December Casting Sheet

December can be a busy time of the year and for me it’s the best time to close old business, go within and start laying ground for the New Year– not just January, but the entire year.

This month I’ll be posting a number of casting sheets that invite introspection and preparation for 2014.  Each sheet is designed to help bring you closer to what you wish to garner in 2014. You can get a jump start on your New Year by returning here each week to download new sheets.  For now I invite you to cast your shiny charms over the provided December casting sheet.  Here’s how it works:

Print your casting calendar, cast your charms over the sheet and note where your they land.  You might have more than one charm land on a date which points to extra activity and suggests that it may be a good time to pay close attention to that particular day.  There are also times when a charm will completely miss a day altogether.  I see this as a sign that little will be happening on that day.  It may also suggest that I partner with the mystery in designing my destiny.  Use your intuition and take the time to check back with your casting sheet to see how your predictions have played out.

Keep in mind December’s powerful dates: the new and full moons as well as the Winter Solstice which are listed on the calendar.

Holiday blessings to you and your bright future! I look forward to divining with you next week.

Click image to expand. Keywords for your charms can be found here.

Magpie Oracle December 2013 Casting Sheet