Soul Mapping!

Saturday, July 16, 2011
10:00 AM
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Soul Cording visually presents the journey of the soul as a threading element that unites, ties, merges, and mends. All the while it weaves itself into a rich fabric that creates a powerful life-tapestry. Ultimately it connects us to our soul’s unique expression.

In this gathering we will navigate toward a place of soul recognition and explore what it means to be in deeper relationship with our soul’s message.

Soul Cording applies the wisdom of the tarot directly onto a collage-print (see above example). This print is designed to create strong connections to universal truths and works as a customized map that charts a path of harmony and understanding.

A traditional tarot deck consisting of 78 cards. We will be using the above image as our Soul Cord map. While not absolutely necessary for this Meetup, I do recommend that you download and print out the image as a guiding tool. Please visit our Files page, scroll down and click on the link titledSOUL CORD IMAGE:…

PLEASE NOTE: This is a free and live online webinar/Meetup and is limited to 20 participants. You will be sent a link that will take you directly into the Virtual Tarot Classroom two days prior to the event. This class will fill quickly. Please make sure that you can attend before committingand that you have the required equipment.

Webinar Equipment Requirements

In order to participate you must have a broadband connection and a headset with microphone. Please do not attend this webinar if you do not have the required equipment as it will create feedback. It is not necessary for you to have a webcam for this event. Dialogue with myself and other participants can be made through a text chat function. You will also have the opportunity to raise a hand icon (available in the classroom/depending on class size) which will prompt me to turn on your microphone so that all can hear your comment or question.


Please remember to check your time zone – this Meetup is scheduled for:

9:00 AM- PST to 11:00 AM PST

10:00 AM- MST to 12:00 PM MST

11:00 AM- CST  to  1:00 PM CST

12:00 PM-  EST  to  2:00 PM EST

I will be in the Virtual Tarot Classroom 15 minutes prior to starting. Please do your best to arrive a little early as there is much to cover. All levels invited and encouraged. I look forward to divining with you soon!