Sheila & Leila: self-proclaimed winners of Miss Lane County, get a tarot reading

“A free spirit takes liberties, even with liberty itself.”
~Francis Picabia

For several years I’ve opened my tarot booth to the colorful folk attending Oregon Country Fair. This magical event has been attracting free spirits from far and wide since1969 and this year I had the honor to give a reading to Sheila and Leila, sisters and self-proclaimed “winners of the 2011 Lane County Beauty Pageant”. Neither put stock in the tarot, yet without hesitation both slipped right into divining and gave new meaning to the cards. Powerful queens that Sheila and Leila are, I believe they also conjured an accent spell on me. Suddenly I was granted a beauty queen twang for the duration of their reading. Enjoy this video that invites the free spirit in all to come out and play.