Divining with Reindeer

Can you name Santa’s nine reindeer? Not to worry, following is a casting sheet that gives you an opportunity to meet Santa’s magical nine while discovering the hidden meaning behind each name.

Apparently Santa’s nine reindeer actually began with eight and were first named in the 1823 poem, A Visit from St. Nicholas, also known as, The Night Before Christmas.  It wasn’t until 1939 that a ninth reindeer was added—Rudolph the Red Nosed, through a Montgomery Ward Christmas campaign headed by Robert Lewis May, the creator of Rudolph’s story.

Raindeer Game Casting Sheet

This casting sheet makes use of the hidden meaning and talent that resides in each reindeer name, starting with:

  • DASHER: Before Rudolph, Dasher was the lead reindeer situated on the right of Santa’s sleigh. He represents dashing speed.
  • DANCER: Positioned to the left of Dasher, Dancer reminds us to move with grace while in the Dance of Life.
  • PRANCER: This reindeer symbolizes spirited movement and along with Dancer, helps keep the rest of the reindeer in step.
  • VIXEN: A name also associated with a female fox, Vixen is known as the beauty of the lot and points to what we are attracting.
  • COMET: Is best known for his ability to navigate the stars and points to what’s orbiting our inner and outer world.
  • CUPID: Spreads love with a singular aim and invites us to do the same.
  • DONNER and BLITZEN: “Dunder and blixem!” — literally, “Thunder and lightning!” — was a popular expletive among the Dutch-American inhabitants of late eighteenth- and early nineteenth-century New York.”  And like thunder and lightening these positions remind us to be vocal (thunder) and shine our light (lightening) on the world.
  • RUDOLPH: Is best known as the outcast reindeer that eventually saves Christmas by leading Santa’s sleigh with his very shiny nose. How are you leading the way?


Now that you’ve met the team, it’s time to divine.

Print the above casting sheet and cast your entire lot of  Magpie Oracle charms over the sheet or randomly select charms and assign them to each of the nine positions. Follow your instinct when choosing charms as your way is going to be the best way.

You may notice more than one charm (or none) land on or near a reindeer. One charm can give singular meaning, and sometimes that’s all we need, while more than one can be combined for a singular message. When none hit the mark I see it as a sign to move on and place my focus elsewhere. Try not to over-edit your divination. Instead, keep it simple and go with your initial hunch.

Click here for Magpie Oracle keywords and here to learn how you can combine symbols for a singular message.

This casting sheet can also be used with tarot or Lenormand cards and makes for a fun holiday game. As always, enjoy and very happy holidays!