LETS Online Classroom Presents, Fern Mercier: Tricks of the Trade: Lifting the Veil of the High Priestess

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Dear LETS Attendees,

What if I told you that being a diviner was considered one of the World’s oldest professions? In this three-part series, LETS presenter, Fern Mercier shares with us how she believes this to be the case:

“Fortune-telling is one of the oldest professions, and like story-telling, has time-honoured traditions and trappings. During this time of year when the fabric between the world of the living and dead is thinnest we will lift the veil of the High Priestess just a little, to explore the many roles a professional Card Reader plays, as well as the dynamics of a good Reading. In this presentation we will also cover the history of the profession of Diviners particularly in regard to the Oracles of Ancient Greece and the Sibyls there, as well as the Sibyls in Renaissance Europe. We will then extrapolate the themes from this that are relevant to Readers today. I believe Diviners and Readers are the “oldest profession” in the world and should feel jolly proud of that! This presentation also goes onto examining the role(s) of contemporary Readers and how many are placed in the modern cultural and social context.”

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About Fern Mercier:
I’m Fern Mercier and I’ve been practicing my twin passions of Astrology and Tarot for over 30 years. I am a reader, writer, columnist and educator. Auckland city, New Zealand is my home base. I have a Bachelor of Arts in history and English from Otago University (1968). I discovered tarot in the early 1970s whilst in Europe and my first deck of cards was a 16th century woodcut reprint from the British Museum. I practiced as a consultant for many years before I began teaching both Astrology and Tarot in 1990. I mostly taught through Community Education throughout Auckland and occasionally in other parts of New Zealand. In 1995 I became an 0900 tarot phone worker on the first 0900 line (Smilelines) and was also a script writer for a variety of telephone lines. These days I prefer working in one-to-one consultations, writing and teaching privately. My year-long Diploma in Tarot course is particularly popular and absorbing. I am also involved in tarot art and art history and organizing events or tours that celebrate these.

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