Charming the Dead 5 Week Course

May 22, 2018 @ 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm
Carrie Paris





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a  5- week course

for all levels of learning


Course Begins May 22. 2018


Learn how to Communicate with the

Archetypal Ancestors using the

Charming Dead Oracles Kit



Price Includes the Charming Dead Oracles Kit!

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The Charming Dead Oracles kit and course are built upon the deeper archetypal structures of the Universe that pattern the world we live in. When actively prompted, these forces can awaken deep primordial forms that shape our lives and world. Many mediums find it difficult to recognize the when, how and why one of these archetypes take form. For this reason, the core of this course will give focus to pinpointing, navigating and re-structuring the archetypal drive that influences the living.

In our ongoing research and work with mediumship, we have identified 10 common archetypes that diviners and sitters eventually meet up with. We reveal how entering and exploring 10 universal portals that house these archetypes can unearth and capture how they manifest as spirit-friend or foe, and psyco-spiritual behaviors often absorbed and expressed by the living.

This course expands our work with charm casting to help divine broader possibilities for sacred communication, acceptance, healing and closure. This set includes an additional  number of tools for establishing and offering new techniques while opening portals between the seen and unseen:

  • A 54 card pocket deck: Each card in the Charming Dead deck houses 2 unique symbols that trigger a poetic dialogue often communicated through the Archetypal Dead

  • A Mercury dime pendulum for reading the direction and movement of the archetypal environment from the Otherside

  • A 67 piece, metal charm casting kit with a six-sided die that reads the who, what, why, where, when and how of the Archetypal Dead’s messages

  • An Archetypal Dead casting cloth for pinpointing, understanding and navigating the love of thousands

  • A hand made, Charming Dead Blessing Oil charged and blessed to protect, attract and open channels of communication

  • All items are packed in a customized cigar box, topped with the Charming Dead Oracles logo and sealed with a magically charged thread


All live classes take place through Zoom, a free-to-you virtual classroom you can access through your phone, tablet, or computer. All materials will be recorded and you will be able to download the files within 24 hours of the live class. Subtitling will be offered for those who desire it within 3 days of the live class. A private Facebook group will be available to further your findings with other attendees. We hope to see you there.




Course Outline

Prior to each live class we will send you an audio or video file to help you prepare for the weekly topic​

May 15: Pre Bonus video – Kit content review. Let’s look inside!

May 22

Week 1

  • Intro to casting the 67 charms

  • What are archetypes?

  • Who are the 10 Charming Dead archetypes?

  • Recognizing the blessings and challenges of each archetype

  • Archetypes in readings as symbols and on the casting cloth

Bonus Video/Audio – formulating and posing questions to the 10 Archetypal Dead

Please note: No class held on May 29


June 5

Week 2

June 1: Bonus Video/Audio – Swinging with the Dead: A lesson in advanced pendulum communication and bringing it to your Casting Cloth

  • Pairing your charms and cards

  • Example reading

  • Pairing the 10 Archetypes with the cards

  • Example reading

  • Posing and answering specific questions that use charms and cards to keep you on track

  • Which tools work best with questioning the Archetypal Dead

June 12

Week 3

June 8: Bonus Video/Audio –This is not a test:  Techniques for proofing and trusting your work

  • Using your pendulum for verification

  • Anatomy of your casting cloth

  • Archetypes as energies and how the dead manifest in the living

  • Recognizing the difference between emotional patterns and an archetypal drive

  • Using your casting cloth as a portal for entering the 10 archetypal realms

  • Bringing additional symbols to your casting cloth from dreams to omens and the everyday

June 19

Week 4

June 15: Bonus video/Audio – Recognizing set symbols as the language of the Archetypal Dead

  • Reading with your full kit – pulling all the elements together

    • Mapping your readings and processing the order of information

    • Using your cloth to open portals

    • Casting for messages

    • Divining with your six sided die to expand knowing

    • Pendulum to verify

    • Cards for poetic action

    • Using all for actions, closure, and desired outcomes

June 26

Week 5

June 22: Bonus video/Audio – Preparing to give readings to your community

  • Beyond readings: Using the kit as Magickal tool

  • Moving spirits from one archetype to another

  • Empowering the living with free space and reinvention of Self

  • Recognizing archetypes that rule our relationships

  • Understanding the archetypes we choose to consciously live with

  • Final reading