners demonstrate which area in your life is being activated by your question or situation. Consider it a non issue if a your charms don’t land in a corner. If you find a larger number of charms concentrated in one corner and not another then this is an area that is quite charged.


  • Hand Gestures  =  The meaning of the hand gestures depend solely on your intuition. Your definitions will be far more accurate than anything anyone else can give. For example, the Thumbs Up symbol to the right of  your casting sheet can mean, yes, or it’s a go for some, while others might see it as a sign for hitching a ride. Like I always say, your definition will always be best so trust in your first hit. It’s usually right!


As always, grazie mille and may your future follow your highest wishes.


“Do not swear by the moon, for she changes constantly.

then your love would also change.”

― William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet


Eclipses are notorious for amplifying emotions, and for many the desire to suppress lunar-driven angst far outweigh the gumption to stand in the dark and face our anxiety. This post is about showing up to locate the intelligence that exists within that tension and to view it as a strong request for change.

I see this morning’s eclipse as a threefold event. Not only will we experience a total lunar eclipse with the moon in Libra, we’ll also have the opportunity to work in tandem with Libra’s influence which strives to bring balance to our ever evolving relationships. The call for harmony, combined with an uncompromising cry for change, prompt us to address any tension that may be causing disharmony in our relationships. Rather than sweep that tension under the rug, let’s divine solutions from eight distinct stages found in the lunar eclipse.

Here’s how it works.

If this is your first time to visit my site, welcome! Please detour here if you wish to learn more about casting sheets and the art of casting with the Lenormand Revolution or Magpie Oracle I and II. The majority of my posts present casting opportunities, however they are in no way limited to my products. With a little creativity, just about any divination system will work. And now, back to casting.

A lunar eclipse occurs when the Sun, Earth and Moon align and closely make a straight line. The Greeks called this event syzygy, meaning paired or yoked together. For many, the eclipse represents beginnings, endings and the tension that happens when heavenly bodies line up and pair.  The goal of this casting sheet is to follow the eclipses’ lead and to divine and observe its eight phases as a way to bring balance to our relationships.

As a side, this event happens in the wee hours of the morning making it difficult for even the most committed diviner to wake and cast. However don’t set that alarm just yet.  The residuals of an eclipse have been known to linger for up to a month. In other words, you have time.

Using your Magpie Oracle casting kit (cards work with this too!), pull three charms for each position listed on the following casting sheet. The first charm represents you, while the second represents the relationship and the third reveals the solution or change that wants to happen in your relationship.  Let’s get started.

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lunar eclipse chart

The 8 Stages with Corresponding Question

  • Stage 1:  Moon enters penumbra. The penumbra, from the Latin paene “almost, nearly” and umbra “shadow” is the region in which only a portion of the light source is obscured by the occluding body. The penumbra is the pale outer portion of the Earth’s shadow. The Earth’s penumbral shadow is so faint that it remains invisible until the moon is deeply immersed in it.
  • What portion of your shadow are you choosing to keep invisible in your relationship?


  • Stage 2: Penumbral shadow begins to appear — Start looking for a very light shading to appear on the moon’s upper-left portion. The shading will appear to spread and deepen. Just before the moon begins to enter the Earth’s dark umbral shadow, the penumbra should appear as an obvious smudge or tarnishing of the moon’s left portion.
  • What obvious mark does your shadow leave on your relationship?


  • Stage 3: Moon enters the umbra. The umbra (Latin for “shadow”) is the innermost and darkest part of a shadow, where the light source is completely blocked by the occluding body. The moon now begins to cross into the Earth’s dark central shadow. A small, dark scallop shape begins to appear on the moon’s upper-left-hand limb. The partial phases of the eclipse begin, the pace quickens and the change is dramatic. deep shadows of a brilliant moonlit night begin to fade away.
  • What is at the core or darkest part of your shadow that you’re ready to expose?


  • Stage 4: Total eclipse begins — When the last of the moon enters the umbra, the total lunar eclipse begins. All light is changed and blocked leaving an eerie red glow.
  • What happens in your relationship when you completely remove your light?


  • Stage 5:  Total eclipse ends — The emergence of the moon from the shadow begins. The first small segment of the moon begins to reappear.
  • What harmony wants to emerge from viewing the shadow of your relationship?


  • Stage 6:  Moon leaves umbra — The dark central shadow clears the moon.
  • What are you prepared to clear from your relationship?


  • Stage 7:  Penumbra shadow fades away — As the last, faint shading vanishes off the moon, the visual show comes to an end.
  • What wants to end in your relationship?


  • Stage 8:  Moon leaves penumbra — The eclipse “officially” ends, as the moon is completely free of the penumbral shadow.
  • What new fullness will your relationship reflect after this divination?

Today’s casting sheet borrows from a 1700’s pseudoscience known as Phrenology, a way of understanding a person’s psychology and personality traits by measuring the size, shape and structure of the head.

The professional Phrenologist employed an instrument known as a craniometer to measure areas in the brain that were over or underdeveloped as well as balanced or out of sorts.  Similar to hand analysis, Phrenologists also relied on a variety of pictorial graphs for charting and determining the well-being of their patient.




The following casting sheet is from one of the more basic phrenology charts illustrating seven areas in the brain that a phrenologist examined.

Here’s how it works:

Take your Magpie Oracle, Lenormand Loadstones, or favorite deck and pull a card or cast your divination system over the chart.  You may also try dedicating a specific number of charms or cards to each section.  Always go with where your first impulse takes you in order to see where the divination is leading. In doing so you will soon discover that your way is the best way.

If casting the Magpie Oracle, take note of where your charms land.  Are the charms evenly distributed throughout the chart, or have many collected in one area and not another?  In either case, take some time to sit with what’s in front of you to ponder on what your chart is revealing about your current situation.  Is a theme building or message developing? Keep that perspective on the front burner when asking the following questions.

For this particular divination I created a list of questions I felt would expand my mind while exploring the seven areas on the phrenology chart, though I encourage you to add some of your own.

  • SKEPTICISM: What does being a skeptic prevent me from understanding?
  • COMPASSION: How can I practice compassion without going into compassion fatigue?
  • CONFIDENCE: Where is the highest place confidence can exist that’s beyond the ego?
  • RESPECT: Who, what or where can I extend my respect?
  • CURIOSITY: Where is my curiosity leading?
  • PATIENCE: What area in my life could use the most patience?
  • REASONING: Where is reasoning best directed?


Once you’ve finished your divination write your discoveries directly onto the casting sheet and place it in a location where you can continue to work with it.

As always, have fun and may your future follow your highest wishes.

Download the Emblem Elucidator to start building your Magpie Oracle II’s Keepsake Box vocabulary.

Keywords for the Magpie Oracle Lenormand set can be found here.

Need a deck? You can download and print two free Lenormand options here and here.

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Phren Casting Sheet






Simple is rule and I created the Magpie Oracle II’s Keepsake Box with that specific rule in mind.  I wanted to make a casting kit that brimmed with universal symbols, yet wasn’t tied into an established system with set meanings.  I also wanted something that would cover a wide range of life-themes. The type that would prompt an instant dialogue between diviner and client while promoting two key ingredients that further accurate readings; spontaneity and receptivity.  These are essential in that they help diviners build self-trust and boost intuition by going with their initial hit.

The following casting sheet was designed to cultivate second sight while simplifying one of the biggest challenges diviners face; time prediction.  Rather than relying on the go-to time prediction tools like astrology or a deck of cards,  I’ve made an easy casting sheet for future-telling. The goal is to pinpoint the appropriate month and week for achieving your mission via going with your initial hit. Want to give it a try? Here’s how it works:


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Magpie Oracle Annual Casting Sheet

Following are a few rules I like to keep in mind before casting:

  • Read what you see
  • What you see is what the symbol will mean for you
  • Your first flash or impression counts the most, so go with it


If you find yourself stuck or tongue-tied with a symbol, ask the following questions:

  • What is it? Simply describing what you see breaks us from speechless moments (it happens).
  • What does it do/purpose?  Describe the charm’s function and how it can be used.
  • What does it stand for, or remind you of?  This ties the symbol’s meaning into your story or situation.
  • What’s the message or take-away from the symbol? How will you use what you’ve garnered from the divination and apply it to your life?  After all, divination is about creating an actionable plan that brings change and enhances our mission.


Create a When question. For example, When is the best time for me to:

Move, enter/leave a relationship, take a trip, change jobs, etc?

Next, remove and set aside the dice from your Keepsake Box and cast your remaining charms over the casting sheet. There are several ways to cast charms and I always say that your way is the best way. Many like to hold their charms a few inches above the center of their casting sheet before releasing them, while others shake their kit over the sheet in a counterclockwise circle. There is also the neat and tidy route of randomly hand selecting charms and assigning one to each position on the sheet.

After casting, notice which charm(s) lands on or near the You/Now position,  This charm will give you an overall focus or theme for your reading and while it may not always address your opening question, I suggest you reconsider what the divination is presenting to you before disregarding it.  Perhaps your original question can be looked into at another time?  For example, if your original question is rooted in when the best time might be for starting a family and the Jet or Car charm lands in the You/Now position, I would immediately see this as a travel or transportation, rather than family theme. Again, go with your immediate hunch.

This casting sheet works specifically with the months in a year and the four weeks within each month. I’ll be presenting a more detailed casting sheet that gives focus to divining with the days of the week in late September.

Take note of which month and week your charms land. Is there a concentration of several charms in one month more than another? If so, perhaps this indicates a busy time and one that’s presenting you with a number of options to look for and try.  I consider the months with the least amount of charms as a time of singular focus and/or a time for doing less. I also look to the charms that land off the sheet as non issues, and sometimes as outside help. The more casting sheets you try, the more this type of positioning will become clear to you.

In the case of more than one charm in a position, I recommend you try your hand at combining symbols to build your observations and conclusion.  Here is a copy of the Emblem Elucidator to get you started on creating your own set of definitions.

Before finishing, make sure that you add your initial take directly onto your casting sheet. Printing two sheets– one for casting and one for adding notes, is something many find useful.  Note what it is that you feel the symbols are suggesting you do, or not do.  A fun way to predict this is by casting your set of three smaller dice:

Roll all three dice at the same time for each symbol, or for the symbols you aren’t quite clear of.  Go with the die that presents the highest number. Roll again if two or all three dice tie in number. As they say, the highest number wins.

  • Green = Yes, go for it
  • Yellow = Pause and reflect. Don’t jump into anything just yet
  • Red = NO! Absolutely not


For an additional layer, roll your Quest die for each symbol, or for the charms that hold the most charge, to indicate the, who, what, why, when, where and how in your theme.

A final question I like to ask is, How will I apply the divination to my life? By returning to your casting calendar often you can check on how your divination is playing out.  Are you following the plan or creating any type of a game change along the way?  Either way, you have the tools to design your destiny so make it an excellent one. As always, may your future follow your highest wishes.


There must be a mini Bermuda Triangle in my office. Things just go missing without rhyme or reason and this is why I count my cards before returning them to their tuck boxes.  I’ve also armed myself with inventory sheets for my casting kits and thought you would like one for yourself.

The following inventory sheet was made specifically for the Magpie Oracle II’s Keepsake Box, which houses 69 casting pieces.  Before putting your divination away, match your pieces to the images on your sheet.  This will prevent you from loosing key elements and leave more time for divining.

(Click & Print)MO II All charms


Ordo ab Chao/Order out of Chaos

Omnium Gatherum/Gathering of All

E Pluribus Unum/From the Many, the One

Named after the philosopher, Plato, though dating thousands of years before his time, the five Platonic solids illuminate the five elements and their clashing yet complementary chemistry. When viewed allegorically, Plato’s solids suggest a unifying mission that ultimately unites us with the One. The following casting sheet is designed to bring us a little closer to that all-inclusive understanding by moving us beyond our busy, everyday outlook so we may single out and unite with what has meaning.

According to Plato, the four elements individually illuminate a singular aspect of itself to the other, while the fifth element, seen as the cosmos, unifies and embodies the four. This elemental alliance allows the fifth element to express itself as the greater whole, or as some say, the divine plan.  Seen this way, the solids reveal a dance that moves in unison with the cosmos. This dance can be viewed as a guiding principle that lends itself to the understanding of our greater mission and through divination we can co-create the dance of the many to illuminate our spirit’s connection with the One.

platonic solids

Defining the Platonic Solids: You will notice the word hedron, meaning surface, included in each Platonic solid and leading each hedron is a word that defines a number. For example, the word tetra means four in tetrahedron and describes four faces. Plato ascribed the tetrahedron to the element Fire. Earth follows as the cube or hexahedron with six faces. Air is paired with the octahedron and has eight faces, Spirit, or the fifth element is with the dodecahedron and hosts twelve faces, while Water, the icosahedron has twenty.

The goal of this casting sheet is to let the five Platonic solids lead the way to what matters by contemplating on each element and their corresponding statement. Each statement invites reflection and bypasses the typical everyday focus. This is not about our love life, career or income. Instead it’s about promoting answers from a deeper perspective. Here’s how it works.

Before starting, give yourself some time to ponder on the five Platonic solids and their pairing statements.  Try to devote this divination to a higher mission rather than everyday affairs and when ready, cast your Magpie Oracle or Keepsake Box charms over the sheet.  Rather than casting, you may also want to take the orderly route by hand selecting and placing your charms directly onto the casting sheet. For example, for this divination I was drawn to assigning seven charms to each position. With that said, go with what works for you as your way will always be best.

There’s a bit of space to the right of each element where you can record your casting directly onto the page.   I recommend you leave your sheet out and in a place where you can see and work with it. The goal is to open the symbol to ignite the spirit so give it a good location.

What really makes a casting sheet work is when we charge it with daily focus.  The divination is rarely over once all of your charms are put away.  Putting items away is really just the beginning. I don’t consider readings complete until the divination has been realized in life and this is why I place import on keeping casting sheets out.

This sheet also lends itself to any divination system like Lenormand Loadestones (which make is easy to place on your fridge), divination decks, and of course the Magpie Oracle. As always, happy divining and may your future follow your highest wishes.

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M O 5 Platonic solids chart




For the past few months, a number of you have asked me to make a calendar template that can be used for any month of the year.  Thank you for this brilliant idea.  I absolutely love and appreciate this option and hope the following template serves your divining needs not only for the month, but for years to come. If you’re new to my site, here’s how the casting calendar works:

At the beginning of every month I make available  a new casting calendar and every three weeks or so you can find a variety of other casting sheets for divining life.

For the casting calendar, or in this case, template, simply print and add the month, dates and year directly onto the template.  Once your template is ready, cast your Magpie Oracle or favorite deck, though any divination system will do, over your calendar.

If casting isn’t your thing, randomly select and assign a charm to each day of the week.  Whichever route you choose, pay attention to where your charms land and record your findings directly onto the template. If more than one charm shares a date on your calendar, view it as an opportunity to try your hand at card combining.  If your charms bypass a day altogether, I recommend you take that as a day to keep your schedule clear. In other words, simply be.

Return to your calendar often to reflect and check on the accuracy of your reading. Take special note of  important dates or what might be happening in the heavens like the phases of the moon, an equinox or solstice.

As always, happy casting and may your future follow your wishes.

Magpie Oracle keywords can be found here, and keywords for Lenormand Loadestones here.  Need a deck?  I made two printable decks for you here and here.


(Click, Print, Add Month & Dates, and Divine)

Casting Calendar Template


This casting sheet is for the moon lovers out there.  Oh how I love the way you move in harmony with the Earth’s natural satellite.  Your ability to veer away from the electric screen and gaze into the heavens is the inspiration behind this sheet.  Helping me is fellow moon lover, Bobbie Jo Drake, Group Creator and Lead Administrator of the fabulous Lenormand Cards Study Group on Facebook, which is a go-to group for anything Lenormand.

Bobbie Jo was kind enough to give an enthusiastic yes when I invited her to brainstorm with me on this sheet. We wanted to give diviners something they could use with not only their Magpie Oracle, Lenormand Loadestones, or decks, but with any divination system. We also wanted to provide a template that could be used anytime, as opposed to the beginning of the month or the start of a lunar cycle. With that said, this sheet is especially geared for those wishing to see a goal through by the phases of the moon.

The revolution of the moon around the earth takes about 29.5 days and during that time the moon gives us eight distinct phases to work with. Below is a casting sheet that features the moon’s phases with each placed on an early 1800’s game board that sports a thoughtful crescent moon. Outlining the moon are eight opportunities to join your goals with the moon’s cycles.  While most prefer to start divining with the new moon, this sheet invites you to be spontaneous and jump in at anytime. I for one will begin divining on the full moon (June 13).  The idea is to motivate more people to work with the brilliant night sky as a mirror to the soul. Here’s how it works:

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 Moon Casting Sheet

Bobbie Jo has come up with some excellent starter questions to get you going. She begins with the New Moon, a time for conceptualizing a new plan, and again, you can begin anytime the spirit moves you.

Take your divination system of choice and cast your lot, or randomly select and place your pieces onto the featured moon phases of this casting sheet. You may wish to limit your pieces to eight, with a single piece matching a moon phase, or use more than one piece for each position. Do what you feel called to do.  As I often say, your way is going to be the best way.

Many thanks to Bobbie Jo for bringing her magic to this casting sheet!  Happy divining everyone. May your future follow your wishes.

Eight Lunar Questionsphases

1. New Moon – What do I desire in the upcoming month?

2. Waxing/Crescent – How can I develop the resources to sustain this desire?

3. First Quarter – What can I do to initiate my vision for this lunar cycle?

4. Waxing/Gibbous – In what ways can I refine and perfect my goal?

5. Full Moon – What will be the result of my efforts?

6. Waning/Gibbous – How can I share my vision with others?

7. Last Quarter – How can I release any blocked energies at this time?

8. Waning Crescent – How can I clear out old, unwanted patterns in preparation for the new cycle?