New Moon in Aries Casting Sheet

I’ve been feeling creatively stuck lately and wanted to use the coming new moon in Aries (April 15 & 16) to initiate a plan that would help me get my groove back. So I turned to Facebook and asked people to share some new moon words or quotes that could be added to a casting sheet. The contributions were off the charts and make for what I feel to be a very useful casting sheet. The following is inspired by their collective generosity and wisdom.  Thank you, everyone for your words and magic. Let’s do this again for the full moon!

Here’s how the casting sheet works:

Print the included casting sheet, or draw 11 circles to match what you see on this sheet.

Cast a hand full of charms over the sheet. Another option is to randomly assign one to 3 charms to each position. Watch where they land, how they interact and always look for a possible theme to reveal itself. Trust what you see and try to go with your initial hit. It’s usually right.

This casting sheet isn’t limited to casting items. Cards work too! Pull a card for each position and when all the cards are on the table, look for a new moon theme to emerge.

As always, happy new moon and may your future follow your highest wishes.