Mediumship & Casting: An Introductory Course

May 31, 2017 @ 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm
The Hermit's Lamp

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Mediumship & Casting: An Introductory Course in Spirit and Ancestral Communication through Charm Casting and More


May 31 – June 28, 2017

Course includes 49 piece Seer Charms casting kit and Casting Scarf.

Deadline to receive your kit by our first class (scheduled for May 31st) is May 20th for US attendees, or May 10th for international attendees.

This live webinar series meets on five Wednesday evenings from 5:30pm PST to 7:00pm PST. Recordings will be made available 24 hours after each class.


We’ve started a wait-list for those interested in being notified when enrollment opens in 2018. Please add your name here. Class size is limited.


seers-bandana-advertMediumship and casting are two of the oldest forms of divination on record. For centuries diviners have reached for items from their casting bags to elicit communicate with other realms.  This course unites the two practices and provides an experienced platform that safely assists diviners in penetrating the veil between the world of the living and departed. From there it will help you garner insight from those who have crossed over and mediate messages of healing and closure.

At the heart of this series is a new tool inspired by ancient casting kits and designed specifically for prompting and navigating dialogue between worlds. The Magpie Oracle Seer Charms is a casting kit of 48 metal charms, a pendulum key, and accompanying casting cloth that open communication with the Otherside.

This series is for diviners who wish to extend their practice into working with the Otherside with respect and ultimately for the benefit of others.




May 31. 5:30pm PST to 7:00pm PST. Class 1. Getting Started.  mo-seer-charms-in-tin-copy

  • A quick look at Mediums throughout history, their tools, shenanigans and miracles
  • Safety first
  • Intro to tools, finding your talent & choosing your resources
  • Intro meditation for opening to the ethereal
  • Grounding, opening up and being receptive while maintaining a foot in both worlds
  • Recognizing who to let in
  • Recognizing hitchhikers and who to keep out of your ride
  • Homework: Recorded meditation, Crossing the Bridge. Each week you will be sent a video or audio recording with pairing pdf for the purpose of building your weekly experience.


June 7. 5:30pm PST to 7:00pm PST. Class 2. Charm Casting for Mediumship.

  • Pre-recorded show and tell: Before Class 2 you will receive a video that features how you can activate meaning from your casting kit
  • Recognizing and trusting yourself and the messages, signs and language from the realm of spirit
  • Borrowing from psychometry to assign deeper meaning to our charms
  • Live check in, brainstorming and practicce
  • Homework: Pairing and testing psychometry with your charms


June 14. 5:30pm PST to 7:00pm PST. Class 3. Structuring Questions for your Casting Scarf.

  • Yes and no approaches
  • Building good questions vs questions that deliver confusion
  • Pendulum casting
  • Casting and communication with your casting scarf
  • Casting with your charms and casting scarf for ancestral support
  • Homework: Ask 3 questions using provided pendulum and casting scarf for answers. How to creating personalized casting sheets for yourself and others



June 21. 5:30pm PST to 7:00pm PST. Class 4. Adding New Tools to Communicate with the Otherside.

  • Receiving information outside of the charms
  • Automatic Writing: Writing letters to the dead and receiving a reply
  • Sacred space and feeding relationships with spirit
  • Bigger questions that lead to mediation
  • Homework: Automatic writing techniques for answers healing and closure


June 28. 5:30pm PST to 7:00pm PST. Class 5. Becoming a Medium.

  • Gaining accuracy through open ended questions
  • Building layers via new combinations
  • Future complexities: When to add your resources and how many are too many or enough
  • Calling specific people and energies to guide the dialogue or situation
  • Closing the group and the importance of closing conversation with the Otherside
  • Homework: Give your first reading. Carrie will be available for each of you if you wish to practice a reading on someone you don’t know.


carrie-and-andrew1Andrew McGregor and Carrie Paris have been teaching the technique of casting and spirit communication to budding mediums for a number of years. Each bring their own craft and experience to the diviner’s table that enhance skill and knowledge in the diviner who wishes to add the title Medium to their resume.

Andrew McGregor is an artist, tarot reader, podcaster and magician. He runs an old fashion brick and mortar store in Toronto, and online, called The Hermit’s Lamp. Before stepping into working his spiritual business full-time 13 years ago he worked in advertising for many big name companies.

Carrie Paris is the creator of the popular Magpie Oracle Casting Kits, the Relative Tarot, Legendary Lenormand and Sirene’s Song Lenormand. Carrie presents her research virtually and globally to an ever growing community of curious diviners.