Now Available: The Milagro Oracle Kit & Course!



What if you approached charm casting as a way to petition favor from supernatural beings and in addition to the charms, you used tarot and standard playing cards as a divine voice that can direct you to a life of miraculous outcomes? It’s a powerful question; yet, one that has inspired diviners from all over the world to contemplate while working with the Milagro Oracle kit and course. Their results have been astounding.


Milagros (Spanish for miracles) are small metal charms used for acknowledging blessings and creating petitions to the supernatural world. The 55 charms in each kit mirror traditional milagro charms and highlight key life topics while focusing on creating miraculous outcomes through a connection with divine guidance. The word miracle comes from the Latin Miraculum meaning a marvelous event, or witnessing something with eyes of wonderment. In this class we will use the items from our kit to create blessings, send petitions to supernatural powers and practice the technique of synchronizing miracles.



Online Course Schedule

Two Saturday classes and one Wednesday class with recordings available 24 hours after each class.

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Saturday, July 20th.

10AM to 11:30AM Pacific Time

1PM to 2:30PM Eastern Time

Class 1: Intentional Divining moves the diviner and sitter from asking traditional questions; When will I get that job, move, retire, find love, etc., to setting intentions that promote miraculous outcomes; This is how I choose to transform my situation and these are the blessings, petitions and steps that will lead me there. By pairing casting with re-framed intentions, we set the stage for noticing the blessings and signs that support our situation.


Saturday, August 3rd.

10AM to 11:30AM Pacific Time

1PM to 2:30PM Eastern Time

Class 2: Mapping and Attracting Miracles gives you techniques for turning your charms and reading cloth into a visual map that attracts life-changing results. In addition we will learn to overlay our maps with the potent method of Synchronizing Miracles, a technique for sensing when our supernatural guides are sending symbolic messages that we are off or on the right track. Additional casting maps accompany this class.


Wednesday, August 14th.

6PM to 7:30PM Pacific Time

9PM to 10:30PM Eastern Time

Class 3: Adding Tarot & Standard Playing Cards brings both a symbolic voice and perfect timing to the Milagro Oracle. In this class we will pair charms and cards with the featured words on the Milagro Oracle reading cloth to help bring forward the language of our petitions and blessings from our guides. Using the calendar built in a traditional deck of cards, we will learn the art of divining auspicious dates for blessings to take root while the tarot will communicate how we can best navigate a life of new blessings. Please bring a standard 52-card deck with 4 suits as well as a traditional 78 card tarot deck. Tarot and cartomantic experience not required. All levels invited and encouraged.