Cocamancy: Tarot & Chocolate

April 29, 2011
Readers Studio 2011, New York

I will be presenting at Readers Studio this year.  Please join me in Cocoamancy and taste your reading! Discover the flavor of tarot through the realm of chocolate. In this gathering we will marry our cards with our palettes and pair them with hand crafted chocolates designed to illuminate tarot insight. Experience the richness of the Court Cards by wedding them with a European cocoa consumed by Italian Royals. Partake in a naughty dark chocolate that brings favor from both the Devil and Lovers. Rouse the inner warrior with a courage-charged elixir that prepares one to conquer fear. And beckon an immortal message from the Death card while sipping the spirit-essence of the cocoa plant. Combine all of these and more at Readers Studio 2011!