NWTS 2020

March 9, 2020 all-day

Are your ready to up your business plan and create success?

Join me at NWTS for the 2020 Professional Development Extension!

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What If You Invest One Special Day in Yourself and Your Business?

Whether you are a long-time professional reader, or are just beginning your divination career, this day-long intensive program will help you to grow your business to the next level.

Four successful professional readers, Carrie Paris, Jay DeForest, Michelle Welch, and Amie Mouser, will present a wide range of topics aimed at helping you to fine tune your business to make it more effective and profitable. If you want to make your living working with skills that you love, on your own terms, this program is designed to show you how.

The in-person day at NWTS will include the following key topics, and provide a takeaway workbook with a multi-step action plan, customized for your business goals. There will also be information about how to join a year-long series of classes and mentoring sessions to continue the process, for those who would like to do so. This event also includes a catered lunch, coffee/tea and snacks.


The 2020 Professional Development Program will include:

Building Blocks to Your Business
From Hobby to Pro: Getting in the Professional Mindset
What sort of business is right for you? Consulting / Events / Teaching / Products
Making it “Real”: Business Name, Legal Entity, Website, Bank Account
Keeping it Legal: Learn the local rules & regulations
Doing the Chores: Business Plan, Accounting, Taxes, Contracts, Client Data Base
Why Bother? The benefits of building a properly structured business


Finding, Claiming & Getting Known for Your Unique Niche
Finding your Niche through your Product & Superpower
Homing in on your Superpower & Branding yourself from that Vision
Building your Brand with a Product that’s Uniquely your Own
Ethically Building & Nurturing a 10,000 Subscriber Email List & Audience so Everyone Feels Noticed


Launching Your Vision & Offerings
Developing A Successful Formula for Launching your Vision, Product and Brand
Freemiums, Perks and Teaching: The Hidden Costs in Products and Teaching
Contracts for Products & Teaching Online and Globally


Presenting yourself as a Professional Diviner in Person and Online
Define your “Style” – How to make your appearance work for you
Get your act together / professional demeanor
Presenting  your credentials/skills to someone without going over the top
Podcasting as Guest and Host
Branding yourself to work as a Diviner in Stores
The Do’s and Don’ts of Reading in a Shop
Creating a Professional Presence in your Local & Online Community


Making Social Media Work for You
The impact of Social Media
Social Media Presence and Scaling
Technical Concepts from Websites to Business Cards
How to protect yourself: Risk/personal security
How to get the most “Bang for your Buck” with Social Media
The 5 Best and  5 Worst things to do on Social Media


Creating Your Personal Action Plan
Assess how all of this applies to your business
Identify specific tasks and goals to set for yourself
Solidify your action plan and your commitment to success



Carrie Paris Northwest Tarot Symposium

Carrie Paris From being in the first class to receive a Masters in the Cultural Study of Cosmology and Divination from the University of Kent, UK, to offering classes and divination services to a global clientèle in the US, Asia, and Europe, Carrie is full-time working professional diviner and educator. She is also the creator of the Magpie Oracle and several other Tarot and Lenormand sets. She brings her wide ranging expertise and dynamic energy to every project she undertakes.

Jay DeForest - Co-Director Northwest Tarot Symposium

Jay DeForest In addition to being the Co-Producer of the Northwest Tarot Symposium, throughout the rest of the year, Jay does professional Tarot and Rune readings at fairs, festival, corporate and private parties, and online through Portlandia Fortune Tellers. With Jadzia, he is also the co-author of the Living Magick Learning Cards series, and the author of Behind the Fortune Tellers Tent: A Complete Business Guide to Fortune Telling at Parties and Events.

Michelle Welch Presenter - Northwest Tarot Symposium

Michelle Welch She is the owner of SoulTopia, LLC, a holistic boutique in Texas, with two locations and more in the works. Her twenty-seven years as a trial attorney, teaching law school, trial advocacy, serving on numerous boards, and experiences in radio, podcast and news, assist her in helping others gain clarity and self-empowerment.  As a psychic-medium and “clair-blend” she utilizes “modality-matching” to determine the best tools suited to meet her clients’ needs.

Amie Mouser Presenter - Northwest Tarot Symposium

Amie Mouser In addition to being one of the Media Coordinators for the Northwest Tarot Symposium, Amie is also one of the owners of Solfluent Tarot. She leads Full Moon Gatherings, weekly Tarot Wisdom Wednesday events, and enjoys capturing Gaia’s beauty through photography. With her husband, Ryan, she has several years experience in managing social media for marketing and promotion.

This program is intended for both experienced professionals looking to grow their business and network with other professional readers, and for those who are just beginning to set up a professional reading business.


This all day seminar runs from 8:00AM – 6:00PM on Monday March 9, 2020. A catered lunch and coffee & tea are included in the registration price. Registration for the Northwest Tarot Symposium weekend event is NOT REQUIRED to attend the Monday Professional Development Extension. The price for this extension without the rest of the NWTS registration is $260.00.

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