How to use the Magpie Oracle Casting Sheet

Here’s a casting sheet you can download and print out that works with the Magpie Oracle. Cast your charms over the sheet and watch where they land. Give special focus to the charms that land directly in a box. Each box offers a hint of divination via a starter sentence that can be paired with the charm that lands in it. If a charm lands between two or more sections, you can either remove it, or let your intuition place it where it will. There will be times when one charm lands in a box which signifies a singular focus. There will also be times when more than one charm enters a box. This usually indicates a helper, or the fact that you have more than one option in front of you. It isn’t necessary to read the charms that have landed outside or off the sheet. This usually indicate what’s out of reach or not a priority. Check back here often for new casting sheets, spreads and tips for using your Magpie Oracle. Double click for full size image.

Magpie Oracle Casting Sheet