Pre Order the Relative Tarot!

GREAT NEWS! The Relative Tarot has been picked up by  Red Wheel-Weiser.  Stay tuned for a stunning new edition in November 2021.

If you’ve had a reading with me you’ll know I’m fond of using Significators and the Birth and Annual cards. These terms describe a person’s personal cards which are assigned to them at birth and add an accurate layer of insight into their tarot profile. Readers determine a querent’s personal cards by calculating the numbers from their birthday with the sum total giving a precise tarot blueprint.

For the past month I’ve been putting the finishing touches on a 38 card deck called the Relative Tarot, a deck that was inspired by one of my relatives and gives sole attention to the major arcana’s Birth and Annual cards, plus the minor arcana’s Court Cards.

Rarely do I begin a reading without calculating my client’s tarot blueprint and so I wanted to create a deck that would highlight the mission that exists within their personal cards. I also wanted to provide something both querent and reader could put to use right away; a customized deck for identifying and navigating the querent’s purpose in life. In short, this deck was designed to activate the Soul’s agenda and lead the querent in knowing how to finish the sentence:

I came here to,  ________.

The Relative Tarot is a major arcana and court card deck sans the pips. Each card features vintage photos that are overlaid with recognizable tarot imagery. The aim behind this combination was to bring familiar tarot symbols to life by pairing them with engaging personalities. Together they present relatable pictures that reflect our inherent potential, and individually they offer a three layered map that opens to our personal design:

  • The Relative Tarot’s Birth Cards serve as springboards for understanding our Soul’s mission
  • The Annual Cards offer an annual theme for aligning with our goals
  • The Court Cards put us in touch with our ancestral imprint and guide us to our royal resources


RT in a box promoPre-orders for this limited edition deck can be found here. Shipping begins in late February of 2016.

Buyers of the Relative Tarot will also be sent an invitation to join an ongoing study for creating personal tarot profiles. These online classes will only be free to people who have purchased the deck.

In late February, Glopilot’s website wizard, Gabe Marihugh and I will launch, a site dedicated to understanding and working with your personal cards. The site features a handy calculator that quickly determines your Tarot Blueprint. In addition, will offer several online classes and worksheets for activating your Soul’s mission and so much more.