Tarot Summer School!

June 17, 2019 all-day

I’m so happy to bring my course in charm casting to Ethony Dawn’s 2019 Tarot Summer School where you can join 12 Teachers from the Tarot and Spiritual community in an online summer long, immersive Tarot experience. Ethony gives you the option to take single classes or purchase a bundle at a discounted rate. To sign on visit here or purchase the entire season pass here.

Tarot Charm Casting

Bring Divination To Your Tarot Readings

Discover your unique charm casting style

Charm casting and tarot make a great pair, and when the two become one it makes for expanded yet distinct readings. We’re given a shiny new tool that just about anyone can divine and instantly utilize.

The aim of divination is not only about telling the future, it’s about receiving messages that point to transformations, healing and a line of action the diviner can take. The more you cast your charms, the sooner you will discover a style that is uniquely your own.

Join creator of the Magpie Oracle, Carrie Paris and learn just how easy it is to give instant readings with a handful of shiny metal charms. Charm casting is being used all over the world and has been touted as a simple, yet powerful system for divining instant insights with accurate results.

This course includes:

  • Looking at the historical nature of traditional object casting and compare it to what’s now known as contemporary collection oracle.
  • By the end, you will know how to cast over a series of maps and bring light to life’s questions.

There is also limited edition Tarot Summer School Casting Kit available for purchase— a modern oracle filled with metal tarot charms plus a number of colorful casting maps that cover all the great topics: love, prosperity, family, destiny and more.