I Get by with a Little Help from my Friends

About five months ago I noticed a square of nine friends displayed just to the left of my personal Facebook page.  This wasn’t a static group of people, in fact each friend changed weekly only to rotate back in.  I wondered what algorithm caused this change and instead of relying on Facebook’s blog for the answer, I decided to reach for the cards.  I began drawing a card or charm whenever a new friend would pop up and surprisingly they came bearing great wisdom.

Over time this divination grew into a non-traditional version of a Lenormand spread known as a 3 x 3, or square of nine, which is a square made of three rows of three cards. For me this square of nine friends presented a weekly opportunity to repurpose the divine while receiving wisdom from some of my favorite people, and so far each have been spot on.

If you have a personal page on Facebook, scroll down a bit and just to the left you will discover your nine friends. They are usually positioned just below a square of nine photos (which is another opportunity to divine). The people in this square will change about every week giving you new divination options. Here’s how it works:

Facebook Friends Square of Nine Spread

  • Print out your square of nine friends from your personal page. Look to each as an adviser or someone who brings a specialty to your divination.
  • Assign and write a word on each friend’s square that represents their specialty. Try to go with the first word that comes to mind. The words you assign will come into play later.
  • Pose your question and cast or place your charms or cards over the square of nine making sure that one charm/card is matched with each friend/specialty. Magpie Oracle or card casting be they Lenormand, tarot, or otherwise all work with this spread.


A square of nine can be read a number of ways many of which depend on tradition. For this spread I am taking a non-traditional route by starting with the central square. This represents the main message or focus. Look to the friend who occupies this square, their assigned word or specialty, and the charm or card for added insight. How do these three pieces (friend, title/specialty and card/charm) serve as the main focus to your reading?

Use this same approach with the four squares that make up a cross from the central card (above, below, and to the left and right of the central card).

  • Above the central card: This represents what is directly influencing your actions.
  • Below the central card: This is what you have direct access to, or what might be a direct resource in your situation.
  • Left of central card: This is the energy from your recent past that is charging your situation.
  • Right of central card: This is your immediate future, what’s to come from your past residue should you choose to remain attached.


Take a moment here to enlist the advice of each friend while looking to his or her specialty for added insight. How would this group advise you regarding your question? How can their specialty add to your reading?

Next, move to the three columns that give further details for past, present, and future possibilities.


Left Column- PAST:

  • Upper left corner = Far past that’s ready to be released.
  • Lower left corner = Supporting lessons.


Central Column- PRESENT:

  • You, plus your present resources. I like to envision this line as my pillar of support.


Right Column- FUTURE:

  • Upper right corner = Far future message.
  • Lower right corner = A future aspect that’s already in the works and lining up to manifest. Pay attention here. Is this what you want? If not, reach to your advisers for guidance.


At this point you may notice some collective wisdom from your nine friends. What are they suggesting?

The final step incorporates the three horizontal lines:

  • Line 1: This is what’s above you and not yet within reach. If you want it badly enough, ask the friend who occupies that square how you can reach it.
  • Line 2: This is what you’re currently invested in.
  • Line 3: This is what you’re on top of, or what you have under control.


Look to the three friends from each line and using their assigned words, make a single sentence that will assist you in your situation. Invite this information to come in the form of an answer.

Many thanks to my friends who gave permission to use their photos in this post. You are a true resource for all things divine.