November Casting Sheet


Ah November, you are this introverts idea of heaven.  I love how you cause me to take refuge and reflect while warming my bones by the fire.  This latest casting sheet leads to further reflection and inspires possibilities that are best harnessed by firelight.  Rather than watching television or engaging with your computer, take an evening to yourself and cast your shiny charms by the the warm glow of a fire.  Here’s how it works:

Print this casting sheet and cast your Magpie Oracle or other divination system over the month of November.  Many diviners cast their charms directly over the sheet watching where they fall, while others reach into their tin placing one charm onto each day.  Go with what your intuition tells you.  There’s no right or wrong way to do this, only your way.   Take into consideration Nov. 3rd (new moon) and Nov. 17th (full moon), as well as:

  • Nov 1, All Saints Day/Dia de Los Muertos
  • Nov. 4. Islamic New Year
  • Nov. 5, US Election Day
  • Nov. 11, Veteran’s Day (US), Remembrance Day (Canada)
  • Nov. 13, Ashura (Muslim)
  • Nov. 27-Dec, 5,  Hanukkah (Jewish)
  • Nov. 28, Thanksgiving
  • Nov. 30, St. Andrew


Each day begins with a starter sentence that takes a cue from the charm that it is matched with.  Add words like, with/from/for/about or/using, to the end of each starter sentence followed by the meaning of your charm.  For example I pulled the Birds for November 1st.  This charm represents communication via the airwaves, anxiety and gossip as well as couples and sometimes siblings.  I went with the first sentence that came to mind: Take a break (from) online activity and/or gossip.

Try it out for yourself and click here for Magpie Oracle keywords.