My Four-Step Formula for Accomplishing Goals

Like many practical, self-employed mystics my goals don’t see the light of day unless body, mind, heart and spirit are on board.  For a goal to be fully realized, all of the elements have to be in the mix and to enlist each aspect I follow a simple formula that incorporates the four ruling elements housed in a deck of cards:


♠ SPADES ♠   MIND/KNOW IT:  I first have to be clear in my mind to know and understand my goal.  

  • A clear and balanced mind keeps confusion at bay and makes room for new ideas. When my mind carries no doubt and isn’t spinning, I have the know-how to implement a doable plan.


♥ HEARTS ♥   HEART/FEEL IT:  Feeling the purpose behind my goal generates passion for it. To see it through, I have to be happy with it and love it.

  • A balanced mind with a clear plan creates pleasure in my heart and connects me with the passion piece of my project.  Unobstructed passion always pairs me with divine play– an activity that makes me feel at home with the spirit of my goal.


♣ CLUBS ♣   SPIRIT/ACTIVATE IT:  I have to connect and get clear with the spirit behind my goal.

  • My spirit is best activated when my mind is clear and my heart is in its passion. From this place I can tap into the spirit of the matter and at this point I always ask it, Why?  I want to know why my project wants to manifest in the physical.  If the answer is money or ego driven, I let it go.  Count me in if it’s based in art, creativity and community.


♦ DIAMONDS ♦   BODY/PRODUCE IT:  Syncing mind, heart and spirit gives my body the energy to physically produce and accomplish my goals.

  • I can embody and therefore produce or give life to my goal whenever I fully activate, feel, know, and connect with its design.  With all four aspects on board, my goals are given a strong opportunity to become realized.


Try it for yourself.


(Click, Print & Cast)


Here’s how it works.

  • Print one casting sheet per goal. Having too many goals on one sheet muddles the formula.  In the center of the sheet, claim your goal by writing it out as a single word or short sentence.  I sometimes use magazine clippings or small tchotchkes to represent my goal.  Keep it central and simple.


  • Take your Magpie Oracle, Lenormand, tarot, or whatever divination tool meets your fancy and cast or randomly select and assign them to your sheet.  For this divination I prefer to randomly assign nine Magpie Oracle charms to each of the four positions on this sheet.  Go with whatever feels right to you.  The four positions can be approached in any order and often change depending on the goal.  Again, go with what you intuitively feel led to do.


Following is a formula that works best for me.  I must first and foremost clear my mind from restricting thoughts (the I can’ts) in order to feel any sense of passion for my projects.  Once mind and heart are together, I have liftoff, an alignment takes place and my spirit is activated.  Having mind, heart and spirit in sync allows me to physically produce whatever it is I’ve set out to do.

Here are four questions to get you started, though I encourage you to customize each question to fit your goals.

♠ SPADES ♠    Know It = Mind:   What can I clear from my mind in order to know and understand my goal/project?

♥ HEARTS ♥    Feel It = Heart:    What is the passion piece that wants to be revealed from my goal/project?

♣ CLUBS ♣    Activate It = Spirit:     What is the driving spirit behind my goal/project?

♦ DIAMONDS ♦    Produce It = Body:    What can I do to physically produce my goal/project in the world?

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