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I have been swimming. Not in the literal sense, but more in the way one swims with divergent thoughts. It feels unsettling, especially when I float past my very doable to-do list only to view it as if it’s grown horns. What am I doing? Why am I drifting from responsibility? What’s the point of this unanchored energy? I’ve come to recognize these questions not as being particularly helpful, but more as distractions that keep me swimming in the waters of paralysis analysis. Sound familiar? Then read on.

Much of my stagnation feels lockdown related, eclipse influenced and at times a combo of the two. One thing is for certain, my situation favors avoidance and for this reason I created the following spread that works in tandem with today’s partial solar eclipse.

Eclipses are notorious for amplifying energetic standstills, and for many the desire to suppress eclipse-driven angst far outweigh the gumption to stand in the dark and face the cause of our anxiety. The aim of this divination is to help us show up and locate the intelligence that exists within that tension and to view it as a strong request for change. Here’s how it works:

You will need two decks for this spread. Any tarot, Lenormand or oracle will do. Deck 1 represents the hidden agenda behind any aimless drift you may find yourself in and why you are choosing to remain in unmoving waters. Deck 2 represents the request for change being communicated from your standstill and what may transpire should you choose to take action over nonaction.

Each position is paired with one of five significant phases found in the June 10th eclipse which is being touted as a ring of fire eclipse meaning the moon will pass in front of the sun to create the illusion of a ring of fire.

For this spread I’m using cards created by an artist who means the world to me, Lisa de St Croix. I will be divining with two of Lisa’s Tarot de St. Croix decks; a lovely first edition (2013) featuring warm, terracotta borders, and also her latest 2021 reprint which is a borderless version of the Tarot de St Croix featuring titles on darker cardstock. Both decks share the same imagery, and with this new reprint, I couldn’t help but see how one perfectly lends itself to what I call Shadow divining while the other can be used for Light divining.

For this divination I suggest you select and assign a deck as your Shadow deck to represent the hidden agenda behind any impasse you might be experiencing. Next, select and assign another deck as your Light deck to represent the request for change this divination is pointing to.

Shuffle both decks, keep them separate and place your Shadow deck to the left and your Light deck to the right. You can use the following diagram as your guide or make one of your own. The goal is to have two decks going simultaneously so you can see both sides of your situation.


Visit here for a full printable of this spread.

Step 1: Partial Eclipse Begins

If you are fortunate to safely witness today’s eclipse you will notice the moon starting to become visible. Many describe this phase as the sun looking as if a bite has been taken from it.

Question for Shadow deck/1 card: What is at the root of what is eating my time/energy/drive?

Question for Light deck/1 card: How can I expose and therefore break free from justifying agendas that eat away at my progress?


Step 2: Partial Phase

The moon begins to block the sun causing your environment to darken and lose the sun’s heat and light.

Question for Shadow deck/1 card: What am I choosing to engage with that blocks my light?

Question for Light deck/1 card:  What action can I take to fearlessly reach into the darkest part of my shadow and pull from it insights that inform rather than obscure my mission on Earth?


Step 3: Ring of Fire Phase

Here the moon is positioned in front of the sun. While not covering the entire sun, the moon appears smaller than the sun causing it to create a ring of fire.

Question for Shadow deck/1 card: What small excuses do I passionately surround myself with?

Question for Light deck/1 card:  How can I best sustain a fire that fuels vitality, drive and focus?


Step 4: Partial Phase Ends

The moon begins to move across the face of the sun allowing the return of light, heat and orientation.

Question for Shadow deck/1 card: What is the purpose behind engaging with actions that continue to disorient me?

Question for Light deck/1 card:  What steps can I take that will illuminate my commitment to my purpose?


Step 5: Final Phase

With the moon’s influence no longer in sight, we return to the light and heat of the sun.

Question for Shadow deck/1 card: What influences encourage me to stay hidden?

Question for Light deck/1 card:  How can I recognize the difference between being in my true light over expressing a false light?


Once you’ve finished divining, and if possible, keep your reading out so you can check in with it as needed. I like to take my time with readings and will continue to nurture my divination from this new moon to the full Strawberry moon (June 24, 2021) by revisiting it and perhaps adding more cards or charms. A good way to keep your reading alive is by taking a photo of it and saving the image as the screen saver on one or all of your devices.

Eclipse times can be found here.

Not in a location to watch the eclipse? No problem, you can follow it live here.

“Any Oracle that endures must be of service to at least three consecutive generations.” 

– Margaret Mead 


For the past 7 years, I’ve been creating divinatory tools that help open channels to ancestral communication. Some of you may recall the Charming Dead Oracle or Magpie Oracle Seer Charm kits that were part of a series of online courses I co-taught with my gifted friend Andrew Kyle McGregor.

Yet, in the beginning, there was the first edition of the Relative Tarot. At the time of its first release, I’d initially intended that this deck be limited to court and Major Arcana cards to represent the ancestors, sitters, friends, family, key players, personality traits and significant communications; but, The Relative Tarot really wanted to become a 78-card experience. It evolved into a tool that heightened the connection to spirit, the little details, memories, insights, the everyday things encountered in the Land of Form that support the experience of evidential mediumship. While I fell down a personal rabbit hole with this particular project (it’s very dear to my heart and my own calling), little did I realize how big the demographic for divination and ancestral communication would be.

Both versions of the deck sold out almost immediately, (thank you!) and this was a clear sign that there was a great need for magical approaches to both personal healing – and in doing so, healing the family tree. Happily, the Relative Tarot was picked up by the publisher Red Wheel-Weiser and a beautiful new edition will be released in November 2021. Stay tuned.

In addition to ancestral-focused cards and casting kits, I’ve been working behind the scenes with Lisa Bonnice, host of the Shift Network’s popular Ancestral Healing Summits. Together, Lisa and I have co-created a new tool for divining messages from our ancestors with which I’m head over heels in love. It’s my experience that the most meaningful tools arrive at your doorstep very quickly. They knock loudly, ensure you’re aware of all of their needs, and are ready to give them form – like, now!

Artists often describe their creation process as being timeless. I get that now. The Generations Oracle was a relentless, energizing creation and like the notorious duende, it wouldn’t let go of my attention until we were finished, half a year later – which felt like a heartbeat. Please stay tuned for the release date. For now, you can hear more about The Generations Oracle in my Shift Network interview on Lisa’s Ancestral Healing Summit which is free to listeners between February 22-26.

It was also during the creation of The Generations Oracle that I created the following casting map for Diane Wilke’s Southeastern Tarot Conclave. Like many of my tools, the goal of this map is to help us open a dialogue, specifically with our beloved ancestors. It also combines and layers tarot cards with casting charms, a very happy marriage, though any divination tool will do.

Visit here for printable downloads of this spread or simply mirror the positions using a set of cards. Here’s how it works:

Please note this divination is a lighter version of mediumship and for communicating with those on the Other Side. More specifically our ancestors. And by lighter, I mean it doesn’t require you to go into a deep state in order to start a conversation. That can definitely happen, but for this divination, I encourage you to learn the steps before going into deeper dialogues with your ancestors.

  • Step 1: Set up your space and create boundaries. Invite to your divination a helpful, as opposed to drama-charged ancestor and preferably one who has your best interest in heart. If using a tarot deck, remove and set aside the 16 court cards. If casting, I recommend randomly selecting your items and assigning them to the positions on this map rather than casting them.


  • Step 2: Start with the 4 Pages positioned inside the circle. Pages are often referred to messengers and go-betweens and for this divination, each Page represents your ancestor’s message regarding 4 life lessons they experienced during their time on Earth in body/Page of Pentacles, mind/Page of Swords, heart/Page of Cups and spirit/Page of Wands. Think of these 4 positions as your ancestor’s opportunity to communicate something important they learned and also hope you will not forget. Here your charms or cards will represent your ancestor’s voice and message.


  • Step 3: Now that you’ve opened a dialogue and have an idea of your ancestor’s Earth experience, let’s move to the 4 Aces which can symbolize a new start or influence. For this spread they represent a seed of support your ancestor is offering you during your time on Earth. Assign a random card or charm to each Ace to reveal the possible potential and growth you can experience with your ancestor’s support in body/Ace of Pentacles, mind/Ace of Swords, heart/Ace of Cups and spirit/Ace of Wands.


  • Step 4: The 12 remaining court cards help identify the character and physical traits of the ancestor you have been in communication with. And this is where I ask you to put your cards to the side and rely more on charms or other casting items. Randomly select just one item and cast it over this spread. If it lands directly on any of the 12 court cards, or pretty close to one (I’ll leave it to you should you wish to include the Pages in this casting), chances are this is the ancestor who is revealing something to you about their character and physical traits. As a side and in my personal experience, if a charm lands outside of the spread, this indicates an ancient ancestor who exists beyond the family memory.


Determining traits via the court cards is an old cartomancy technique for selecting a significator. With this method, the diviner would select a court card to represent their sitter, or someone the sitter is asking about. There are a number of methods for determining a significator and most were originally gleaned from the querent’s gender, race, age, sun sign, or social and marital status. Some of these methods feel outdated as we find the topic of personal identity ever evolving. For this reason, I’ve added a chart that highlights a just few of the traits diviners often experience, but please build your own. This is, after all, your divination.

Once your divination is complete, take a few minutes to observe your findings. Rather than shelf your reading, now is the time to ask more questions, search old family photos, or dig into your ancestral history, all of which can help affirm your divination. Look for themes that might be rooted in your linage and extend the experience by divining ways to heal, or further dialogue with your family line. Don’t worry if nothing reveals itself just yet. It happens. Instead, view this as an opportunity to trust your intuition and learn patience while practicing this art.

Merry divining.

Only the dead have seen the end of war. – Plato

On the last Monday in May, the U.S. observes Memorial Day, a day for honoring those who died while serving in the military. One of the symbols associated with this day is the red remembrance poppy, inspired by the 1915 World War I poem, In Flanders Fields by John McCrae who wrote the poem after witnessing his fellow soldier and friend die on the battle filed. Lines in the poem refer to poppies as being the first flowers to grow in the churned-up earth of soldiers’ graves.

In 1918, professor and volunteer YMCA Overseas worker, Moina Michael made tribute to McCrae’s poem with one of her own titled, We shall Keep the Faith. She also adopted and vowed to wear the red poppy everyday as a symbol of remembrance and became the acting leader in the campaign to make it a national symbol. Though widely adopted by international veterans’ groups, the red poppy is mostly seen in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the U.K.

Over the years other poppies have been introduced using varying colors to symbolize more inclusive ways for commemorating victims of war:

White Poppies stand for peace and symbolize all casualties of those who were in conflict with war.

Purple Poppies, sometimes replaced with a purple paw, symbolizes animal victims of war like horses, dogs and pigeons who, like many humans, were unwillingly drafted into service.

Black Poppies are viewed two-fold. Introduced by the Stop the War Coalition, the black poppy is seen as an anti-war symbol and commemorates the conscientious objectors of World War I. It also stands for the contribution of people of color in the war effort.

Khadi Poppies are also red, but made of khadi, which is the cotton made famous by Mahatma Gandhi spinning it on his Charkha as a symbol of self-sufficiency. This poppy stands for the contribution of Indian soldiers and ethnic minorities in World War I.

Since 2015, I’ve been deeply committed to collecting vintage photographs to be used as card candidates in the Relative Tarot, a deck that honors our ancestors and the beloved dead. Mixed with photos of stage actors, politicians and circus performers are the overlooked victims of war which include, but are not limited to, children, the elderly, women, animals, belief systems and the environment.

For this Memorial Day I wanted to introduce a divination that serves as one of the Relative Tarot’s foundational pillars which is strongly rooted in ancestral remembrance. This spread puts us in contact, honors and remembers those who lost their lives due to war. May it bring peace to our beloved dead and the living while promoting a future of non-violence. Here’s how it works:

For this spread you will need a 78-card tarot deck and two dice. Don’t have a set of dice? No problem, there’s an app for that. And while it’s nice to print out the following handout for keeping a visual record of your reading, it’s also not required. Pulling a card for each position works too as do charms.

Start by energetically preparing and clearing your space with whatever method works best for you. For this spread I like to light 5 white peace candles while reciting a prayer and invitation to the beloved dead who wish to be part of this divination. My home receives daily doses magical attention and so stating the intention behind my divination is enough for me to get started, though you may want to do something else. Please use your intuition to decide what feels best.

Once your space is ready, take your deck and place it in front of you. For this spread, I don’t fan the cards out but instead keep them in a single stack of 78 cards.

The first step gives focus to the red poppy on your printout followed by the opening question:

Red Poppy: On this day of remembrance, what do my ancestors want me to remember lest I forget?

To divine an answer or message, start by rolling your dice. Whatever number you roll, which with a traditional set of two dice will be between the numbers 2 and 12, will determine the amount of cards you are going to select. Draw from the top of your deck until you reach the number rolled. For example, draw 9 cards if your dice total comes to 9. The 9th selected card is the card you will lay over the red poppy and it will stand for what your ancestors want you to remember on this day. Set the remaining 8 cards aside and return to your dice and deck. Repeat this roll-to-card-draw divination for the remaining four questions:

Purple Poppy sent to the animals of war: What would you like me to remember lest I forget?

Black Poppy sent to ancestors who were people of color and conscientious objectors: What do you want me to remember least I forget?

Red Khadi Poppy sent to minorities of war: What do you want me to remember lest I forget ?

White Poppy sent to all casualties of war with emphasis given to the overlooked: What do you want me to remember lest I forget?

Once you’ve selected and placed five cards in their five positions, take some time to reflect on your divination. This is a good opportunity to simply listen in to see if anything else wants to come through. I also like to use this time to look for possible themes, or a collective message. Does your selection reveal five distinct messages, or do the cards share similarities in design like numbers, suits, atmosphere, etc.?  What is being asked to be remembered through these similarities?

To extend the divination you can also ask how you can best be a vehicle for remembrance with the following question:

What action can I take that will inspire peace in myself, my family, ancestry, community, world and beloved dead?

Create your own questions that inspire reconciliation, cooperation and the promotion of peace through action.

Here are a few lines from a prayer I try to recite daily which is an excellent way for understanding that peace starts with me. It comes from A Guide to the Bodhisattva’s Way of Life by Shantideva, a Buddhist master from the monastic university of Nalanda, India and composed in the eighth century.

May the frightened cease to be afraid and those bound be freed.

May the powerless find power, and may people think of benefiting each other.

For as long as space remains, for as long as sentient beings remain, until then may I too remain to dispel the miseries of the world.

May your day of remembrance bring great peace to you and your ancestors.


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BIO: Carrie Paris was in the first class to receive a Masters in the Cultural Study of Cosmology and Divination from the University of Kent, UK, is creator of the Magpie Oracle casting kits, the Relative Tarot and a number of Lenormand decks. Carrie creates art in her home studio in Northern California and travels several months out of the year to present her work to a growing population of magical diviners in China, Canada and Europe. Find her at

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The Charming Dead Oracles kit and course are built upon the deeper archetypal structures of the Universe that pattern the world we live in. When actively prompted, these forces can awaken deep primordial forms that shape our lives and world. Many mediums find it difficult to recognize the when, how and why one of these archetypes take form. For this reason, the core of this course will give focus to pinpointing, navigating and re-structuring the archetypal drive that influences the living.

In our ongoing research and work with mediumship, we have identified 10 common archetypes that diviners and sitters eventually meet up with. We reveal how entering and exploring 10 universal portals that house these archetypes can unearth and capture how they manifest as spirit-friend or foe, and psyco-spiritual behaviors often absorbed and expressed by the living.

This course expands our work with charm casting to help divine broader possibilities for sacred communication, acceptance, healing and closure. This set includes an additional  number of tools for establishing and offering new techniques while opening portals between the seen and unseen:

  • A 54 card pocket deck: Each card in the Charming Dead deck houses 2 unique symbols that trigger a poetic dialogue often communicated through the Archetypal Dead

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  • A 67 piece, metal charm casting kit with a six-sided die that reads the who, what, why, where, when and how of the Archetypal Dead’s messages

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All live classes take place through Zoom, a free-to-you virtual classroom you can access through your phone, tablet, or computer. All materials will be recorded and you will be able to download the files within 24 hours of the live class. Subtitling will be offered for those who desire it within 3 days of the live class. A private Facebook group will be available to further your findings with other attendees. We hope to see you there.




Course Outline

Prior to each live class we will send you an audio or video file to help you prepare for the weekly topic​

May 15: Pre Bonus video – Kit content review. Let’s look inside!

May 22

Week 1

  • Intro to casting the 67 charms

  • What are archetypes?

  • Who are the 10 Charming Dead archetypes?

  • Recognizing the blessings and challenges of each archetype

  • Archetypes in readings as symbols and on the casting cloth

Bonus Video/Audio – formulating and posing questions to the 10 Archetypal Dead

Please note: No class held on May 29


June 5

Week 2

June 1: Bonus Video/Audio – Swinging with the Dead: A lesson in advanced pendulum communication and bringing it to your Casting Cloth

  • Pairing your charms and cards

  • Example reading

  • Pairing the 10 Archetypes with the cards

  • Example reading

  • Posing and answering specific questions that use charms and cards to keep you on track

  • Which tools work best with questioning the Archetypal Dead

June 12

Week 3

June 8: Bonus Video/Audio –This is not a test:  Techniques for proofing and trusting your work

  • Using your pendulum for verification

  • Anatomy of your casting cloth

  • Archetypes as energies and how the dead manifest in the living

  • Recognizing the difference between emotional patterns and an archetypal drive

  • Using your casting cloth as a portal for entering the 10 archetypal realms

  • Bringing additional symbols to your casting cloth from dreams to omens and the everyday

June 19

Week 4

June 15: Bonus video/Audio – Recognizing set symbols as the language of the Archetypal Dead

  • Reading with your full kit – pulling all the elements together

    • Mapping your readings and processing the order of information

    • Using your cloth to open portals

    • Casting for messages

    • Divining with your six sided die to expand knowing

    • Pendulum to verify

    • Cards for poetic action

    • Using all for actions, closure, and desired outcomes

June 26

Week 5

June 22: Bonus video/Audio – Preparing to give readings to your community

  • Beyond readings: Using the kit as Magickal tool

  • Moving spirits from one archetype to another

  • Empowering the living with free space and reinvention of Self

  • Recognizing archetypes that rule our relationships

  • Understanding the archetypes we choose to consciously live with

  • Final reading

The sun watches all I do,

but the moon knows all my secrets.

– J.M. Wonderland


In North America on the morning of February 26, 1979, day turned into night, birds stopped singing and nocturnal animals anxiously stirred. What caused this strange behavior? A total solar eclipse, which on August 21, 2017 will happen again.

This eclipse is being touted as the Great American Eclipse as it will visibly move across a narrow path of land stretching from the Oregon Coast to South Carolina’s coast with the maximum duration point taking place near Hopkinsville, Kentucky.


Location Eclipse Begins Totality Begins Totality Ends Eclipse Ends Time Zone
Madras, OR 09:06 a.m. 10:19 a.m. 10:21 a.m. 11:41 a.m. PDT
Idaho Falls, ID 10:15 a.m. 11:33 a.m. 11:34 a.m. 12:58 p.m. MDT
Casper, WY 10:22 a.m. 11:42 a.m. 11:45 a.m. 01:09 p.m. MDT
Lincoln, NE 11:37 a.m. 01:02 p.m. 01:04 p.m. 02:29 p.m. CDT
Jefferson City, MO 11:46 a.m. 01:13 p.m. 01:15 p.m. 02:41 p.m. CDT
Carbondale, IL 11:52 a.m. 01:20 p.m. 01:22 p.m. 02:47 p.m. CDT
Paducah, KY 11:54 a.m. 01:22 p.m. 01:24 p.m. 02:49 p.m. CDT
Nashville, TN 11:58 a.m. 01:27 p.m. 01:29 p.m. 02:54 p.m. CDT
Clayton, GA 01:06 p.m. 02:35 p.m. 02:38 p.m. 04:01 p.m. EDT
Columbia, SC 01:03 p.m. 02:41 p.m. 02:44 p.m. 04:06 p.m. EDT


It’s hard to ignore the excited esoteric chatter surrounding this eclipse and while most of it is useful, a lot of it just feels overwhelming and fatal. Personally I view total eclipses as opportunities to reboot and clear shadow patterns in order to shed new light on what I’m ready to fully engage with and see. For this divination I’m choosing casting as my go-to means though any divination system will do.

A total solar eclipse can be viewed in five phases and existing within each phase is an opportunity to see what might be hiding in the shadowy actions that prevent us from fully showing up. The word totality is key here as it reminds us to expose what we’re ready to totally look at and change. For this divination I recommend randomly selecting one to three charms (cards work too) for each of the five positions. In addition, use the following petition and questions to guide the way. The goal is to make contact with a shadow pattern, expose where it might be hiding or eating away at your life, and then reboot a life that’s no longer aligning with said pattern’s agenda.

While useful, it isn’t necessary to print the provided casting sheet. You can make your own by creating a space with five casting positions. If this is your first time to visit my site, welcome! Please detour here if you wish to learn more about casting sheets and the art of casting with the Magpie Oracle. The majority of my posts present casting opportunities, however they are not limited to my products. With a little creativity, just about any divination system will work. And now, back to casting.


Print. Cast. Divine.

(click here for larger pdf image of casting sheet )


Before getting started, is an excellent resource for safely viewing this, and future eclipses. The site also offers the following descriptions for the five phases of the eclipse which inspired the petition and questions for this divination. As always, feel free to customize the casting sheets to fit your needs. May they serve your reboot well.


Partial eclipse begins (1st contact)

The Moon starts becoming visible over the Sun’s disk. The Sun looks as if a bite has been taken from it.

Question & Petition (select 1 to 3 charms)

Greetings Lunar Shadow! In your mystery I watch with the eyes of a fair witness as you make first contact with your celestial opposite. The shadow you cast appears to be taking a bite out of the Sun! Help me to see, understand and name the shadow-pattern that consumes momentum and prevents forward motion.

How can I expose and therefore break free from justifying agendas that eat away at my progress?



Total eclipse begins (2nd contact)

The entire disk of the Sun is covered by the Moon. Observers in the path of the Moon’s umbra may be able to see Baily’s beads and the diamond ring effect, just before totality.

Question & Petition (select 1 to 3 charms)

Dear New Moon, I call to you as you move between the Sun and Earth and cast the darkest part of your shadow, your umbra, over the Sun. Here I stand in preparation for total darkness and watch as your shadow moves across the face of the Earth and ask:

What action can I take to fearlessly reach into the darkest part of my shadow and pull from it insights that inform rather than obscure my soul’s mission on Earth?



Totality and maximum eclipse

The Moon completely covers the disk of the Sun. Only the Sun’s corona is visible. Latin for crown, the corona is an aura of plasma that surrounds the Sun. This is the most dramatic stage of a total solar eclipse. At this time, the sky goes dark, temperatures can fall, and birds and animals often go quiet.

Question & Petition (select 1 to 3 charms)

Greetings Darkness! I stand tall and look at you with eyes wide open . Even in total darkness I can sense the shadowy crown I’ve placed upon your head. In return you have ruled a light-less path that has concealed, rather than revealed the light of my full purpose. For this reason I ask two questions in one:

How can I totally remove myself from the rule of the Court of Shadow and fully take the lead when driving my destiny?



Total eclipse ends (3rd contact)

The Moon starts moving away, and the Sun reappears.

Question & Petition (select 1 to 3 charms)

Farewell Darkness and Shadows! In your absence, the warm, energizing light from the Sun reappears! My eyes and spirit adjust to this new light that exposes a clear path for the taking. Receptive, I stand before you and ask:

What first step will illuminate a path that connects my commitment to my purpose?




Partial eclipse ends (4th contact)

The Moon stops overlapping the Sun’s disk. The eclipse ends at this stage in this location.

Question & Petition (select 1 to 3 charms)

Greetings Light! This divination is receiving your bright blessings with recognition and gratitude. I clearly see how taking the sunless path only serves to restrict movement and inhibit initiative. I now move with the intention of serving my passion over my shadow.

How can I best sustain this fire that fuels vitality, drive and focus?



Once you’ve finished divining, and if possible, keep your reading out and check in with it as needed. A good way to keep your reading alive is by taking a photo of it and save the image as a screen saver for one or all of your devices.

Depending on where you live, the next eclipse that falls on February 10 or 11 is a good time to revisit your divination to see if you have in fact followed through, or need to give your reading a little more time and attention. Continue nurturing your desired outcome by divining with future moon phases and eclipses until you feel you’ve accomplished a reboot.

Click here for a lunar eclipse spread.

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Yes/No Lenormand Readings Using the Original Card Meanings
With Mary K Greer

mary_k_greerMost questions, when reading short Lenormand spreads, are asked in a Yes-No format. While I avoid them with Tarot, the Lenormand cards seem ideally suited to respond and prove to be surprisingly accurate. While there are several methods, this class will focus on the approach that both I and many others have found to be most effective. You’ll learn how to ask your question in a way that eliminates confusion; get a straight answer of yes, no or undetermined; and expand on that answer with detailed information. I’ll also stress the basic meanings found in the original Lenormand instruction sheet from 1846 that came with nearly every Lenormand deck for nearly 150 years. Learn these meanings to gain clarity when determining your answers.
Mary Greer is an independent scholar, writer, teacher, and professional Tarot and Lenormand consultant. She has an M.A. in English Literature from the University of Central Florida where she first taught tarot in 1974. With more than ten books and 50 years experience, Mary pioneered many of the Tarot reading methods used today, including reading Tarot for yourself and techniques that are interactive, transformational and empowering. She teaches around the world and offers webinars and on-line classes. Mary has received many awards including the International Tarot Lifetime Achievement Award from the Association for Tarot Studies, the Mercury Award for “excellence in the metaphysical field,” and the Coalition of Visionary Resources (COVR) award for best divination book. 

rana_smlFebruary 1st
Lenormand and the power of fortunetelling
With Rana George

Fortunetelling is often covered with the stigma of fear. Revealing the unknown is scary to some, and we all have encountered the “I don’t want to know my future!”
This class is about taking back the power of fortunetelling and using it to benefit the querent. We will see how Lenormand can be used as a perfect tool in taking back the steering wheel.
Lets obliterate that stigma and look at fortunetelling with new eyes.

Rana George is the author of the Best Seller and the highly acclaimed “The Essential Lenormand: Your Guide to Precise & Practical Fortunetelling” A respected presence in the modern divination community, Rana leads regular workshops and study groups. For close to 30 years, Rana has been a psychic, counselor, mentor, teacher, medium, and is always a lifelong student. Lead classes/workshop and presentations at the San Francisco BATS 2013, 2014, 2015, NewYork Readers Studio, and was a main presenter at Dallas TarotCon 2012, 2013 and 2014. She has consulted on the design of several Lenormand decks, and published several articles on cartomancy. Rana just finished working on her new deck The Rana George Lenormand soon to be published and released by U.S.Games.

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February 8th
Holographic Readings…seeing the situation in 3D.
With Donnaleigh de LaRose

dl-picLenormand and Tarot each have unique purposes and different perspectives. Can they both read all questions equally? Can they both say the same things for any question? Let’s explore what topics the two systems can share and which they can’t. When tension resides between the two system interpretations, let’s find out how to interpret the very important red flags we should not ignore that warn us about the difference between reality and imagination.

Donnaleigh de LaRose is the host of the award-winning podcast, Tarot Tribe: Beyond Worlds. She features free education on Tarot and Lenormand on the podcast, on her YouTube channel, and on her blog. Visit her at:

Facebook: or

February 15th
Method of distance, authentic Lenormand reading
With Björn Meuris.

Since the early years (mid-19th century) the Petit Lenormand’s game has been accompanied by a small booklet (or instruction sheet). Here you could then read how to tell the future.

This instruction booklet, even though very small, is undoubtedly the basis and starting point of the contemporary knowledge of the Petit Lenormand Methods. The “Instructions of the game” (the title of the book) which came with the cards, were until the first widely circulated books published (1980’s), the only written source and reference about how to use these cards. The original way to read the cards is what we now call “the Method of Distance.” This method is based on the logic that the closer a card falls to the Signifier Card, the more influence it has on the significator and the person getting the reading. .

If you internalized this original method on top of what you have already learned in other courses, you will be able to unravel all the information that is contained in a Grand Tableau! It will really help you to hear the real voice of Petit Lenormand, so you can better see the smaller practical cards in a spread. In short, the “Method of Distance” is the base of the Petit Lenormand’s methods. Moreover, this method is the Petit Lenormand’s and if you are a true lover of the most beautiful fortune telling, you shouldn’t miss this…

February 22nd
Confessions of a Self-Taught Lenormand Lover:
A Down and Out, Breaking All the Rules Approach to Reading the Cards
with Carrie Paris

Carrie_parisI was a self taught Lenormand gal and this is due to the fact that I was given my first deck way before there were any books in English on the topic so I relied on my intuition as my reading guide. As it turns out I later discovered I was doing things close to what most trained readers do today, however my method involved a few more spreads and more recently, charm casting. Instead of following a schooled method, I got my kicks from combining Lenormand with tarot and other divination tools. This creates controversy, but I stand by the fact that the intuitive style to reading gives accurate results. If an intuitive approach to Lenormand is dubbed “not true to form” yet the end results turn out to be accurate, then perhaps there’s something else to consider— a third option that suggests we take a creative turn and add something new to the experience. In this class we will try our hand at non-Lenormand spreads and activities that work like a charm.

Carrie Paris was in the first class to receive a Masters in the Cultural Study of Cosmology and Divination from the University of Kent, UK, is creator of the Magpie Oracle kits, the Relative Tarot and numerous Lenormand decks. Carrie considers herself a global citizen and can be found presenting her work and art both online and around the world. Find her at 

The Wild Harmonic Oracle Cards is a completely new divination deck created by Gabe Marihugh. It’s the deck I turn to for added oracular insight and it always pays off. While it lends itself beautifully with any divination system, it also holds up as a stand alone oracle in that anyone can divine with it and receive instant, yet lasting advice.

From the deck’s website:

“The Wild Harmonic Oracle Cards are a completely new divination system emerging from a life of subtle energy inquiry & practice. It takes inspiration primarily from Western esoteric teachings & will find an inspired integration with many paths, especially those involving energy work with Chakras and/or elemental practices of inquiry and initiation.”

Order the deck here »

He’s also published the complete deck guidebook online, so once you have the cards you can read in depth guidance for each card for free online.

Also, you can draw a digital card right now on Facebook.





Super Successful – the Spiritual Business Online Course

Running a spiritual business is deeply rewarding. Whether you are creating products, communities, or working one-on-one with people through healing, divination, or teaching  – you also have to be good at business and marketing. Luckily learning skills to build and grow your business are something you can learn. This course brings together 5 gifted teachers and successful business owners to your computer. Building a solid spiritual business is not about drama, marketing scams, luck, or bogus promises of million dollar first months. Being super successful is about defining what is important to you. Then building an authentic plan and showing up to make it happen. Joanna Powell Colbert, Carrie Paris, Theresa Reed, Briana Saussy and Andrew McGregor will share their knowledge, experience, and practical tools to get you clients, a following, and the success you are looking for.

Full course descriptions below. 

Participate by live streaming video (using free software), by phone, or Skype. Or catch the material by streaming video or audio recording (MP3) at your convenience. Either way join the supportive Facebook group to practice your new skills and ask questions that arise from your studies. If you’d like to get a better sense of these wonderful teachers you can listen to great talks with them on The Hermit’s Lamp’s podcast.

5 Tuesdays – 7:15pm to 8:45 EST
May 10th, 17th, 24th, 31st & June 7th
$169.50 US$
All classes will be recorded in case you miss one. 

Click here to signup in full. 

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Andrew McGregorYour Strange is Your Success
With Andrew McGregor

Imitation never brings real success. In fact it turns us away from the thing that will help us find our people and our happiness – our strangeness. The parts of us that set us apart, make us feel different or even like we don’t belong, or have been judged by others are exactly the parts that can most help others. Owning your difference and sharing it boldly is the key to making the right choices for your business and your life. This workshop will help you see the magic in you that the world needs and help you share it in ways that will bring people in search of your wonderful gifts.

Andrew McGregor is an artist, tarot reader, podcaster and magician. He runs an old fashion brick and mortar store in Toronto, and online, called The Hermit’s Lamp. Before stepping into working his spiritual business full-time 13 years ago he worked in advertising for many big name companies.

theresaStaying Busy, Staying Sane:
With Theresa Reed

You want a busy business but you don’t want to be so busy that you’re missing out on having a personal life, right? We’ll talk about how to keep your business flowing steadily while maintaining healthy boundaries + a burnout-proof schedule.  

Theresa Reed (aka The Tarot Lady) is an intuitive Tarot reader, teacher, mentor and yogi on a mission to take Tarot from hippie to hip.  When she’s not reading tarot, she’s busy helping fellow mystics learn how to create sustainable + profitable businesses.  




Nurturing Self and Nurturing Others in Business & Community-Building
With Joanna Powell Colbert

How do you build a community and a following, online as well as offline? How do you serve and nurture that community, while making sure you are also attending to your own needs as a creative, spirit-led person? In this workshop, we will take a look at ways to develop in-person events and online courses, how to choose topics for them, and the elements that make them a success both financially and spiritually. We’ll also look at ways to manage our time and energy, in order to accomplish all we are called to do. 

Joanna Powell Colbert has been an artist, writer, teacher, and convener of circles for over thirty years. She is the creatrix of the Gaian Tarot and the new Pentimento Tarot. She leads retreats two or three times a year on a magical island in the Salish Sea, and teaches frequent online courses as well. She was named by SageWoman magazine as one of the Wisdom Keepers of the Goddess Spirituality movement.

BriannaThe most expensive mistake and how to avoid it.
With Brianna Saussy

When it comes to running a business, any business, there are hundreds of decisions that need to be made on any given day: when to launch a course or product, how to write the copy, who to hire, what aspects of the business can be outsourced, what to invest in, and where to find clients and customers – just to name a few. When it comes to running a mystical, spiritual, or sacred arts business things can get even more complicated (after all, most businesses don’t have to take things like lunar phases and astrological transits into account)! People who run what I refer to as sacred arts businesses have one thing in common – we are all helpers, naturally inclined to give and give and give and not nearly as inclined to ask for help ourselves.

And here is the thing about not asking for help: it is isolating, it creates way more work, a dead-end mentality, and most of all it is expensive; deeply expensive in terms of time, energy, happiness, and yes, money too.

In this teaching we are going to explore the many ways that we can shift our attitudes around asking for help including:

  • learning how to ask for help in easy, elegant, ways that feel good for you and whoever you are asking
  • discovering how asking for help can actually build collegiality, a killer referral system, and even increase your client/customer base
  • talking about the good (and not so good) ways that you can offer help to others
  • developing daily practices and business habits that cultivate a culture of knowing how, when, and why to ask for help – in your business and beyond

There are plenty of expensive mistakes that we all make when it comes to business, but this doesn’t need to be one of them.

Hi, I’m Briana. I am a writer, teacher, and spiritual counselor. The point of all my work is supporting our ability to call a spade a spade in a way that is constructive and helpful. I teach a year-long introductory class on fairy tales and the sacred arts calledSpinning Gold, and I write a lunar letter which goes out to my beautiful community on a bi-monthly basis. Beyond conversations that make me think, sweet kisses from my beloved, and good times with family, I find that strong coffee, good dirt, and true words are some of the best things in life. Folks can find me at:

Carrie_parisMagic Money: Turning lead into gold.
With Carrie Paris

I’m going to go out on a limb here and present a topic that’s been viewed as taboo in spiritual circles for far too long— making money. I feel it’s easy to create a successful business practice that produces lucrative results and I enjoy making money through magical means. The obstacle with this type of success is when we attempt to build a business practice without adopting a personal practice. For myself, and many others, equally tending to both is mandatory for our success and quite often, one without the other leads to disappointment and debt. How do we avoid these windfalls and unite the two practices? For me it begins with my greatest metaphysical love— Alchemy. Over the years I’ve learned to fold its ancient teachings into both my personal life and business plan. For my clients, and myself, alchemy provides a step-by-step map that leads to inner and outer gold. In this class we will look at key alchemical stages for navigating the steps needed to activate and solidify success in our careers and life. If followed, you will find the gold in your calling’s niche and leave with a road map that will help you deliver it to the world.

Carrie Paris has a passion for divination and uniting modern magic with ancient ceremonial rites. Carrie was in the first class to receive a Masters in the Cultural Study of Cosmology and Divination from the University of Kent, UK, is creator of the Magpie Oracle kits, the Legendary Lenormand and the Relative Tarot. She is co-creator of the award winning Lenormand Revolution deck and will be releasing the Sirene’s Song Lenormand in May of 2016. Carrie considers herself a Global Citizen and enjoys dividing her life and career in California, Santa Fe, and Europe with her husband, artist Rob Hampson and the World’s most psychic terrier, Rose-shine.