On June 21, 2022, Nancy Hendrickson, Angelica Castro and I will launch the Ofrenda Oracle on Kickstarter.

The Ofrenda Oracle is a divination kit inspired by the celebration honoring the Beloved Dead during, Dia de Los Muertos, and divination.

Each kit includes a 60 card deck, 33 Milagro casting charms, a beautiful instructional book plus a 5 week online course where Nancy and I will teach you just how versatile and accurate this kit can be.

Our Kickstarter campaign will run from June 21 – Aug. 4, 2022. Please join us as we reveal new cards to the familiar 36 symbols found in the Lenormand section of our deck. Beside cards like the Rider, Key, Moon, etc., we look forward to introducing you to our new family members like the Storyteller, Album, Jaguar and more.

Please join our campaign and bring the Ofrenda Oracle to life!




Radiant Jane Retreats Presents

A Tuscany Tarot Retreat


OCTOBER 23-29, 2022

I’ve been invited to teach my most treasured tarot workshop in my favorite country, Italy. This retreat is ideal for those interested in learning new or deepening their knowledge of tarot by studying with me under the Tuscan sun. This is also for those who want to discover more about themselves through calming meditation, and for those who want to explore their own life cycles and energy. Find all the details at our host’s site, Radiant Jane Retreats.

Tarot, Oracle, and Lenormand Conference in Portland, Oregon

October 6th-10th 2022

Northwest Tarot Symposium (NWTS) is an annual divination event held in Clackamas, OR with the mission of bringing together a diverse group of those who use intuition in all areas of their lives.

Starting this year, NWTS has new hosts, the eminent Roger and Michelle Welch or SoulTopia, LLC  who strive to bring sophistication with a twist to the metaphysics and holistic markets. Both are dedicated to raising the community’s vibration and channeling the new paradigm which means new and exciting adventures for all. They are excited to bring this energy to NWTS and I look forward to presenting at the Professional Development day.

This year I’ll be heading up Co-Creators Day:

Thursday October 6, 2022 2pm – 8pm

NWTS Co-Creator’s Day Thursday, October 6, 2022 2PM– 8PM

NWTS has something very special planned for Co-Creator’s Day. One that may very well give you a return on your conference investment while providing the steps needed to make, market, and sell an individual or co-produced product. Interested? Read on!

Since NWTS hiatus (we’ve missed you!), we’ve been busy designing a new Co-Creator’s Day course. One that gives focus to a group created product and companion lessons on how you can apply this knowledge to your own product line. How will we do this? By answering one of our industry’s biggest questions: How do I produce an income through creating a divination product?

The Co-Creator’s team has your back!

This year we’ve invited a host of industry leaders known and loved for their books, decks, courses and more. Each presenter will walk you through what we’re calling the Co-Creation process—a series of steps that guide you through the successful production of a salable line or single item like a deck, book, course, etc. The goal is to give you the best start-to-finish training through the creation of a group project so you can ultimately launch your own.

Whether you’re new to the industry, or a pro at product creation, this year’s presenters will teach you how to build an outstanding and useful, market-ready product through the making of a group produced tool. And as the name Co-Creator’s Day implies, our aim is to co-create a group product that diviners and healing arts practitioners will want to add to their toolbox and use time and again. We will then Crowdsource this product.


Host & Leader – Carrie Paris

Benebell Wen

Chris-Anne Donnelly

Jamie Sawyer

Matt Soker

Roger & Michelle Welch

The International Divination Event (TIDE) is an event in Dallas, Texas held once a year with the goal of bringing together a diverse group of those who use intuition in all areas of their lives.

Officially founded by Roger and Michelle Welch in 2014, SoulTopia, LLC and all of its endeavors (including TIDE) strive to bring sophistication with a twist to the metaphysics and holistic markets, while raising the community’s vibration and channeling the new paradigm which means new and exciting adventures for all.

TIDE 2022 will be Michelle and Roger’s first annual conference held in Dallas, Texas, USA. Many subject areas will be covered at TIDE including candle magic, tarot, mandalas, runes, energy work, ancient practices, and much more. In other words, TIDE seeks to bring together a wide variety of divination and mind, body, spirit practitioners.

Whether you are just starting your journey or a professional, this conference offers all levels of learning and interacting.

“When one teaches, two learn” -Robert Heinlein

Free Online Event
Ancestral Healing Summit
January 18-21, 2022

I’m honored to be among 30 of today’s leading ancestral healing experts and inspiring teachers — including Thomas Hübl, Langston Kahn, Sandra Ingerman, Christina Pratt, Lewis Mehl-Madrona, Paul Levy, Dr. Lotte Valentin, Ash Canty, Grandmother Flordemayo, Dr. Linda Howe, and many more — sharing new practices and insights for connecting with the wise and loving among your ancestors. 

We’ll show you how your ancestors can help you work through the reparations necessary for you and your family to thrive, while also benefiting future generations of your bloodline, the global community, and even our beautiful Earth.

By communicating with your ancestors through powerful practices, such as ancestral astrology, genealogical past-life regression, or ancestral tarot… 

… you can send ripples of healing, restorative energy to your entire family tree while learning more about the underlying emotional or spiritual root causes manifesting as your own physical or mental symptoms.

RSVP here for the Ancestral Healing Summit — at no charge.

The Jane Austen Oracle Kit

with 5 Week Course is Here!


Includes Jane Austen Hope Box Brimming with Tools for Diligent Diviners


What’s Inside your Kit?


Take a look at this wonderful unboxing of the Jane Austen Oracle from Bonnie over at Old Soul Mermaid. We just love what she created!


The work of Jane Austen is the inspiration behind this elegant oracle. It comes with many useful pieces that can be used together or as stand alone items. The main being a deck of 52 cards featuring 36 traditional Lenormand symbols plus an additional 16 cards from the Gypsy Witch deck. Inside the kit you will find a wide range of divining options that are supported through the 5 week learning experience:


  • The Jane Austen deck: A combined deck of both Lenormand and Gypsy Witch symbols for a 52 card experience (Covered in Class 1-5)


  • Great for casting or cards, the Jane Austen reading cloth is printed with Diane Wilke’s Little Bit of Ivory Spread (Covered in Class 5)


  • Full color, 82-page Jane Austin Oracle Guidebook by Diane Wilkes


  • A set of Casting Charms curated by Carrie Paris (Covered in Class 2)


  • A tin of Jane Austen’s Bergamont Tea with tea infuser for tea leaf readings and botanical divining (Covered in Class 2)


  • A sandalwood hand fan for divining the secret language encoded in your readings (Covered in Class 2)


  • A glass Lorgnette on long chain to read the hidden messages printed on each card (Covered in Classes 1-5)


  • As a bonus we’ve also included a copy of the now out of print Mini Lenormand Revolution deck and corresponding Grand Tableau reading cloth


  • All Items Nested in a Jane Austen Hope Box with Magnetic Flip-top opening




Class 1

April 1, 2021 6PM Pacific to 7:30 Pacific  /  9PM Eastern to 10:30PM Eastern


Class 1 with Diane Wilkes

Intro to the Jane Austen Oracle & What’s Inside your Kit


Because the Jane Austen Oracle contains SO many goodies, Diane will introduce you to the various items in the set, along with the origins and processes of its creation. Additionally, we will explore the deck’s dual structure: it’s a Lenormand AND a 52 card oracle, all based on the works of Jane Austen. We will also look at a sample reading.



Class 2

April 8, 2021 6PM Pacific to 7:30 Pacific  /  9PM Eastern to 10:30PM Eastern


Class 2 with Carrie Paris

Decoding Hidden Messages with Charm Casting & Tea Leaf Readings


In late 18th century England, the hand fan and a bouquet of flowers known as a Talking Bouquet, gave women the opportunity communicate their desires without uttering a single word. Instead, conversations were expressed through accessories a woman held or wore. Choreographed fan gestures spoke volumes of one’s love interests while messages of the heart could be read by the type of flowers thoughtfully placed in a bouquet. The Jane Austen Oracle comes with a tin of loose Bergamot tea, casting charms and a sandalwood hand fan. Each item is designed to help you decode hidden communications that might otherwise be overlooked in readings. Techniques in tea leaf reading, charm casting and body language will be folded into this informative and fun class which includes a printable Language of Flowers casting map. Turn the kettle on for this one!


Class 3

April 15, 2021 6PM Pacific to 7:30 Pacific  /  9PM Eastern to 10:30PM Eastern


Class 3 with Erika Robinson

Jane Austen’s Themes as Lenormand Significators


Jane Austen’s work is admired and cherished for many reasons, not the least of which are the themes her novels consistently and skillfully address in ways that were groundbreaking for her time and also retain relevancy for today. Some of Austen’s most common themes were Money, Love, and Introspection/Self-Examination. Conventional in some ways, Austen was also eminently practical in her understanding of the ways in which the above themes played out in her society, and this keen observational ability lent themselves to her novels, which were as much feminist critique as they were mere observation.  Lenormand, of course, is an eminently practical oracle, and also literary in nature. It consists of thirty-six images of archetypal words that therefore represent “theme” once these archetypes are woven together into story. In my class, I will show you the twenty-three card spread centered around a “Significator” card, which takes full advantage of the concept of “theme.” This spread allows the reader to take a deep dive into a particular issue or theme, and is the perfect vehicle for examining both these three themes of Austen’s mentioned above, but also for examining our own relationship to these same themes. At the end of this class you will have honed a tool which should help you both deepen your understanding of both Austen’s novels and of yourselves.


Class 4 


April 22, 2021 6PM Pacific to 7:30 Pacific  /  9PM Eastern to 10:30PM Eastern


Class 4 with Jurg


A Very Swiss-French Spread

This class introduces a classical way for reading the Lenormand cards in your Jane Austen deck. The technique is from an old Swiss-French divining method that has yet to reach the US shores, until now. This spread uses the 36 cards in your deck in an organic and easy to follow way. Jurg, also from Switzerland, was handed down this useful technique in the 90’s and continues to use it today for accurate results. Come to this session with your deck and questions as we explore this timeless method through our cards.


Class 5

Class 5 with Diane Wilkes

April 29, 2021 6PM Pacific to 7:30 Pacific  /  9PM Eastern to 10:30PM Eastern


Little Bit of Ivory Spread


Included in the Jane Austen Oracle is a beautiful reading scarf printed with “A Little Bit of Ivory” spread. Austen described her writing as a “little bit (or two inches wide) of Ivory on which I work with so fine a Brush.”  We will conduct a reading using this Austen-infused Spread that provides both a template for a felicitous reading and a memorable story for the querent’s oracular library.




Meet the Presenters


Diane Wilkes, M.A., has been a card reader for more than half a century. She is the author/creator of the Jane Austen Tarot and the Storyteller Tarot, and has taught the tarot and other divinatory methods on the local, national and international level for decades. For the last ten years, she instituted an intimate conference devoted to divination, currently entitled the “Southeastern Tarot Conclave.” Her list of published articles is lengthy and diverse, and can be found in many places, including her seminal website, Tarot Passages. The Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Deck was her very first oracle and she realized the strong connection to the Lenormand deck and interpretations when she began to study Lenormand several years ago. The Jane Austen Oracle was initially planned as a Lenormand deck, but after some discussion, Carrie Paris and she decided it would be even better to create a 52 card deck based on the Gypsy Witch that, with minor alterations, could also be used strictly as a Lenormand deck.


Carrie Paris was in the first class to receive a Masters in the Cultural Study of Cosmology and Divination from the University of Kent, UK. She has authored numerous Magpie Oracle casting kits, the Relative Tarot, the Legendary Lenormand, Sirens’ Song Lenormand and co-created the award winning Lenormand Revolution deck. Carrie has also taught and co-authored a series of popular online courses that explore mediumship and ancestral communication through casting. Carrie considers herself a global citizen and enjoys teaching her craft in many countries and online from her home in northern California.


Erika Robinson is Harvard educated (A.B., M.Div.) After several years as Assistant Director of Admissions at Saint Paul’s School in Concord, New Hampshire, and then  Princeton and Columbia Universities, Erika realized that what she most enjoyed was extended interaction with young people, Erika spent thirty-years teaching high school Advanced Placement Language and Literature at a diverse public high school, deep-diving into sharing her love of reading and writing. Upon being suddenly widowed after twenty years of marriage, Erika experienced a series of miraculous magical moments that led her to the study of Lenormand, which she refers to as the Poet’s Oracle. For the last decade, she has developed her skill as a reader and teacher of the art of Lenormand, and is currently at work on a book showing the connection between Lenormand and literature in a way that will encourage seekers to use both to inform their lives and increase their joy.


Jurg* (pronounced “Yerg”) Oggenfuss was born and raised in Zürich, Switzerland. He first encountered the art of divination when he was going through a divorce in the late 1990s. A friend recommended  he consult with a Swiss-French Lenormand card reader named Martine Frainier. He was so enthralled with how accurate the reading was, he asked to study with her. She agreed to teach him, and Jurg became an enthusiastic student. Over the course of the next decade, he learned about the Lenormand deck. At the time, there were no books in English on the subject of Lenormand cartomancy.  He has been fascinated with the deck ever since and posts a daily card spread on Instagram @WalterJoseLenormand. He also does phone, FaceTime, Skype and email readings. He also has a website that is currently under development . When he isn’t working with the cards, he practices medicine in an urgent care clinic in Connecticut. He is also opening an LGBTQ clinic in the greater Hartford, CT area. He has a passion for working with underserved populations to provide HIV care, primary care and transgender medicine.

Synchronicity University

March 2021 Speaker Series



Join me for a fun casting class designed for all levels of learning. My presentation is part of the latest Speaker Series taught with 4 other teachers for Nadiya Shah’s Synchronicity University. I will be presenting a number of techniques for designing custom casting kits for gifts and divination. Join me on Thursday, March 11 at 6PM Eastern Time and sign on before Feb 28 to choose your tuition fee!


Learn more here.

Kingston Tarot Lenormand Conference

More Details Here

One of my greatest joys in life is presenting at divination conferences and another is attending. I’ve had the privilege of presenting at the Kingston Tarot Lenormand Conference for the past two years and look forward to sitting in attendance this year because the presenters are some of my favorite people who are madly skilled at magic and divination, which happens to be this year’s conference theme.


Please join us in what I often refer to as the most relaxing and delicious conference of the year. Seriously! The organizer, Marilyn Shanon thinks of everything. The hotel is located on the water with massive windows to enjoy the view. Large, comfortable and affordable rooms all within strolling distance to great restaurants and shopping, beautiful gathering spots in the lobby with warm fire places to divine by and more. Oh and Marilyn has the event catered by a chef who creates the most delicious meals that are healthy, with gluten free options (this coming from a food snob). You-will-never-hunger nor will you crash due to poor food options. In addition the vendors always bring items I never realized I needed and now treasure. Beautiful wares at Canadian prices. A win-win! Hope to see you there!

Radiant Jane Retreats Presents

A Tuscany Tarot Retreat



Check out this audio to hear about what we have in store for you


OCTOBER 24-30, 2021


Some of the oldest surviving tarot cards are from 15th century Italy. Most notably is the Visconti-Sforza, a beautiful deck said to be painted with precious metals for the purpose of illuminating higher awareness in whoever views it.

During our retreat, Carrie will take you through step-by-step techniques for uncovering, retaining and accurately reading the hidden symbolism embedded in ancient and modern tarot decks.

Once each card is understood with Carrie’s guidance, you will then discover four hidden paths that exist within the first 22 cards known as the Major Arcana. This is followed by understanding the deeper symbolism housed in the Minor Arcana and finally you will learn the meaning of self-mastery through divining with the 16 Royal Court Cards.

To maintain and marry a deep connection with your tarot retreat experience, each topic will be assigned a unique casting talisman given to you as part of the retreat’s keepsake kit. In the same manner that precious metals were applied to the Visconti-Sforza deck, each item from your kit will represent, support and illuminate higher awareness. Your kit will also include a replica of Italy’s oldest tarot cards and a customized silk scarf that serves as both reading and casting cloth for your new talismans. All items and more will come nested in a travel friendly tin.


The Schedule – October 24-30, 2021


The Four Hidden Paths – We begin our exploration at ground zero, with card zero to pinpoint and navigate our position in Four Hidden Paths housed in the Tarot’s Major Arcana known as the Paths of Equilibrium & Balance, Cause & Effect, Change & Transformation and Transcendence & Self Actualization.

The Four Unique Realms – We will proceed onto the Minor Arcana, and the Four Unique Realms. We will work with the Swords and the Realm of Esoteric Intelligence, the Cups and the Realm of Fulfilling the Higher Heart, the Coins and the Realm of Meaningful Manifestation, and finally the Wands and the Realm of Following our Spiritual Missions. We will activate the Four Realms through intentional spreads that open and align the mind, heart, body and spirit connection.

The Royals – With guidance from the tarot’s spiritual Court Cards we will adopt techniques for crowning the noble heart. Here we will connect with the majesty of existing within self-mastery and unite our discoveries with our personal mission.

Introduction to Ancient Italian Talismans – Italy is not only known as the tarot’s birthplace, but also for its deep history of folk magic. We will unite this magic with the cards and Italy’s sacred votives, talismans, floral rituals and more. With each session in our study, you will be assigned a new casting charm beginning with the Italian talisman known as the Chimaruta which reflects the symbols in the Minor Arcana, initiation of inner-sight and the transformative power of Italy’s flora and fauna. Once understood, you will learn a technique known as floral readings and the practice that initiates the Strega’s Eye.

Anatomy of your Reading Cloth – We will devote time to your reading cloth and how to use it for readings and ritual. We will also work to combine your casting talismans your reading cloth.

Meditation and Loving Kindness– The retreat will also include guided meditation, dharma talks, and time to seek peace and quiet, as Jane Reeves enhances the lessons by Carrie Paris, using A Heart of Gold as a guide and companion book to delve more deeply into the art of Loving Kindness.

The Details


  • Daily Tarot Intensive lessons
  • Guided Meditations
  • 6 nights lodging*
  • Daily Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
  • Vegetarian Options
  • Group transport to the retreat on Oct 24, 2pm from the Rome airport (Fiumicino)
  • Group transport back to the Rome airport on the morning of Oct 30
  • Excursion to Montepulciano
  • Wine tasting
  • Tour of Fattoria grounds and ancient chapel
  • Pici pasta making class
  • Wellness spa access
  • Beautiful classroom studio
  • Bicycles to use
  • Concierge office staff
  • On-site laundry
  • ***Airfare not included***

*Guest rooms are a private bedroom within a 2 or 3 bedroom shared apartment and bathroom. We’ll pair you with a like minded roommate, or bring a friend! (Ask about the possibility of private lodging, cost $3,850.)

View the estate and rooms here.

Fattoria Del Colle is an Agriturismo, translated to “farm holiday.” It’s traditional Tuscan country style. The rooms are clean and rustic. We’re in nature. There is incredible food provided, but if you like certain snacks or treats, remember to bring your own. There are no vending machines at this glorious oasis!

The Shift Network’s Ancestral Healing Summit 

RSVP at no charge HERE


Discover how your ancestors can guide you in transforming your life and lineage… and help heal historical collective wounds that linger in our world today.

Join more than 35 of today’s leading ancestral healing experts and inspiring teachers in our FREE Ancestral Healing Summit, taking place February 22-26. Receive the tools you need to cultivate more connection and heal the wounds from the past, so you can literally change your genetic destiny.

Speakers include Suzanne Giesemann, Thomas Huebl, Eileen McKusick, Langston Kahn, Dr. Dawson Church, Bernadette Pleasant, Cherie Aimée, Robert Moss, Kahontakwas Diane Longboat, Mark Anthony, JD, Sandra Ingerman, Deborah King, and many more — bringing to light the curative and evolutionary powers of guidance from our loved ones, throughout our bloodline and beyond the veil.

During this fascinating 5-day event, you’ll:

  • Dive deep into the power of personal and intergenerational trauma — and the real possibility of collective healing when we address it at the root
  • Receive fascinating information about the epigenetics of trauma… and how to find resolution and peace in this lifetime
  • Draw on the wisdom of Family Constellations work to dissolve unhealthy family loyalty patterns
  • Reconnect to a sense of belonging, healing, completion, and orientation in today’s chaotic and confusing world
  • Explore the ways our ancestral stories manifest in issues of self-confidence, choosing our love partner, career, business, money mindset, and health
  • Receive supportive guidance to heal your family tree of wounding from sexual abuse or other forms of violence
  • Learn about First Nations’ complex wisdom traditions that inspire healing and personal transformation
  • Gain a sense of how racial healing work can act as a salve for both past damage and future healing
  • Transform intergenerational burdens into ancestral blessings
  • Explore African, Jewish, Native American, and many other perspectives on ancestral healing
  • And much more…

Discover how your ancestors can help you transform your life, lineage — past, present, and future — and the trajectory of our world, February 22-26, 2021. 

RSVP at no charge here