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I’ve been feeling creatively stuck lately and wanted to use the coming new moon in Aries (April 15 & 16) to initiate a plan that would help me get my groove back. So I turned to Facebook and asked people to share some new moon words or quotes that could be added to a casting sheet. The contributions were off the charts and make for what I feel to be a very useful casting sheet. The following is inspired by their collective generosity and wisdom.  Thank you, everyone for your words and magic. Let’s do this again for the full moon!

Here’s how the casting sheet works:

Print the included casting sheet, or draw 11 circles to match what you see on this sheet.

Cast a hand full of charms over the sheet. Another option is to randomly assign one to 3 charms to each position. Watch where they land, how they interact and always look for a possible theme to reveal itself. Trust what you see and try to go with your initial hit. It’s usually right.

This casting sheet isn’t limited to casting items. Cards work too! Pull a card for each position and when all the cards are on the table, look for a new moon theme to emerge.

As always, happy new moon and may your future follow your highest wishes.



I’m one of those people who feel nostalgic during the Autumn months. My heart yearns for the Italian side of my family who came to the US from Calabria’s beautiful Mediterranean shores. Like many immigrants, my relatives did what they could to blend into their new culture, and try as they might they never completely masked the one thing that gave them away as Italian–  their overly animated hand gestures.

Apart from cooking, poetry and the language of amore, Italians have turned hand gestures into an art form. You want to tell someone to bugger off? There’s a clear gesture for that, as well as letting someone know you’re frightened, hungry, pissed off and so much more. My favorite is the elegant hand glide that expresses appreciation for something that is made to perfection. Following is a video that offers some excellent examples of what my non-Italian friends call Italian sign language.






Today’s casting sheet borrows from the unspoken, yet clearly communicated language found in hand gestures. It features hands demonstrating 18 activities that relay a variety of messages. Interspersed between the hands you will find words and punctuation marks that bring you to the truth of the matter. Situated in the four corners are four card suits matched with their corresponding theme, and in the center is a single eye that acts as the focal point for your divination.  Here’s how it works:



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msgpie Oracle game blck and white 2

Start with a question. The board is set up to answer yes/no questions and also makes clear what’s fact or fiction in your situation.  Once you have your question in mind, take your Magpie Oracle charms and cast them over your sheet, paying close attention to where they land. The charm(s) that land in the eye represent what’s at the core focus of your question. For example if your question is, Will I get a new job, and the Anchor charm from the Magpie Oracle lands in the position of the eye, it could indicate you are in fact bringing into focus (the Eye) a secure position (Anchor). If you’re using the Magpie Oracle II and let’s say, the Noose lands in your focal point then this could suggest something is ready to end before proceeding, or that you’re too hung up on the topic and need to put it to rest once and for all.

Keywords for the Magpie Oracle can be found here and the Magpie Oracle II’s Emblem Elucidator here.  Tips on casting are available in this free handbook.

You may reach a point in your casting when a charm doesn’t land in the position of the Eye.  In order to avoid this I like to preselect a charm before casting so I can have a focus right from the start.  You may also simply like to trust where the charms land.  No charm landing in the position of the Eye could also indicate that the core focus is building.  Use your intuition and go with your immediate hit.

Next, let your focus move out from the focal point of your casting sheet, taking note of where your charms land:


  • Fact~Fiction~True~False  =  Charms landing in the fact, fiction, true, false positions indicate what is and isn’t factual about your question or theme.


  • !~?~!~?  =  If a charm lands on a question mark it indicates the answer is not yet clear or ready to be revealed.  It might also be suggesting you ask again.  With these I like to pull a tarot or Lenormand card for added clarity.  The exclamation mark suggests you pay extra attention to what that charm symbolizes for you.


  • Yes~No = You are also given Yes/No options with each stating a clear-cut answer in regards to your question.


  • Heart~Club~Diamond~Spade =  Charms landing in one or all of the four corners demonstrate which area in your life is being activated by your question or situation. Consider it a non issue if a your charms don’t land in a corner. If you find a larger number of charms concentrated in one corner and not another then this is an area that is quite charged.


  • Hand Gestures  =  The meaning of the hand gestures depend solely on your intuition. Your definitions will be far more accurate than anything anyone else can give. For example, the Thumbs Up symbol to the right of  your casting sheet can mean, yes, or it’s a go for some, while others might see it as a sign for hitching a ride. Like I always say, your definition will always be best so trust in your first hit. It’s usually right!


As always, grazie mille and may your future follow your highest wishes.


Today’s casting sheet borrows from a 1700’s pseudoscience known as Phrenology, a way of understanding a person’s psychology and personality traits by measuring the size, shape and structure of the head.

The professional Phrenologist employed an instrument known as a craniometer to measure areas in the brain that were over or underdeveloped as well as balanced or out of sorts.  Similar to hand analysis, Phrenologists also relied on a variety of pictorial graphs for charting and determining the well-being of their patient.




The following casting sheet is from one of the more basic phrenology charts illustrating seven areas in the brain that a phrenologist examined.

Here’s how it works:

Take your Magpie Oracle, Lenormand Loadstones, or favorite deck and pull a card or cast your divination system over the chart.  You may also try dedicating a specific number of charms or cards to each section.  Always go with where your first impulse takes you in order to see where the divination is leading. In doing so you will soon discover that your way is the best way.

If casting the Magpie Oracle, take note of where your charms land.  Are the charms evenly distributed throughout the chart, or have many collected in one area and not another?  In either case, take some time to sit with what’s in front of you to ponder on what your chart is revealing about your current situation.  Is a theme building or message developing? Keep that perspective on the front burner when asking the following questions.

For this particular divination I created a list of questions I felt would expand my mind while exploring the seven areas on the phrenology chart, though I encourage you to add some of your own.

  • SKEPTICISM: What does being a skeptic prevent me from understanding?
  • COMPASSION: How can I practice compassion without going into compassion fatigue?
  • CONFIDENCE: Where is the highest place confidence can exist that’s beyond the ego?
  • RESPECT: Who, what or where can I extend my respect?
  • CURIOSITY: Where is my curiosity leading?
  • PATIENCE: What area in my life could use the most patience?
  • REASONING: Where is reasoning best directed?


Once you’ve finished your divination write your discoveries directly onto the casting sheet and place it in a location where you can continue to work with it.

As always, have fun and may your future follow your highest wishes.

Download the Emblem Elucidator to start building your Magpie Oracle II’s Keepsake Box vocabulary.

Keywords for the Magpie Oracle Lenormand set can be found here.

Need a deck? You can download and print two free Lenormand options here and here.

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Phren Casting Sheet





In an effort to find a casting element for the New year, I came across the teachings of spiritual Master, Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov, who suggests we pay close attention to what happens during the first 12 days of January.  According to Aivanhov, each day can be paired with each month of the year and so reveal an annual forecast.  That is,  January 1st represents the first month of the year, while January 2nd represents the month of February, and the 3rd nods to March, etc. I fell in love with this idea as it lends itself beautifully to a casting sheet.

This New Year’s eve,  which also happens to be the new moon, I plan to set my intention for 2014 by assigning three Magpie Oracle charms to the first 12 days of January (Lenormand and tarot cards work too).  I hope you’ll join me in divining a promising New Year.

Here’s how it works:

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2014 Casting Sheet (12 Month)

Included is a printable casting sheet featuring the next 12 months.  Cast all of your charms directly over the sheet and take note of where they land. More than one charm landing in a month points to extra energy, while none suggest taking some quiet time.

You can also randomly select and assign three charms for each month and place them in a row of three; left, center and right.  The central charm will act as the month’s main focus, while the remaining two describe how you can act on your focus. By the time you reach December you will have utilized 36 charms.  This is a grand reading so give yourself plenty of time to divine before, during and especially after your reading.

Keeping an annual divination alive can be a challenge and this is why I recommend printing two casting sheets on sturdy card stock.  This will allow you to keep the main sheet out, preferably in a place where you will see it for the year.  My hunch is that over time a theme for the New Year will reveal itself.  That theme would be easy to miss if placed in a drawer.

Use the second sheet to cut out each individual month and assign them a place in your home. I’m going to be hanging mine on a beaded line over my altar.  Having something like this always prompts participation, plus the 12 pieces will make for a nice set of ornaments or beautiful year end review.

I purchased a set of metallic writing pens to add to the festive New Year theme and recommend you use something that’s easy to print on black paper.  No doubt what the glitter lovers will be using.  Add your findings to your sheets and decorate away.  The more cretive drive you put into your divination the better the outcome.

For those who would like to cast the entire month– a January casting calendar follows.  Keywords for the Magpie Oracle can be found here.  Don’t have a deck?  I made one that you can download for free here.

Wishing you a fabulous New Year and sending a thousand thanks for your ongoing support with the Magpie Oracle and Lenormand Revolution. Because of you, we had an amazing year.  May your future follow your wishes!

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Jan Casting Calendar


This evening’s new moon is in Sagittarius and with it comes a renewed energy for connecting with our intentions. This is also the last new moon of 2013 making it the perfect time to reflect on the year. Did you accomplish what you set out to do this year?  I’ll admit that over time a number of my intentions morphed into unexpected surprises—thankfully with happy endings, while others simply phased out. What I recall most are the intentions I put into action through spreads.  These were charged with magic, so in turn they stuck.

Below is a layout that can be used as either card spread or casting sheet. In it you will find eight positions that aim to bring structure to the anatomy of your intentions. To the right of the spread are sentences that help release the things that get in the way of our objective, while to the left we are given opportunities to connect with our true and hopefully unobstructed path.  Crowning the spread is what we will become conscious of should we keep our eye on the prize, while below gives us a foundation to work from.

If you are using your Magpie Oracle I suggest you cast the lot over your casting sheet or randomly select a charm for each position.  Both tarot and Lenormand cards can also be used in this layout as layered elements that enhance the meaning of your charms.  Choose a system that works best for you. Doing so will add greatly to the anatomy of your intentions.

Anatomy of Intention Casting Sheet




December can be a busy time of the year and for me it’s the best time to close old business, go within and start laying ground for the New Year– not just January, but the entire year.

This month I’ll be posting a number of casting sheets that invite introspection and preparation for 2014.  Each sheet is designed to help bring you closer to what you wish to garner in 2014. You can get a jump start on your New Year by returning here each week to download new sheets.  For now I invite you to cast your shiny charms over the provided December casting sheet.  Here’s how it works:

Print your casting calendar, cast your charms over the sheet and note where your they land.  You might have more than one charm land on a date which points to extra activity and suggests that it may be a good time to pay close attention to that particular day.  There are also times when a charm will completely miss a day altogether.  I see this as a sign that little will be happening on that day.  It may also suggest that I partner with the mystery in designing my destiny.  Use your intuition and take the time to check back with your casting sheet to see how your predictions have played out.

Keep in mind December’s powerful dates: the new and full moons as well as the Winter Solstice which are listed on the calendar.

Holiday blessings to you and your bright future! I look forward to divining with you next week.

Click image to expand. Keywords for your charms can be found here.

Magpie Oracle December 2013 Casting Sheet


Ah November, you are this introverts idea of heaven.  I love how you cause me to take refuge and reflect while warming my bones by the fire.  This latest casting sheet leads to further reflection and inspires possibilities that are best harnessed by firelight.  Rather than watching television or engaging with your computer, take an evening to yourself and cast your shiny charms by the the warm glow of a fire.  Here’s how it works:

Print this casting sheet and cast your Magpie Oracle or other divination system over the month of November.  Many diviners cast their charms directly over the sheet watching where they fall, while others reach into their tin placing one charm onto each day.  Go with what your intuition tells you.  There’s no right or wrong way to do this, only your way.   Take into consideration Nov. 3rd (new moon) and Nov. 17th (full moon), as well as:

  • Nov 1, All Saints Day/Dia de Los Muertos
  • Nov. 4. Islamic New Year
  • Nov. 5, US Election Day
  • Nov. 11, Veteran’s Day (US), Remembrance Day (Canada)
  • Nov. 13, Ashura (Muslim)
  • Nov. 27-Dec, 5,  Hanukkah (Jewish)
  • Nov. 28, Thanksgiving
  • Nov. 30, St. Andrew


Each day begins with a starter sentence that takes a cue from the charm that it is matched with.  Add words like, with/from/for/about or/using, to the end of each starter sentence followed by the meaning of your charm.  For example I pulled the Birds for November 1st.  This charm represents communication via the airwaves, anxiety and gossip as well as couples and sometimes siblings.  I went with the first sentence that came to mind: Take a break (from) online activity and/or gossip.

Try it out for yourself and click here for Magpie Oracle keywords.



I’ve just returned from the always delightful Bay Area Tarot Symposium, better known as BATS, where I presented a class on divining with everyday objects and the Magpie Oracle. Below is the custom made handout themed especially for BATS.  To divine, jot down one word in each of the provided slots.  Avoid over thinking your words.  This works best if you can be spontaneous and in the moment. In other words, add the first thing that comes to mind.  Next, cast your Magpie Oracle charms over the page, or assign one to each of the Major Arcana images.  How do the two systems interact and how does each charm extend the divination’s meaning and your personal experience? Look for the collective message. Hope to see many of you next year!

BATS 2013 handout

Here’s a casting sheet you can download and print out that works with the Magpie Oracle. Cast your charms over the sheet and watch where they land. Give special focus to the charms that land directly in a box. Each box offers a hint of divination via a starter sentence that can be paired with the charm that lands in it. If a charm lands between two or more sections, you can either remove it, or let your intuition place it where it will. There will be times when one charm lands in a box which signifies a singular focus. There will also be times when more than one charm enters a box. This usually indicates a helper, or the fact that you have more than one option in front of you. It isn’t necessary to read the charms that have landed outside or off the sheet. This usually indicate what’s out of reach or not a priority. Check back here often for new casting sheets, spreads and tips for using your Magpie Oracle. Double click for full size image.

Magpie Oracle Casting Sheet

For the past three weeks, over 150 Magpie Oracles have flown to their new nests, making this an opportune time to share a new casting sheet.  This sheet gives focus to the tarot’s major arcana, yet lends itself to both Lenormand and tarot divining. Surprisingly, the two work wonders together. Cast your charms over the sheet and watch where they land, or select charms individually from their tin and place them on the sheet. There’s no wrong way to do this! Come back next month for a new Magpie Oracle casting sheet.

Magpie Tarot Casting Sheet