Not your Grandmother’s Celtic Cross

For the past year I’ve been going against the traditional grain with Lenormand spreads and today’s post is no exception.  This week’s casting sheet revives one of tarot’s oldest spreads, the Celtic Cross, by adding a new language to each position and replacing tarot cards with Magpie Oracle charms.  With that said, this spread is also versatile and not limited to charms.  You can introduce any casting element to the mix. Try runes, shells, Lenormand cards, etc.  To extend the experience, add tarot cards either before or after casting your charms.

Before starting, give yourself some time to reflect on what it is you wish to accomplish from this spread.  A question I like to ask my clients pre-appointment is, “If you could leave your reading with an answer, action, or sense of clarity, what would that sound like or be?”  This inspires an action plan that best fits their needs while giving us both a foundation to work from.  Try it for yourself.  You’ll be glad you did.

Magpie Oracle Celtic Cross Casting Sheet