Divining with the 5 Platonic Solids

Ordo ab Chao/Order out of Chaos

Omnium Gatherum/Gathering of All

E Pluribus Unum/From the Many, the One

Named after the philosopher, Plato, though dating thousands of years before his time, the five Platonic solids illuminate the five elements and their clashing yet complementary chemistry. When viewed allegorically, Plato’s solids suggest a unifying mission that ultimately unites us with the One. The following casting sheet is designed to bring us a little closer to that all-inclusive understanding by moving us beyond our busy, everyday outlook so we may single out and unite with what has meaning.

According to Plato, the four elements individually illuminate a singular aspect of itself to the other, while the fifth element, seen as the cosmos, unifies and embodies the four. This elemental alliance allows the fifth element to express itself as the greater whole, or as some say, the divine plan.  Seen this way, the solids reveal a dance that moves in unison with the cosmos. This dance can be viewed as a guiding principle that lends itself to the understanding of our greater mission and through divination we can co-create the dance of the many to illuminate our spirit’s connection with the One.

platonic solids

Defining the Platonic Solids: You will notice the word hedron, meaning surface, included in each Platonic solid and leading each hedron is a word that defines a number. For example, the word tetra means four in tetrahedron and describes four faces. Plato ascribed the tetrahedron to the element Fire. Earth follows as the cube or hexahedron with six faces. Air is paired with the octahedron and has eight faces, Spirit, or the fifth element is with the dodecahedron and hosts twelve faces, while Water, the icosahedron has twenty.

The goal of this casting sheet is to let the five Platonic solids lead the way to what matters by contemplating on each element and their corresponding statement. Each statement invites reflection and bypasses the typical everyday focus. This is not about our love life, career or income. Instead it’s about promoting answers from a deeper perspective. Here’s how it works.

Before starting, give yourself some time to ponder on the five Platonic solids and their pairing statements.  Try to devote this divination to a higher mission rather than everyday affairs and when ready, cast your Magpie Oracle or Keepsake Box charms over the sheet.  Rather than casting, you may also want to take the orderly route by hand selecting and placing your charms directly onto the casting sheet. For example, for this divination I was drawn to assigning seven charms to each position. With that said, go with what works for you as your way will always be best.

There’s a bit of space to the right of each element where you can record your casting directly onto the page.   I recommend you leave your sheet out and in a place where you can see and work with it. The goal is to open the symbol to ignite the spirit so give it a good location.

What really makes a casting sheet work is when we charge it with daily focus.  The divination is rarely over once all of your charms are put away.  Putting items away is really just the beginning. I don’t consider readings complete until the divination has been realized in life and this is why I place import on keeping casting sheets out.

This sheet also lends itself to any divination system like Lenormand Loadestones (which make is easy to place on your fridge), divination decks, and of course the Magpie Oracle. As always, happy divining and may your future follow your highest wishes.

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M O 5 Platonic solids chart