Divining the Ancestral Tree

Welcome to part II of the Samhain Series. Last week guest blogger, Karen Krebser and I kicked off the series with a casting sheet that encouraged thoughtful inquiry by adopting the intelligence of the wise woman as our guide. Our aim was to help you organize and pinpoint your questions before presenting them to your ancestors on Samhain (October 31st). We also shared that during Samhain the veil between the living and departed is at its thinnest, making it an opportune time to honor and communicate with those who have passed. The following casting sheet approaches the veil and starts a dialogue between you and an ancestor via the family tree.

The main goal of this casting sheet is to set the stage for divining with three future casting sheets that give focus to our ancestors, the Self and family genealogy. Each will detail how you can strengthen communication between self, spirit and ancestral wisdom and will be released on Samhain. Karen and I will also be hosting a live webinar on November 9th to provide space for reviewing your discoveries from this series. This webinar will be limited to 10 attendees with sign-up available on Samhain. Here’s how it works:

Click, Print & Divine

family tree 3

Before casting, Karen and I encourage you to set up an altar that honors your ancestors.  Take some time to sit at your altar and contemplate the generations who have gone before you. Going back as far as you can, think of their names, where they came from, their stories and legacies. Who from the ancestral line do you feel most connected with and why?  How have they influenced your life? Ask your ancestor to join you in your divination and invite them to communicate any messages they might have for you through this casting sheet.

Using your Magpie Oracle I or II, cast all of your charms over the Family Tree. Take note of the charms that land inside the seven frames. These represent seven ancestral messages from the other side. Charms situated between the frames offer key words that connect and build dialogue. You can view each as a branch that reinforce the seven messages. Look for repeat messages, patterns or a theme.  What is the core message that is being presented to you and why?

When you feel you have reached an insight or understanding, place your casting sheet on the altar and thank the ancestor who spoke to you by decorating it with your ancestor’s favorites like food, colors, flowers, music and photos.  Return often to continue and strengthen the dialogue.

Again, this casting sheet is to prepare you for a more detailed divination in this series for communicating with the other side.  Opening a dialogue now will enrich your divination on Samhain. Please return here on October 31st for the Samhain Series booklet and to sign up for our November 9th webinar.  Until then, Karen and I look forward to divining with you soon.