To the Moon

When was the last time you followed the phases of the moon, or set goals around Luna’s celestial movement?  This month’s casting calendar was inspired by Joan Pantesco, who suggested trying a lunar phase option over a daily casting calendar and I’m glad she did.

This month’s calendar matches eight questions to eight key lunar phases (shown below). The idea with this sheet is to make an intention for the month of September that you wish to see through within a month’s time, however rather than starting on the 1st of the month, begin this calendar on September 5th (the new moon), and use September 1st through 4th to simply conceptualize a realistic plan.

As always, happy divining, bountiful equinox, and mille grazie to my celestial muse, Joan Pantesco for reconnecting me with la bella luna.

Sept 2013 Lunar Casting Sheet

To divine with September’s moon phases, print out the lunar casting sheet.

On September 5th, set your intention as an achievable goal for the month. What would you like to begin and see to fruition?

With your intention and goal in mind, cast or place your Magpie Oracle charms over the casting sheet paying special attention to the eight marked phases of the moon. Take note of which charms land where.

Following is a list of questions for eight lunar phases. The purpose is to encourage a doable plan. Stick with the eight and check your sheet often by putting it in a place where you can see and work with it daily.

  1. New Moon: What are you beginning or setting out to do? How will you begin and what will change for you when you reach your goal?
  2. Waxing/Crescent Moon: How will you go from planning and into doing? How will you assert yourself so you may reach your goal?
  3. First Quarter: What key action can you take that will bring you closer to reaching your goal?
  4. Waxing/Gibbous Moon: What do you need to do to refine your goal?
  5. Full/Harvest Moon: What will you culminate from your experience?
  6. Waning/Gibbous Moon: How will you share what you’ve produced?
  7. Last Quarter: With your goal complete or close to being realized, what can you now release?
  8. Waning/Crescent Moon: How will you rest and reflect on what you’ve accomplished?


Also keep in mind that the Autumnal Equinox is on September 22nd (PDT). This is a time to reap what we have sown and take stock in what we are thankful for. What does your charm in this position suggest you harvest and show gratitude towards?