The International Divination Event

May 20, 2022 – May 23, 2022 all-day

The International Divination Event (TIDE) is an event in Dallas, Texas held once a year with the goal of bringing together a diverse group of those who use intuition in all areas of their lives.

Officially founded by Roger and Michelle Welch in 2014, SoulTopia, LLC and all of its endeavors (including TIDE) strive to bring sophistication with a twist to the metaphysics and holistic markets, while raising the community’s vibration and channeling the new paradigm which means new and exciting adventures for all.

TIDE 2022 will be Michelle and Roger’s first annual conference held in Dallas, Texas, USA. Many subject areas will be covered at TIDE including candle magic, tarot, mandalas, runes, energy work, ancient practices, and much more. In other words, TIDE seeks to bring together a wide variety of divination and mind, body, spirit practitioners.

Whether you are just starting your journey or a professional, this conference offers all levels of learning and interacting.

“When one teaches, two learn” -Robert Heinlein