for divination and ancient ceremonial rites that invoke the spirit of divining communities. Carrie was in the first class to receive a Masters in the Cultural Study of Cosmology and Divination from the University of Kent, UK, is creator of the Magpie Oracle, and co-creator of the Lenormand Revolution deck, and soon to be released iOS app and study guide. She has two new Lenormand decks coming out in 2014; the Nippon Lenromand and the Dark Salon Lenormand. Carrie considers herself a Global Citizen and enjoys dividing her life and teaching annually in California, Santa Fe, and Europe with her husband, artist Rob Hampson and the World’s most psychic terrier, Rose-shine. Carrie now offers classes and divination services to a global clientèle in the US, Asia, and Europe.

Carrie's Blog

Full Crow Moon in Virgo. Time to get things right.

This full moon in Virgo marks the best time to methodically examine how we can align with what is right over what is wrong. Take advantage of Virgo’s tendencies to reveal what wants to be scrutinized in order to understand your position in life. Who, what and where are you drawn to and for what […]

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Let’s Make A Plan

Rather than start the year on January 1st, I prefer kicking things off with the first full moon of the New Year. I usually begin with clearing a large space in my home, usually on my office floor, and a jar of very colorful pens that help me highlight and fill in my planners (yes, […]

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30% OFF SALE – Plus the Magpie Oracle is back!

Happy New Year Everyone! Over the holidays I received the wonderful news that the Sirens’ Song Lenormand won a 2016 Tarosophists Annual Tarot & Divination Award! This was an unexpected surprise and one I know couldn’t have happened without your support. As a way of saying Thank You, the Sirens’ Song is now having a […]

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Win the Latest Magpie Oracle Kit & More!

This month over 500 copies of the Sirens’ Song Lenormand swam across wide bodies of salty water to reach their new homes. The first 500 decks came wrapped in special silver bags that included a lucky sea charm and bonus reading scarf. These early bird orders quickly sold out after many of you enthusiastically shared […]

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Order The Sirens’ Song Lenormand!

On September 28th, 2016 the Sirens’ Song Lenormand will surface from the depths of the deep sea.  This pack of cards was named after the mythical Sirens featured in Homer’s Odyssey and nods to their mantic talent for “knowing both the past and the future.” It encourages diviners to heed intuition’s call and deeply explore […]

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New Moon in Gemini

Every new moon I like to set intentions that deliver a full moon outcome. What intentions are you communicating during this new moon in Gemini?

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Gifts for Tarot Lovers

You’re a tarot-loving deck collector, or perhaps you know someone who has several decks to prove it. However one item I’m certain neither own, one that will elevate their collection to the nth degree, is the Tarot at your Table deck and dinnerware collection. I designed this collection with Julia Hesse to rejuvenate the salons […]

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Catch a Sturgeon Moon

According to Native American tribes of the Great Lakes, the August moon is known as the Sturgeon Moon, “because they knew that the sturgeon of the Great Lakes and Lake Champlain were most readily caught during this full Moon.” This title inspired the included image, which is one of many I’ve been creating for an […]

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Pre Order the Relative Tarot!

GREAT NEWS! The Relative Tarot has been picked up by  Red Wheel-Weiser.  Stay tuned for a stunning new edition in November 2021. If you’ve had a reading with me you’ll know I’m fond of using Significators and the Birth and Annual cards. These terms describe a person’s personal cards which are assigned to them at […]

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A chance to own occult art & strengthen our Divi-Nation

On Friday, June 26th the tarot community experienced a heartbreaking loss when we discovered the sudden passing of Nadine Bernadette Roberts. Nadine was a brave soul who withstood challenges that would make the most heroic cower, but you would never know it. Instead of falling victim to life’s tests, Nadine embodied courage under fire. It […]

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