Magpie Oracle Keywords

Here’s a visual reference list for you to use with your Magpie Oracle.  Each shiny charm matches the 36 cards found in traditional Lenormand decks.  Enjoy & Happy Divining!


1 Rider: News, a delivery or visit. A young, sometimes athletic man or lover. Speed, agility and mobility. Transportation. A literal horse/livestock.

2 Clover: Luck (a little luck), a nice surprise, a new opportunity. Pleasure, enjoyment, happiness and good fortune. Literally some clover or ground cover.

3 Ship: Travel, foreigners and foreign places. Transitions and nostalgia. Bodies of Water. Import-export, trade. A naval or nautical component, shipyards. Occasionally shows an inheritance. A literal ship.

4 House: Your home in all senses of the word. A base, or family/community/hub. Real estate. A mature man, often a father or father figure. A literal house.

5 Tree: Medication, treatment, sickness and health. A lengthy amount of time. Boredom, monotony.  Growth. Lineage, genealogy and “roots”.  A literal tree/forest/nature.

6 Clouds: Problems, haziness and feeling foggy or clouded. Stormy/cloudy weather, both literal and figurative. An unpleasant man, sometimes older and very much in his head. Often, but not always, an ex-husband or ex-boyfriend.

7 Snake: A woman, female rival, or simply a very bright and intellectual older lady. Curved shapes, pipes, and tubes. A roundabout way or change in direction. A literal snake.

8 Coffin: Ending, transformation through finality or completion. A shock, sickness, loss.  Feeling “boxed in”. A literal coffin or box.

9 Bouquet: An invitation, a welcoming gift/visit/surprise. A pleasant and kind woman. Could literally be flowers.

MO row 1 with titles

10 Scythe: Suddenness, jeopardy, threat. Possible physical pain as in surgery and cutting. Harvest and gathering.  Severing and removing.  A young male/Peter Pan complex. A literal sharp object that can cut. Use caution.

11 Birch Rod/Whip: Heated conversations, discussions or debate. A sharp and tough advisor. Repetitive motion, activity or rhythm. Repeat addictive behavior patterns. Passion/obsession, self-sabotage/abuse. A literal whip.

12 Birds: Verbal communication, voice messages and phone calls. Chatter, anxious talking/speaking, sometimes gossip or energized dialogue. Things in pairs, siblings, or an older couple. Literal birds.

13 Child: New beginnings, young or new things. Something small as in a small amount, a small favor, small in size, etc. A literal child, grandchild. Rarely, but sometimes, someone with child-like tendencies.

14 Fox: A false mask, deceit. Someone being wronged. A scam artist or manipulator. A shrewd and clever acquaintance. Often, but not always, cunning motives that occur at the querent’s place of work. A literal fox.

15 Bear: A high moving official, executive, boss or management. Someone of authority in both position and age, like a father or guardian. Power, force, strength. High finance and investments. A literal bear.

16 Stars: Lucidity, psychic development/metaphysics/astrology. Wishes and wishful thinking. Higher intention and prayer. Evening and the stars in the night sky. Things in large numbers.

17 Stork: Changes (usually nice), promotion. To elevate. Moving and relocation—sometimes travel.  A nice woman—sometimes a woman with children or a maternal figure. An “expected” family addition (not always a child). A literal stork or bird.

18 Dog: A good and reliable friend. Someone you can count on. Trust and loyalty. A faithful man. Sometimes a literal dog or pet.


MO Row 2 with text

19 Tower: An official or authority figure. Government and big business. Borders, boundaries and restrictions. Self-rule, isolation, loneliness, quiet work. A literal tower or tall building.

20 Garden: Public places, sites and locations where people gather: fairs, festivals, sports events, meetings, parties, entertainment, rallies, protests, outdoor weddings. A literal park or garden.

21 Mountain: Barriers, obstacles, delays. An uphill or circuitous climb. Getting over and above things. Literally, the mountains.

22 Crossroads/Paths: Alternatives, choices, decisions. Things in pairs. A turning point, being at a crossroads. A literal road, or road trip. At times a quick and decisive woman who crosses you, or your path.

23 Mice: Loss, theft, something thats wearing away or down. Worries, illness, infection, disease. Literal mice or other rodents.

24 Heart: Love and affection. A warm regard. Sweetheart/friendship, playful flirtation. Feelings of the heart, emotions.  Affairs, the hearts desire.  An emotionally mature young man. The literal heart.

25 Ring: Contract, pact, partnership. An engagement or long term commitment. An ongoing loop, series or sequence. A literal ring. Sometimes a piece of jewelry.

26 Book: Secrets, classified information. Academics, higher education, private study. Unrevealed knowledge. Publishing and writing. A literal book.

27 Letter: Written messages/correspondence, information, emails, faxes, memos, notes, missives, receipts, tickets, anything printed out, or on paper.

MO Row 3

28 Gentleman: A male consultant/querent, or an important man (in female consultant’s/querent’s life)

29 Lady: A female consultant/querent, or an important woman (in male consultant’s/querent’s life).

30 Lilies: Sex and sexuality. Family and family planning. Tranquility and peace. A strict and mature man or patriarch/protector.

31 Sun: Success! Morning/daylight. Happiness. Heat, fire, warmth, electricity. Brilliance, power, energy, vibrancy. The literal sun.

32 Moon: Fame and public recognition. Success in creative outlets. Romance. Soul tending. Natural cycles. Literal moonlight and evenings.

33 Key: Sureness, complete control, expertise, skill and talent. Feeling open and self-knowing. A literal key.

34 Fish: Money, finances, cash flow, prosperity and abundance. Deep investments. A sensitive and compassionate businessman. Liquids, sometimes alcohol. Literal aquatic life.

35 Anchor: Dropping your anchor. Committing to work, stability, and responsibility. Creating a safe-harbor. Retreating to a place of depth. Can also mean feeling adrift, the literal seaside and docking.

36 Cross: Suffering, grief, burdens, fate, destiny, challenges, tests, belief, religion. A literal cross, or cross to bear.

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