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Join me at NWTS for the 2020 Professional Development Extension!

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What If You Invest One Special Day in Yourself and Your Business?

Whether you are a long-time professional reader, or are just beginning your divination career, this day-long intensive program will help you to grow your business to the next level.

Four successful professional readers, Carrie Paris, Jay DeForest, Michelle Welch, and Amie Mouser, will present a wide range of topics aimed at helping you to fine tune your business to make it more effective and profitable. If you want to make your living working with skills that you love, on your own terms, this program is designed to show you how.

The in-person day at NWTS will include the following key topics, and provide a takeaway workbook with a multi-step action plan, customized for your business goals. There will also be information about how to join a year-long series of classes and mentoring sessions to continue the process, for those who would like to do so. This event also includes a catered lunch, coffee/tea and snacks.


The 2020 Professional Development Program will include:

Building Blocks to Your Business
From Hobby to Pro: Getting in the Professional Mindset
What sort of business is right for you? Consulting / Events / Teaching / Products
Making it “Real”: Business Name, Legal Entity, Website, Bank Account
Keeping it Legal: Learn the local rules & regulations
Doing the Chores: Business Plan, Accounting, Taxes, Contracts, Client Data Base
Why Bother? The benefits of building a properly structured business


Finding, Claiming & Getting Known for Your Unique Niche
Finding your Niche through your Product & Superpower
Homing in on your Superpower & Branding yourself from that Vision
Building your Brand with a Product that’s Uniquely your Own
Ethically Building & Nurturing a 10,000 Subscriber Email List & Audience so Everyone Feels Noticed


Launching Your Vision & Offerings
Developing A Successful Formula for Launching your Vision, Product and Brand
Freemiums, Perks and Teaching: The Hidden Costs in Products and Teaching
Contracts for Products & Teaching Online and Globally


Presenting yourself as a Professional Diviner in Person and Online
Define your “Style” – How to make your appearance work for you
Get your act together / professional demeanor
Presenting  your credentials/skills to someone without going over the top
Podcasting as Guest and Host
Branding yourself to work as a Diviner in Stores
The Do’s and Don’ts of Reading in a Shop
Creating a Professional Presence in your Local & Online Community


Making Social Media Work for You
The impact of Social Media
Social Media Presence and Scaling
Technical Concepts from Websites to Business Cards
How to protect yourself: Risk/personal security
How to get the most “Bang for your Buck” with Social Media
The 5 Best and  5 Worst things to do on Social Media


Creating Your Personal Action Plan
Assess how all of this applies to your business
Identify specific tasks and goals to set for yourself
Solidify your action plan and your commitment to success



Carrie Paris Northwest Tarot Symposium

Carrie Paris From being in the first class to receive a Masters in the Cultural Study of Cosmology and Divination from the University of Kent, UK, to offering classes and divination services to a global clientèle in the US, Asia, and Europe, Carrie is full-time working professional diviner and educator. She is also the creator of the Magpie Oracle and several other Tarot and Lenormand sets. She brings her wide ranging expertise and dynamic energy to every project she undertakes.

Jay DeForest - Co-Director Northwest Tarot Symposium

Jay DeForest In addition to being the Co-Producer of the Northwest Tarot Symposium, throughout the rest of the year, Jay does professional Tarot and Rune readings at fairs, festival, corporate and private parties, and online through Portlandia Fortune Tellers. With Jadzia, he is also the co-author of the Living Magick Learning Cards series, and the author of Behind the Fortune Tellers Tent: A Complete Business Guide to Fortune Telling at Parties and Events.

Michelle Welch Presenter - Northwest Tarot Symposium

Michelle Welch She is the owner of SoulTopia, LLC, a holistic boutique in Texas, with two locations and more in the works. Her twenty-seven years as a trial attorney, teaching law school, trial advocacy, serving on numerous boards, and experiences in radio, podcast and news, assist her in helping others gain clarity and self-empowerment.  As a psychic-medium and “clair-blend” she utilizes “modality-matching” to determine the best tools suited to meet her clients’ needs.

Amie Mouser Presenter - Northwest Tarot Symposium

Amie Mouser In addition to being one of the Media Coordinators for the Northwest Tarot Symposium, Amie is also one of the owners of Solfluent Tarot. She leads Full Moon Gatherings, weekly Tarot Wisdom Wednesday events, and enjoys capturing Gaia’s beauty through photography. With her husband, Ryan, she has several years experience in managing social media for marketing and promotion.

This program is intended for both experienced professionals looking to grow their business and network with other professional readers, and for those who are just beginning to set up a professional reading business.


This all day seminar runs from 8:00AM – 6:00PM on Monday March 9, 2020. A catered lunch and coffee & tea are included in the registration price. Registration for the Northwest Tarot Symposium weekend event is NOT REQUIRED to attend the Monday Professional Development Extension. The price for this extension without the rest of the NWTS registration is $260.00.

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A Free Online Meetup: Ancestry and How it Conditions Us


I’m hosting a free online class with my friend Christophe Richart Carrozza who spent many years in Paris assisting Alejandro Jodorowsky‘s work in tarot and Psychomagic. Christophe is now taking what he knows to new heights and will be presenting a fantastic spread on working with our ancestry. This is a rare opportunity to participate in one of Christophe’s classes presented in English. Click on the below link for more details and bring a deck.

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

7:30 PM PDT – 9:00PM PDT (Check your timezone here)

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The Meeting ID is: 293 752 804

You can also join by phone. Find your local number here, or Dial by your location

        +1 669 900 6833 US (San Jose)
        +1 646 876 9923 US (New York)
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I’m so happy to bring my course in charm casting to Ethony Dawn’s 2019 Tarot Summer School where you can join 12 Teachers from the Tarot and Spiritual community in an online summer long, immersive Tarot experience. Ethony gives you the option to take single classes or purchase a bundle at a discounted rate. To sign on visit here or purchase the entire season pass here.

Tarot Charm Casting

Bring Divination To Your Tarot Readings

Discover your unique charm casting style

Charm casting and tarot make a great pair, and when the two become one it makes for expanded yet distinct readings. We’re given a shiny new tool that just about anyone can divine and instantly utilize.

The aim of divination is not only about telling the future, it’s about receiving messages that point to transformations, healing and a line of action the diviner can take. The more you cast your charms, the sooner you will discover a style that is uniquely your own.

Join creator of the Magpie Oracle, Carrie Paris and learn just how easy it is to give instant readings with a handful of shiny metal charms. Charm casting is being used all over the world and has been touted as a simple, yet powerful system for divining instant insights with accurate results.

This course includes:

  • Looking at the historical nature of traditional object casting and compare it to what’s now known as contemporary collection oracle.
  • By the end, you will know how to cast over a series of maps and bring light to life’s questions.

There is also limited edition Tarot Summer School Casting Kit available for purchase— a modern oracle filled with metal tarot charms plus a number of colorful casting maps that cover all the great topics: love, prosperity, family, destiny and more.

GREAT NEWS! The Relative Tarot has been picked up by  Red Wheel-Weiser.  Stay tuned for a stunning new edition in November 2021.




This live, 5-week online course is for those who backed the Relative Tarot Kickstarter campaign. Links for attending the live course will arrive with your decks and also through email via Kickstarter. A link to the class recordings will be emailed to you 48 hours after each session.

All classes will be held on 5 Tuesday evenings from 6pm PST to 7:30pm PST. Please check your timezone here as we will be going into daylight savings time in the US.

The course, taught by myself and tarot luminaries, Mary K. Greer and James Wells, will cover techniques for identifying ancestral influences and calculating and divining with the Relative Tarot’s Birth and Annual cards. No tarot experience required, in fact we welcome all levels of learning. Please bring your Relative Tarot deck and reading cloth. Following is our course outline, dates and times.


January 21, 2020

6:00pm PST – 7:30pm PST

Carrie Paris

This class sets the foundation for the course. In it you will learn the basics for calculating the Birth and Annual cards and for creating accurate tarot blueprints for yourself and others.


January 28, 2020

6:00pm PST – 7:30pm PST

Mary K. Greer

This session will be an historical/biographical examination of your Birth and Year cards, including generational trends and your relationship to family. We’ll focus on the life lessons you can learn from each dynamic.


February 4, 2020

6:00pm PST – 7:30pm PST

James Wells

When you embody the best of your daily, yearly, and decade cards, this assists you to become the best of your life cards.  When you embody the best of your life cards, the cosmos becomes a better place.


February 11, 2020

6:00pm PST – 7:30pm PST

Carrie Paris

In this class we will go over a technique for layering the 36 Spirit Cards into your readings. This deck was designed to open dialogue with our ancestors and locate messages that assist us in staying on track with our Soul’s mission.


February 18, 2020

6:00pm PST – 7:30pm PST

Carrie Paris

In this final class we will pull all of our learning together and lay it over the Relative Tarot reading cloth. We will use a spread created for locating ancestral influences that may be weaving their way through our family tree and DNA.

$111 includes 55 piece Milagro Oracle casting kit, reading cloth, petition maps and

3 week online course with recordings available 24 hours after each class. Payment plans available.

Shipping begins on May 29, 2019.


What if you approached charm casting as a way to petition favor from supernatural beings and in addition to the charms, you used tarot and standard playing cards as a divine voice that can direct you to a life of miraculous outcomes? It’s a powerful question; yet, one that has inspired diviners from all over the world to contemplate while working with the Milagro Oracle kit and course. Their results have been astounding.


Milagros (Spanish for miracles) are small metal charms used for acknowledging blessings and creating petitions to the supernatural world. The 55 charms in each kit mirror traditional milagro charms and highlight key life topics while focusing on creating miraculous outcomes through a connection with divine guidance. The word miracle comes from the Latin Miraculum meaning a marvelous event, or witnessing something with eyes of wonderment. In this class we will use the items from our kit to create blessings, send petitions to supernatural powers and practice the technique of synchronizing miracles.



Online Course Schedule


Two Saturday classes and one Wednesday class with recordings available 24 hours after each class.


(check your timezone here)



Saturday, July 20th.

10AM to 11:30AM Pacific Time

1PM to 2:30PM Eastern Time

Class 1: Intentional Divining moves the diviner and sitter from asking traditional questions; When will I get that job, move, retire, find love, etc., to setting intentions that promote miraculous outcomes; This is how I choose to transform my situation and these are the blessings, petitions and steps that will lead me there. By pairing casting with re-framed intentions, we set the stage for noticing the blessings and signs that support our situation.


Saturday, August 3rd.

10AM to 11:30AM Pacific Time

1PM to 2:30PM Eastern Time

Class 2: Mapping and Attracting Miracles gives you techniques for turning your charms and reading cloth into a visual map that attracts life-changing results. In addition we will learn to overlay our maps with the potent method of Synchronizing Miracles, a technique for sensing when our supernatural guides are sending symbolic messages that we are off or on the right track. Additional casting maps accompany this class.


Wednesday, August 14th.

6PM to 7:30PM Pacific Time

9PM to 10:30PM Eastern Time

Class 3: Adding Tarot & Standard Playing Cards brings both a symbolic voice and perfect timing to the Milagro Oracle. In this class we will pair charms and cards with the featured words on the Milagro Oracle reading cloth to help bring forward the language of our petitions and blessings from our guides. Using the calendar built in a traditional deck of cards, we will learn the art of divining auspicious dates for blessings to take root while the tarot will communicate how we can best navigate a life of new blessings. Please bring a standard 52-card deck with 4 suits as well as a traditional 78 card tarot deck. Tarot and cartomantic experience not required. All levels invited and encouraged.


Thank you for your orders, everyone. We have sold out! Please return next year for the

2020 True North Oracle event and kit!



The True North Oracle: A New Moon, New Year, True You Plan

A magical kit and one day online workshop for ushering in your best year and more!


Sunday, January 6, 2019

The first New Moon of the New Year

11:00am PDT/2:00pm EDT

Check your timezone here




Let’s Divine a Magical 2019 into Existence!


We wake up every New Year’s Day hardening our resolve to be richer, healthier, more successful and appealing. And yet, this traditional approach to manifest our perceived Best Self has an alarmingly low success rate. Why? It speaks mostly to the Muggle mindset and so lacks inspired direction and magical follow through.  This is why Tina Hardt and I have created the True North Oracle, a kit that delivers a spellbinding plan for lasting results.

Welcome to the True North Oracle, an inner compass kit crafted to help you divine an unswerving course to a True and fully-realized You. This oracle has been designed to take you on a guided journey during which deep, revelatory readings will lead you exactly where your heart is ready to go.

Included with your kit is the True North Oracle workshop held on the first New Moon of the New Year. In this gathering, Tina and I will help you identify and align with your inner compass so you can chart your own course to success.

We understand the challenges and importance of staying on track, and for this reason you are invited to the private True North Oracle FaceBook group. Here we will make ourselves available for supporting you through your magical goals. We will also include added bonus casting sheets and more to be announced. Can’t make the live workshop? No problem. A recording of the class will be available 24 hours after the live class. Inside of your take-it-anywhere, pocket or purse-sized tin are some whopping components.

We hope you can join us on this momentous adventure!


What’s inside the kit, you Ask. Oh so much!


  • A bridge-sized deck of 54 True North Oracle cards
  • Over 70 casting charms charged with the task of opening channels and activating intentions
  • An eight-sided compass die
  • A set of (very cool) purple dice that determine the number of cards to work with
  • A numinous silk Compass Cloth that serves as your platform for cards and casting charms
  • A downloadable pdf with charm descriptions, spreads and how-to tutorials
  • Access to the class recording
  • A private FaceBook group where we can all share, discuss and celebrate our results
  • Loads of bonus materials




The Kingston Tarot Lenormand Conference 2019!

November 8-10, 2019

Kingston, Ontario, Canada


I’m excited to be returning to majestic Kingston, Ontario to present Mediumship and Casting with Andrew McGregor. This is a wonderful conference to deeply study the topic of ancestral magic and more. Marilyn Shannon organizes this biannual event and beautifully covers all the bases for making attendees feel at home and wanting to return for more. Please join us!



Northwest Tarot Symposium

March 1st – 4th, 2019

Tarot, Oracle, and Lenormand Conference in Portland, Oregon

The 2019 Northwest Tarot Symposium (NWTS) will be held March 1st – 4th, 2019 at the  12566 SE 93rd Ave Clackamas, OR 97015.

This symposium is focused on Cartomancy, the art of reading cards for divination, including Tarot, Oracle, and Lenormand. We look forward to having students, readers, and deck creators join us for a weekend of vending, workshops, art exhibits, performance, networking, and fun!


The Divination and Magic DIY Oracle Course!

With Andrew McGregor  &  Carrie Paris


Oct 13th & Nov. 10th, 2018

3PM to 4:30 PM Eastern


This is a live online course with recordings available 24 hours after each class



Create A One of A Kind Oracle kit!

Nobody knows your personal spirituality better than you. Nobody understands what symbols and images will speak to you clearly. This workshop will help usher your inner wisdom into an exterior tool! By the end of the class you will have designed and created your own personal oracle consisting of 20 casting tiles and a 56 card deck all nested in a black tin. Not an artist? Not to worry! This class is especially geared toward the creatively-phobic, yet oracular-curious. We’ll walk you through each step to insure that by the end of the course you will have one stunning, accurate oracle.


Two Classes to Create

One Epic Oracle

In our first meeting we’ll take you through a process of easy to follow steps on how to create your tool. We’ll explore accessing your inner guidance and spirit guides to find the most useful symbols to add to your oracle. We’ll explore how to use a list of provided questions and prompts to help shape your oracle and find great ways to make sure it is clear, accurate and complete. We’ll cover techniques and approaches on how to handle the actual making of your oracle so it will endure all the Loveland question you can send its way.


But I’m Not An Artist!

Don’t worry, no artistic skill is required. Anyone can do this (REALLY!) and we make it easy! We’ll provide plenty of easy to follow resources to help you assemble images from a wide selection of really cool art. We’ll also show you how to incorporate your own found images that can be applied to your deck and tiles. All supplied images cover a wide range of topics and are super easy to transfer onto your items. We’ll also give you a lesson on creating and divining with Sigils which will add to the overall strength and magic of your casting tiles.

Between classes we’ll take a one month working break to give you time to build your complete oracle kit. However we want to stay connected during that time! To do this we’ll open a private Facebook page to support your oracle’s completion by making it a space that offers extra resources, tips, and a platform for asking questions and sharing your progress. Plus, we’ll be adding some surprises that we know you’re going to LOVE. We’ve got your back and want you to succeed in making your oracle!

In our second meeting we’ll put our finished oracles to the test and dig into how we can divine and create lasting magic with them. We’ll give you clear and accessible instructions on the variety of ways you can work with your new tools that include divining for lost objects, mediumship, casting for results over casting for answers, spell-weaving through imagery and more. We’ll also explore how to ask solid questions, how to find clear answers, and how to get to the root of things when you feel stuck. In other words, we’re going to cover a lot of ground so that when you finish this course you will be prepared to perform meaningful spells and give solid readings with your customized, one of a kind oracle.




The Course Comes with a Starter Kit Consisting of Items That Build & Shape Your Personal Oracle


  • 20 blank wooden tiles
  • 56 sturdy blank cards
  • A satin casting cloth already filled with useful symbols
  • A metal tin to hold your oracle
  • Permanent markers with which to enhance your oracle
  • A printable list of prompts to aid you in the creation of your oracle
  • Printable PDF images and instructions on how to apply them to your tiles
  • Bonus – online access to Andrew’s Sigil Course to help you expand your thinking about the creation of divinatory symbols





Cost $250 USD plus shipping

Generous payment plans available below


Please join us.

We would love to create an oracle with you!

In October and November I will be trekking my way through in London, Glastonbury, Wales and Ireland to research an upcoming Spring pilgrimage I’m taking based on esoteric miracles. Stay tuned for details on how you can get involved. For now, here’s a look at one of the events I’ll be attending; the Macnas Parade, a fest for the eyes and soul!


Macnas 2017 Parade [official video] from Heavy Man Films on Vimeo.