A New Year Casting Calendar

“What the new year brings to you will depend a great deal on what you bring to the new year.”  ―Vern McLellan


This month’s casting calendar has a simple aim– to connect you with your vision. It begins by asking you to invite your highest vision into 2015 so that you can make lasting changes.

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JAN 2015 Casting Calendar Magpir Oracle


Begin by creating a space for divining. Build an area or altar where your highest vision will feel at home and want to land. Invite it in by lighting candles, playing your favorite music, or making sweet offerings. Engage your heart with your spirit and when ready, cast your charms over your casting calendar while asking for your highest vision for 2015 to reveal itself.  This vision bypasses goals of weight loss, a better paying job or abstinence from guilty pleasures, and goes directly to higher guidance.

Instead of seeing a thinner you, your vision might reveal a stronger you, or an aspect of yourself that knows how to feel comfortable in your own skin.  Rather than seeing yourself in a job that pays more, your vision will likely transcend that possibility and reveal a career that’s in alignment with your calling.  In other words, expect the unexpected as higher guidance doesn’t deal in the mundane. Instead, it positions us with our higher purpose.

Take note of where your charms land.  Whatever lands in the center of your sheet represents the vision that wants your attention.  Look for the symbolic message from your charms and ask how you can apply that message to your life. Charge the month of January with what you’ve discovered from your reading. Charms that land on the day’s of the week support and build your vision. Look for a theme or the bigger picture and carry that vision with you.

Extend the divination by asking how you can act as a vehicle for these symbols to express themselves. How will your charms help you sustain your vision and in turn (and this part is key), what support will you be bringing to the vision? How will you sustain it, what will your efforts produce and how will your higher actions change or improve your life? Big questions for a big year! Are you ready to make a change? Then do so with your highest vision as your guide.

To stay connected to my readings I like to take a photo of my casting. I then add that photo to my altar and the screen saver on all my devices. The goal is to have your reading near and at hand in order to keep the vision alive.  Be creative with how you maintain the message from your reading and join me here next month for more casting opportunities that support your highest vision.

Until then dear diviner, may 2015 see you making a meaningful difference in the world. Happy New Year!

If this is your first time to visit my site, welcome! Please detour here if you wish to learn more about casting sheets and the art of casting with the Lenormand Revolution or Magpie Oracle collection. The majority of my posts present casting opportunities, however they are not limited to my products. With a little creativity, just about any divination system will work. Go with the tool that speaks to your heart.

If casting isn’t your thing, randomly select and assign a charm to each day of the week.  Whichever route you choose, pay attention to where your charms land and record your findings directly onto the template, a notebook or with a photo. If more than one charm shares a date on your calendar, view it as an opportunity to try your hand at symbol or card combining.  If your charms bypass a day altogether, I recommend you take that as a day to keep your schedule clear. In other words, simply be.

Magpie Oracle keywords can be found here, and keywords for Lenormand Loadestones here.  Need a deck?  I made two printable decks for you here and here.