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Inside every Lenormand Loadestones kit is a booklet with keywords to get you started.

Following is a single sheet keyword guide for quick reference.

To order a set of Lenormand Loadestones click here and make your readings stick!

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Lenormand Loadestones Keyword Sheet

I’m just returning from the annual Readers Studio tarot conference where over 200 card carrying diviners gathered to talk tarot and deeply engage in their passion for the cards. Speakers this year were a powerful trio; Mary K. GreerSheilaa Hite, and Caitlín Matthews. Each brought a wealth of knowledge to the subject. So much so that I am still assimilating.

On the final day of the conference Readers Studio hosts, Ruth Ann and Wald Amberstone announced the three main presenters for 2015 and I am honored to be amongst those named. With me will be two women I respect and adore, Theresa Reed and Ellen Lorenzi-Prince.  Please do consider joining us as we have a spectacular amount of magic and valuable tools in store for you and your practice. This year the event sold out, so consider reserving your space now by going to this link. I hope to see many of you there!

This month’s casting calendar borrows inspiration from the conference. I’ve added major arcana tarot cards to each day of the week. Cast or randomly select and place your Magpie Oracle charms over the casting calendar. Record where they land and begin a conversation between your charms and the card they land on or near.  For example, if the Bird charm lands on the Magician it might indicate May 1st to be a good day for communicating (Bird) magic (Magician) via the airwaves. Try it for yourself and revisit your notes daily to test the accuracy of your reading.

Magpie Oracle keywords can be found here.  Major arcana definitions here.  May your future follow your wishes.

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Magpie Oracle May Casting Calendar


The world of tarot has brought many wonderful people into my life, two of which I adore, J.C. Walker and Lisa de St. Croix. Both are professional tarot diviners in the mysterious Land of Enchantment, New Mexico.

I met J.C. Walker while on the Tarot Art and History Tour in Italy, hosted by tarot artist, Arnell Ando. J.C.’s take on the cards is like a love story that’s rooted in many levels of life experience and deeply moving.  She is now offering tarot mentoring both in New Mexico and via the virtual-verse of Skype.  Check out her site for more information.

Jan in ItalyAs it happened, Santa Fe artist Lisa de St. Croix also attended the Tarot Art and History Tour giving J.C. and I, and many others on the tour the opportunity to view her art as she added paintings of her experience to a lush art journal.  Lisa has successfully completed an Indiegogo campaign for her newly released deck, the Tarot de St. Croix and will be presenting her work in Santa Fe on May 10th.

boxesBoth of these women are part of a larger community of diviners who are finding creative and caring ways to express and share their wisdom with the cards.  Find out more about Lisa and J.C. by visiting their sites. You’ll be glad you did.



For the past three years I’ve been fascinated with the art of early game boards and their ultimate goal of teaching young players moral lessons via symbol and what I like to call divine play.  Something quite different from today’s average Playstation experience. This fascination has made its way into this month’s casting calendar which borrows from the 1814 game, the Swan of Elegance: A New Game Designed for the Instruction and Amusement of Youth.

What I love about this particular board are the etchings seen in the upper corners. To the left is Apollo and on the right Minerva.  Both represent a powerful combination of cunning wisdom and the foresight needed to win the game.  This symbol of wits is repeated in the two coins placed at the bottom of the board. Below Apollo is Pegasus with the word Genius, and to his right we find the Owl of Minerva with the word Wisdom.

My hope in presenting this wisdom charged calendar (and on All Fool’s Day no less) is that diviners will take the lead from Apollo, Minerva, and their feathered friends and adopt wisdom and genius as their guides. After all, we could all use a little wisdom while navigating the month of the Fool. Here’s how it works:

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Magpie Oracle April 2014 Casting Calendar

Cast your Magpie Oracle or Lenormand Revolution deck over the calendar and take note of where they land.  You may also choose to randomly select, or consciously assign a charm or card for each day of the month.  Just make sure to log your findings either in your journal or directly on this calendar.  Keep your calendar out where you can view it daily to track your results.

Magpie Oracle keywords can be found here.  A free printable Lenormand deck here and here.

May genius and wisdom ever guide you.

Let’ celebrate love by sharing what we love with who we love!  In honor of your sweet, divining heart I give you 36 Valentine’s Day cards– Lenormand style. May this mini deck warm you and inspire a divine future filled with amore.  Baci!

(Click, print & divine with love)Free Valentine's DAY Lenormand cards 1-10

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Free Valentine's DAY Lenormand cards 11-20

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Free Valentine's DAY Lenormand cards 21-30

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Free Valentine's DAY Lenormand cards 31-36

I’m delighted to announce that I’ll be giving free on-air readings this evening (Feb. 6th) on Jordan Hoggard’s iTV show, the Inner State Highway. We will also be offering some great prizes and doing a special, easy to follow Valentine’s Day spread with the following casting sheet, which helps us aim for higher love.

The show begins at 9 PM eastern.  I hope you can join us!

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Heart's Aim1

I’ve been wanting to share a casting calendar that promotes love and compassion for some time now and feel the month of February is the best match for such endeavors. Take your Magpie Oracle charms (a Lenormand deck also works) and cast the lot over the month of February.  You will notice that each day of the week offers what I’m calling love bombs–  quotes that inspire the heart to open and explode with loving kindness.  Following each quote is an action sentence that takes its cue from the charm that lands in or near it.  You may have more than one charm land on a day of the week or none at all.  Play with charm combining when met with more than one charm. With none, I see it as a day to offer extra love on the altar of the Mystery. Have fun and try to approach this casting sheet with an open and receptive heart.

Magpie Oracle keywords can be found here.

A free Lenormand deck here.

Enjoy and much metta.


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Are you looking for a way to keep a record of your grand tableau? Want to leave your reading out for further viewing but put your charms and cards away? Here’s a printable sheet that allows for that.  Simply print and add charm titles and keywords from your reading directly onto the following grand tableau template.  Keeping a record of your divination is a great way to track the accuracy of your reading while building a strong relationship with your system.

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Magpie Oracle House Template

Working with the houses?  Print the following house template and assign or cast your charms over each house.  Like the first sheet, log your information directly onto the page to record and review the progress of your reading.

An easy way to warm up to the house system is to think of your charms as house-guests who, through conversation are influenced by the house they visit.  Let’s take the example of the visiting charm which is known as the Ring; this charm is involved with engagements, agreements, contracts, and often viewed as something round, or things that go in circles. When this charm lands in the house of the Ship, it may point to a future overseas engagement, or perhaps a round-trip. The Ship charm is associated with travel, overseas business and transitions.

Here are a few more options for enhancing your reading skills:  Practice charm and card combining with my Lenormand activity sheets.  Magpie Oracle Keywords can be found here.  Need a deck?  Here’s a free Lenormand deck that you can print and use immediately.

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Houses Magpie Oracle


Like many practical, self-employed mystics my goals don’t see the light of day unless body, mind, heart and spirit are on board.  For a goal to be fully realized, all of the elements have to be in the mix and to enlist each aspect I follow a simple formula that incorporates the four ruling elements housed in a deck of cards:


♠ SPADES ♠   MIND/KNOW IT:  I first have to be clear in my mind to know and understand my goal.  

  • A clear and balanced mind keeps confusion at bay and makes room for new ideas. When my mind carries no doubt and isn’t spinning, I have the know-how to implement a doable plan.


♥ HEARTS ♥   HEART/FEEL IT:  Feeling the purpose behind my goal generates passion for it. To see it through, I have to be happy with it and love it.

  • A balanced mind with a clear plan creates pleasure in my heart and connects me with the passion piece of my project.  Unobstructed passion always pairs me with divine play– an activity that makes me feel at home with the spirit of my goal.


♣ CLUBS ♣   SPIRIT/ACTIVATE IT:  I have to connect and get clear with the spirit behind my goal.

  • My spirit is best activated when my mind is clear and my heart is in its passion. From this place I can tap into the spirit of the matter and at this point I always ask it, Why?  I want to know why my project wants to manifest in the physical.  If the answer is money or ego driven, I let it go.  Count me in if it’s based in art, creativity and community.


♦ DIAMONDS ♦   BODY/PRODUCE IT:  Syncing mind, heart and spirit gives my body the energy to physically produce and accomplish my goals.

  • I can embody and therefore produce or give life to my goal whenever I fully activate, feel, know, and connect with its design.  With all four aspects on board, my goals are given a strong opportunity to become realized.


Try it for yourself.


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Here’s how it works.

  • Print one casting sheet per goal. Having too many goals on one sheet muddles the formula.  In the center of the sheet, claim your goal by writing it out as a single word or short sentence.  I sometimes use magazine clippings or small tchotchkes to represent my goal.  Keep it central and simple.


  • Take your Magpie Oracle, Lenormand, tarot, or whatever divination tool meets your fancy and cast or randomly select and assign them to your sheet.  For this divination I prefer to randomly assign nine Magpie Oracle charms to each of the four positions on this sheet.  Go with whatever feels right to you.  The four positions can be approached in any order and often change depending on the goal.  Again, go with what you intuitively feel led to do.


Following is a formula that works best for me.  I must first and foremost clear my mind from restricting thoughts (the I can’ts) in order to feel any sense of passion for my projects.  Once mind and heart are together, I have liftoff, an alignment takes place and my spirit is activated.  Having mind, heart and spirit in sync allows me to physically produce whatever it is I’ve set out to do.

Here are four questions to get you started, though I encourage you to customize each question to fit your goals.

♠ SPADES ♠    Know It = Mind:   What can I clear from my mind in order to know and understand my goal/project?

♥ HEARTS ♥    Feel It = Heart:    What is the passion piece that wants to be revealed from my goal/project?

♣ CLUBS ♣    Activate It = Spirit:     What is the driving spirit behind my goal/project?

♦ DIAMONDS ♦    Produce It = Body:    What can I do to physically produce my goal/project in the world?

Magpie Oracle keywords can be found here.

A stereotypical view of tarot is one that includes a glimpse into the future, though a good card reader will tell you that present actions are the likely cause of future outcomes. Pretty cut and dry stuff and a belief I’ve stood by for many years until I was introduced to Andrew McGregor’s majors only deck, Tarot Waiting to Happen.

McGregor has extended the timeline of tarot as we know it by rendering a deck that looks into each card’s prequel. Like all of us, each card has a beginning and McGregor skillfully reveals each card’s life just before they step into their iconic gig of sitting on thrones or hanging from trees. This backstage perspective makes the deck more personal and gives readers an excellent sense of how past actions play a large role in present situations.

For example, a hot tarot topic is love and a typical Lovers card features a newly united couple standing in the Garden of Eden. For many, this represents a somewhat unrealistic happily-ever-after end scenario. This isn’t the case in McGregor’s deck, nor how it works. Instead we are asked to review our daily routine and consider what life was like before the couple entered the garden. From this perspective we can begin to ask how past actions might influences our present situation.

In McGregor’s L’Amoureux we see only one of the two lovers sitting alone in a coffee shop with a cuppa. Perhaps he’s contemplating single life over a drink, or simply waiting for his future life partner to appear. The card will reflect a different scene to anyone who views it and in turn will provide readers with a realistic springboard to start from while going over past relationship questions.


lovers hermits lamp and BOTA

From this everyday reality McGregor’s L’Amoureux encourages us to remember where we came from and who we were before committing to new love.  This is just one of many alternate examples offered and like traditional tarot, a unique story will surely unfold. Give it a try and see how your past actions are determining your future.

Each card in Tarot Waiting to Happen is rendered in crisp black and white on sturdy cardstock and borrows from the Marseille deck tradition. Although the characters in this deck appear humorous— an intended detail from the artist, they also do the hard job of aligning us with deeper meaning.

Nominated for the Best Majors Only Deck in 2013 by the Tarosophist Awards, Tarot Waiting to Happen is now on sale at $25 until January 17th. Limited editions can be found at the Hermit’s Lamp along with other useful material.