LETS Online Classroom Presents, Margaret Letzkus, Sacred Space in the Tarot

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Dear LETS Attendees,

It is with a happy heart that I send out this invitation to view Margaret Letzkus’ online class during this time of year when people around the globe are adding touches of holiday cheer that transform their mood and environment. After attending Margaret’s talk titled, Sacred Space in the Tarot, I have joyfully developed a new way of looking at the environment in my deck. Through Margaret’s presentation, my way of viewing the tarot now extends beyond the familiar imagery and artistry of the cards and explores their often overlooked backdrops and overall nature. I now move into what is best described as the greater picture via the smallest details. One that is all inclusive in that it adopts the hidden meaning of the vast skies and rich landscapes existing therein as messengers that inspire sacred space. Since Margaret’s presentation, I now consider myself a spelunking, star gazing, tarot diviner and I suspect you will too!

To view Margaret’s presentation visit:…

To download the questions from the tarot spread Margaret presents at the end of her talk, please visit the following link and click on the file titled, Margaret Letzkus:…

Divine Holidays Everyone!