Divine Poetics

Calling all poets, writers and diviners!  April is National Poetry Month and diviner-poet, Tabitha Dial and I have joined forces to bring you a casting sheet that gives a kick-start to the creative within.

The following Muse Board works as a platform to help you divine with poetry, creative writing, music, art, and more. Many thanks go to Tabitha for being the muse behind The Muse Board and authoring these fine instructions.  Here’s how it works:

Click, Print & Divine

the muse board

Simply gather your oracle and take a moment to calm your mind and prepare to explore your creativity.

Cast your charms, stones, runes or bones onto The Muse Board and follow the prompt under the first piece that catches your eye. If there are too many, reduce the number to one-three and try again.

For example, if the lion, who represents the Strength tarot card in the Tarot Talismans kit lands in the “Celestial” spot, The Muse Board beckons you to play with the idea of a lion in space. Perhaps you’ll want to write a poem or song of the constellation for the sign Leo, or the concept of a lion in an astronaut’s suit tickles your fancy.

Write a brief list of ideas if one doesn’t excite you immediately. Don’t edit. Don’t over-think. Just jot and scribble, because no one has to see your list or your first draft of anything!

When you’re ready to sink into the project The Muse Board offers, again, work without reservation. Flow. If you write, generate words, words, words. Allow yourself to edit later.

Special poetry-inspired prompts:

If a charm, etc lands on:
First Line — Start your project or poem with an image inspired by what landed in/near that spot.
Last Line — End your project or poem with an image inspired by what landed in/near that spot.
Line Break — Consider taking a rest. Or make extra space in your poem. Or think what it means to “break” what landed in/near that spot.

Try this!

Have dice? Use one or two while consulting The Muse Board. One number can indicate how many sentences, or paragraphs you’ll write. The second one could represent the number of words per line for a poem, or the number of characters in your story. Apply dice expectations for your medium, and get rolling. Any type of die will do ya!

Have fun, diviner and check out Tabitha Dial and all of her wonderful offerings here.