Let’s Get Together: Here’s Where & How

I’m just returning from five fabulous days of giving readings at the annual Oregon Country Fair and after each fair I’m reminded of just how stellar our cartomantic community is. I was fortunate to get to visit and meet with many friends who share a passion for divining and want to thank each of you for taking the time to stop by, reunite and introduce yourself.  As I always say, there’s nothing like our Divi-Nation.

Following are other opportunities for you and I to meet, celebrate and explore the cards together. Please do make sure to stop at my table, take a class, or grab a cuppa at any or all events.  I’d love to know what you’re up to and what’s driving your practice.  Until then, may your future follow your wishes.


AUGUST 2-3, 2014.  San Francisco

Tarot Unleashed. Experience the full power of the original tarot deck through the art of card divination and collection oracles.  This is a rare opportunity to work with Dr. Yoav Ben-Dov, creator of the lush CBD Tarot de Marseille, and recently published the book, Tarot- The Open Reading, while he visits from Israel.  Together, Yoav and I will be divining outside of the box.  In this workshop we will learn to unleash the potential of the cards and collection oracles by moving away from fixed interpretations and directly experience the magic housed in tarot illustrations and universal symbols.


Please visit here for details

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A. Yoav & Carrie's Aug 3, 2014 Workshop in San Francisco


(Click to Enlarge)      TRC workshop with Yoav Ben Dov



AUGUST 23-24, 2014.  San Jose, California

San Francisco Bay Area Tarot Symposium (SF BATS)


I’ll be presenting my latest product, the Magpie Oracle II: The Keepsake Box at SF BATS and offering many new and ancient techniques on how we can accurately divine with a host of universal symbols. Join the fun at BATS as we explore and learn new divining methods from an outstanding lineup of presenters!  Please visit the SF BATS page to register.


SFBATS_BW.aug 23-24 2015




SEPTEMBER 11 and 13, 2014.  Mountain View, California

Learn Accurate Divining Techniques with the Magpie Oracle I and II at the East West Bookstore


east-west-bookstore-logo Sept 1 and 13


I’ll be offering two talks at East West Bookstore: A free evening talk and an all day workshop.  Both will give focus to merging traditional casting with modern charm casting. We’ll be using the Magpie Oracle I and II as well as other unexpected items. Please visit East West Bookstore to register.


September 11
Divining with Everyday Objects for Accurate Results
7:30pm• Free, but call to reserve a seat

Have you ever purchased a Tarot deck or a bag of runes, or tried your hand at tea leaf readings, only to feel overwhelmed by how long it takes to learn a new system? Divination was never meant to be difficult. In fact, true divining comes from applying deeper meaning to the limitless signs the world is spontaneously presenting. In this free talk we will look at just how easy it is to capture the symbol and give accurate readings by tapping into what already exists in our environment.

Saturday, September 13
The Magpie Oracle: Casting Shiny Objects for a Bright Future
11:30am-4:30pm• $65 thru Sept 12, $85 day of•  Attendees may purchase 1 or both of Carrie’s Magpie Oracles at 75% discount on the day of

For centuries, diviners have applied meaning to a variety of objects to locate answers. Today we’ll look at the historical nature of traditional object casting and what’s now known as contemporary collection oracles. We’ll put to the test a method of charm casting and divination by using shells, dice, coins, and the Magpie Oracle I and II modern oracles with an ancient kick. The goal is for you to leave this workshop with a new divination system that works. One that’s accessible, instant, and easy to use.





OCTOBER 17-19, 2014. Dallas, TX

TarotCon III


Tarot in Texas?  That’s right!  And just like all things Texan, this is one big event.  This year I’m excited to be presenting a number of techniques I find useful for running a successful online business.  For years I’ve watched talented readers fail in business due to the fact that they are overwhelmed when it comes to developing an online presence and understanding all of the options that go with it.  I look forward to providing attendees with a workshop on creating, building and maintaining a considered online presence, for personal and/or professional reward without selling your soul or draining your life.  If you have an online presence, or are trying to create one, this class is for you!

Visit here to register






OCTOBER 19, 2014. Online Event

Tarot Telesummit II with Host, Kim Wilborn

Visit here to register and listen in


In this online talk I’ll be covering the 10’s found in the tarot’s minor arcana and demystifying the language of the 10’s in three easy steps


1 –Explore the top ten reasons tarot readers confuse the number 10 with, the end

2 –Uncover the karmic lesson existing in the 10’s that most card readers bypass

3 –Activate and align with the hidden altar housed in the minor arcana 10’s


Tarot telesummit my interview to be aired on October 22 2014






NOVEMBER 7-9, 2014. Durango, Colorado

The 5th Annual Living Tarot Oracle (LTO)!


There’s nothing like the LTO. This is one of my favorite tarot events hosted by the Sinister Sisters, Julia Hesse and Tami Graham.  Come to Durango and receive a reading by living tarot cards. A must see for all who love the cards!

Visit here for details


LTO-2014Recruitment-Flyer Nov 7-9



MARCH 6-8, 2015. Portland, Oregon

The Northwest Tarot Symposium


This is a new tarot gathering hosted by Devera Publishing with one of the largest line-ups I’ve yet to see. I’m excited to be among many friends and will be presenting the Magpie Oracle II: The Keepsake Box. In this class we will look specifically at timing in divination and making accurate predictions using one of the Magpie Oracle’s key tools; dice.

Register here to divine in Portland






APRIL 24-26, 2015. New York, NY

Readers Studio 2015


 Early registration is now open


I am thrilled to be a main presenter at Readers Studio 2015 in New York.  Join me and hundreds of other kindred card lovers as we bring new and exciting divination techniques to the table. Early registration is now open and recommended as last year’s event sold out.

RS15_logo April 24–26, 2015



JULY 1o-12, 2015. Veneta, Oregon

The 46th Annual Oregon Country Fair!


Come to the Fair and get a reading in my gypsy booth.

Contact me here to sign up early as my appointment book for all three days fills by Friday.

Celebrate with us July 10, 11, 12, 2015 and delight in the Fair’s world class entertainment, hand-made crafts, delectable foods, educational displays and magical surprises at every turn of the path. We invite you to join us in our wooded setting, 13 miles west of Eugene near Veneta, Oregon for an unforgettable adventure.